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An American Werewolf in London (1981) – Werewolf Attack Scene (2/10) | Movieclips

Hey, wait a minute. We’re lost. – (howling)
– Ah, shit, David. What is that? – I don’t know. Come on.
– Come on where? Anywhere. I think we should
just keep moving. It’s moving. It’s circling us. Ah, fuck. – What’s the plan?
– Plan? Let’s just keep walkin’. That’s right.
A lovely stroll on the moors. # Tra-la-la-la-la Isn’t this fun? It’s in front of us. Do you think it’s a dog? Oh, shit. What is it? It’s a sheepdog or somethin’.
Come on. Turn slowly. Let’s walk away. Nice doggie. Good boy. Come on, Jack. Walk away. Walking away. Yes.
Here we are, walking away. – Can you see anything?
– No. – Sounds far away.
– Not far enough. Come on. But, Jack, where are we going? – I’ll tell you when we get there.
– OK, cos… Arghhh! You really scared me, you shithead. You gonna help me up or what? Jesus! Jesus! Fuck! Jesus! Fuck! Oh, God! Help! Help! Jack… Jack…

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100 thoughts on “An American Werewolf in London (1981) – Werewolf Attack Scene (2/10) | Movieclips

  1. Fascinating, that English guys have been censored from the American version of this film till the 21rst century…not so progressive after all, eh? Poor bastards, (sorry, i only mean that for people born out of wedlock) never knew a film that was a as godless as the UK and transgressed all US standards came out in this year…dang, you guys shoulda been capitalizing on this..your welcome! How about the UK be the society that perverts its children more than any in history?

  2. Porquê esses sete caras não fizeram isso antes caraca? Podiam ter se juntado e matado essa porra desse lobisomem desde sempre ao invés de ficarem se borrando dentro de um bar…

  3. what a classic saw this 1984 still love it today the British now to make a great horror film

  4. I saw that movie alone at home. I was a kid then. Everybody was sleeping. OMG! I never forgot that howl…

  5. Movie clip of importance to me. Strange how it randomly appeared in my YouTube. Took a couple of days before I watched it.

    Davin:nope nope nope oh heck nopeeeeee I’m on out of here

  7. One thing bugs me now, years after the movie. The villagers knew what was happening; why didn't they kill David while they were there?

  8. At one point it looks like the two guys are breaking the fourth wall which makes the scene even spookier! 🙂 🙁 😉

  9. There's something about horror/thriller films from the '80's that spark genuine terror and suspense. I love scenes like this where the filmmakers take their time with the suspense and deliver the jump-scare in the end. Great delivery.

  10. I saw this scene when I was 5 years old on HBO. We where on vacation and my parents and grandparents had gone out to party. I sneaked out to find my brother watching this movie. I was never the fucking same again. Terrified of the dark or full moons ever since.

  11. If I was jack or David I get the backpack and throw it at the werewolf a big heavy pack like that could disorient it

  12. 2:09 is it just me or does he look like Sacha Baron Cohen? Also the Werewolf howl is the stuff of nightmares.

  13. It's the fact that at first, the howl sounded a good distance away, then all of a sudden, sounded very near…….😲

  14. Those locals should have brained him right then and there…they knew what he was as soon as they shot that guy.

  15. Two things about this movie:
    1: David's initial reaction to run for his life while his friend is being torn apart was disturbingly all too real. His reaction is what my reaction probably would be, and most peoples reaction. I would like to think I wouldn't leave a friend or companion to get torn apart by some monster or crazy animal, but when that level of terror hits you, it's hard to be as brave and noble as you wish you could be. David's guilt for leaving his friend makes him run back…though really he should have listened to his fight or flight response and just kept running, the townspeople were on their way with their guns to kill the werewolf and David might not have gotten bitten. There was nothing a human without weapons could do against that beast anyways.

    2: I was a very small child when I first saw this movie in the 80s, and now that I'm much older then the characters, both David and Jack seem like kids or boys to me, even though the actors are much older then me in real life and probably closer to my dads age. As a young child I didn't fully understand why the other characters kept calling them "boys" when they seemed like young adults. But then you get to be over age 35 and well yeah people who are like 18-21 years old are basically still kids/boys/girls, just legal adult kids. I had the same feelings as a child with Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan with Kirk and his older crew kept calling all the 20 year old cadets "kids", when they seemed like a bunch of adults to me as a young child.

  16. Everyone was saying they didn't know anything as a child while watching this movie…ha ha I was about maybe 9 or 10 and I knew everything and what was happening lol! It scared me for a while after watching it!

  17. The sound effects in the movie were way ahead of its time and would still beat the flimsy horror movies made nowadays. Plus, the eerie silence before the werewolf starts circling the two friends sets the stage for a bone-chilling encounter.
    Very creepy indeed. We don't see movies made like this anymore.

  18. Michael Jacksons thriller music video was inspired by this movie, after watching this movie, he created the music video thriller together with the director of this movie

  19. This scene always made me wonder why the townspeople didn’t go out in force during previous full moons and hunt the werewolf down.

  20. There's still one thing I don't understand. How come the werewolf attacked Jack first an not David? I mean David fell down first. 🙁

  21. Went to the drive in movies, this movie was way better than the main attraction. Couldn't tell you what the main attraction was, but haven't forgot this movie.

  22. Two men are walking in the woods when they see a Bear. The first man reaches into his ruck and pulls out some tennis shoes. The other man says, are you crazy, you think you're gonna outrun him. The first man says, no, I'm going to outrun you.

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