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American Psycho – Thug Notes Book Summary & Analysis

What it do y’all? This week we gettin’ whacked out in da head with American Psycho
by Brett Easton Ellis. Patrick Bateman is da shallowest douchebag you eva’ seen. He an
investment banker up at swank firm in Manhattan during the 80s, so you know he sittin’PHAT-
but that SHOAS HELL don’t mean he work hard. Matta’ fact, all Patrick do is get his grub
on at classy joints, yap about bullshit, work out, get TURNT up at clubs, and worry bout
how pretty he look. When he not duckin’ his girl Evelyn’s
calls, hollerin’ at other ladies, and gettin buck wild with em, Patrick all about his other
hobby… MURDERIN’ PEOPLE. Don’t matter who it is or what they do, Patrick gonna GHOST
em. And when he do, it’s like he ain’t even tryna’hide it. Fool carry a body in
a sleeping bag round town and bring blood stained sheets to the laundromat like it ain’t
no thang-or what I call crimin’ while white… One day, Patrick chillin’ with his work
homies-includin a gay dude named Luis who want Patrick’s nuts BAD- when he run in
to Paul Owen, another investment banker who Patrick is straight OBSESSED wit’. Dis cat got da looks, daswagga’and manage
daswolest account in town- da Fisher account. Paul see Patrick and be like “oh what’s
good Marcus Halberstam?” Patrick just go with it… but who da hell is Marcus? As the book go on, Patrick’s mind be slippin’mo’
and mo’. Like when he at da video store, he start sweatin’ balls and runnin’ his
mouth bout how much he love seein a woman gettin drilled to death in his favorite flick.
Fool straight tweakin! Later, Patrick decide he gonna put dat boy
Luis in the dirt. So he roll up on him while he pissin’, but right befo’ he do, Luis
break down and say “I LOVE you baby!” When Luis try to get his mack on again, Pat
like “Yo I don’t usually give people no warnigs, but hop off or I will END yo ass!” Patrick get so bored with his yuppy lifestyle
of stacking cheddar, doin’ lines, and bangin’ biddies dat he jus’ go on killin’homiesleft
n’ right: kids, Evelyn’s neighbor, a homeless dude, an old dude, dogs, hos, his college
sweetheart- brutha even put an axe through Paul Owen’s dome. DAMN One night he decide to throw game at his secretary,
Jean. This girl been wantin’ the D as bad as Luis, so she THRILLED. At da end of da night, she invite him up to
her spot, but he like “Nah girl. I gotta return some videotapes.” She give him a
lil’sugar anyway, and Patrick start feein legit warmth towards her. A detective drop by Patrick’s office to
ask him about Paul Owen’s disappearance, but Patrick shake dat load off and dude don’t
suspect nuthin’. Then shit just gets out of hand: he kills
a little boy, mo’hos, does some REDONKULOUS stuff with a rat, and even tricks Evelyn into
eatin’a urinal cake with chocolate on it so dat it look like some fancy Godiva shit!
But watchin her eat it don’t feel like he thought it would, he breaks it off right there. Afta’dat, he goes HYPHY in this bitch. Fool
merc a buncha cops and even blow up a damn cop car. Afta’dodgin the law, Patrick roll
up to his office, break down, and leave a message fo’ his lawyer fessin’ up to all
his whack-ass deeds. Thangis, nothing ever happen after he confess. So he drop in at Paul Owen’s digs thinkin
he gonna find all the dead bodies he stashed there, but all he find is a clean-ass apartment,
nice flowers, and a real estate agent who kick his ass out. At dinner, Jean tell Patrick how much she
love him, and he thinkin’he should accept her love and start feelin’ like anything
is possible. Later, he run in to his lawyer and ask him
bout dat voicemail confession but da Lawyer like “David! yodat shit was hilarious!”
Patrick like “David? What? NO. I FO’ REAL’ killed Paul Owen!” “Psh. You couldn’t
have killed Paul Owen. I saw him in London twice 10 days ago. And Bateman? Man. That dude is such a lil bitch he couldn’t murder nobody.” Not knowin what da hell is goin on, Patrick
jumps in a cab, but gets jacked by the driver, who recognize him as the dude who murdered
his homeboy. In the end, Patrick jus’ chillin wit his boys in an uptown joint yappin’
bout bullshit and nuthin has changed. He say dateverything he’s done is what being Patrick
means to him. And… that’s it. When it come to this crazy ass book you either
think Ellis’s writing game is on point or it’s busted as hell. Some scholars say it’s
a postmodern classic, others say it’s a buncha violent, sexist bullshit. What do your
boy Sparky think? We’ll get to that later. But first, we gotta cover a couple things.
Fo’ one, dat fool Batemanis an unreliable narrator. I mean some of da shit that supposedly “happen” in this book is just straight stoopid. How we supposed to believe this dude just roll around town holdin’ bloody sheets without turnin no heads? And when he go HAM on dapo-lice at da end? Who dis cat think he is? Denzel Washington? One second it’s an all-out man-hunt in da streets, and da next he chillin in his office and errything
seem all good. Is this cat tryna’ bullshit dareader? And
check this- somethin’ real crazy happens in da narrative when it switch from first person to third person in the middle of the damn sentence. So is Pat just showin us the action movie
version of his fucked up fantasy? Or maybe none of it actually went down. Maybe all dis mess just proof dat Patrick losinhis damn mind and ain’t got no grasp of what’s
real and what ain’t. Or maybe it all DID happen, and just nobody trippin on it. All throughout this text we see Bateman TRY to get people to see him as the whack-job he is, but nobody eva’ does. We live in a society where crazy ass violence go down on the REG, and cuz o dat, people don’t even blink when they see messed-up shit right in front of em! What they sho as hell DO notice, tho, is their SHIT. When Bateman ain’t busy slicin’people
to bits o’ whateva, he spend PAGES runnin’ his mouth bout his expensive swag- stereo equipment, threadz, restaurants, bedsheets, business cards, where people get their haircuts, I could go on playa. People always goin off bout how Americans just stuck in an endless
cycle of consuming a buncha meaningless bullshit. Da most fucked up thing ain’t dat Patrick
reppin that to a T, but dat he do the same thing with PEOPLE. Shit he even STRAIGHT UP EATS some girl. UGHHH! It’s like Patrick cain’t even tell the difference between human beings and objects. Hell, there ain’t no difference between
people neither. Patrick always gettin’ called different names throughout the book and when
it happen, he just like “whatever, it don’t even matter.” When yo swag and yo status
is all you are, then you can’t really be a legit individual, ya feel me? So look- this book got some pretty raw things
to say about our society- and even though I dig the message, it ain’t my kinda thing.
To be real wit you- this book is just fucking BORING. The characters are paper THIN, and
most of the book is just a buncha rambling bullshit. Yeah, I get it. The book doing that
on purpose to throw shade at a society that’s just as shallow as the book itself. But to
this thug, you gotta captivate yo audience befo’ you can start preachin’ to ‘em. Ellis himself say it best: But hey, if this is yo thang- cool man. Different strokes for different folks. Thanks for kickin it with me today, Peace y’all!

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100 thoughts on “American Psycho – Thug Notes Book Summary & Analysis

  1. Got to write a 3000 word essay on a controversial book for uni and am doing it on American Psycho and now am sat here trying to think up a way to get the phrase "Lewis wants Patrick's nuts bad" in there XD

  2. i personally believed he kill those people.
    and the reason why the lawyer saw paul owen was because the book was also a commentary on how all businessmen acted the same, shallow and boring. which is also why patrick got confused for david and marcus.

  3. I appreciate when u dont care for a book.. As opposed to d*** ridin everything u read because ur getting paid to or simply because ur reading it lol.

  4. I LOVE the book. It helps seeing the movie first. All I imagine while reading the book is the movie characters acting out the book

  5. I read the book years and years ago and it’s rough. It’s boring boring boring OH MY GOD NO boring boring I CAN’T WASH THIS HORROR OUT OF MY BRAIN boring JESUS WEPT boring boring WTF JUST HAPPENED boring. It has no reddening characters or qualities, which is exactly what the author wanted. If you’re into murder porn then read it. If you’re not, leave it be. I kinda wish I had let it be, but that ship has sailed.

  6. I usually like your analysis, but this one is way off. Patrick Bateman is not an unreliable narrator, everything that happened in the book actually happened. None of it is his fantasy. The thing is Patrick Bateman is above the law because he is extremely rich. He is Ethan Couch personified. The reason why nobody recognizes his name is because they are a bunch of rich douchbags who are so obsessed with himself to even recognize their friends’ names.

  7. Bret Easton Ellis? Really? And speaking of names, it's Paul ALLEN, you hopeless Philistine. But he's not Bill Gates's silent partner in this version of reality. No thumbs.

  8. I'm definitely a fan of the film. It removed a looooot of fluff, as most good book-to-movie adaptations do and Christian Bale was simply perfect.

  9. Brings a whole new definition to the term being eaten I think all boy went slightly to the left quote way to the left unquote 7:07 there I have said that

  10. My favourite scene in the book is when he has a panic attack over there being “too many fucking movies to choose from” and when he rents Body Double for the thirty seventh time

  11. I just read this book, and I read it in two days. If you’re going to do that make sure you have a bunch of kid movies and like ice cream or something. I would not recommend doing that though. I honestly felt like my brain had been injured. Without exaggerating I found myself depressed at the end of it and everything seemed so bleak and meaningless and kind of scary almost. Part of it may just have been what was going on in my life when I read it which may have contributed to the negativity, but I still don’t think I could recommend reading it that quickly even if you are in a positive part of your life. If I ever choose to read this book again I will probably do it over at least a week if not two weeks.

  12. I haven't read the book, so that's what my question is about. What exactly happens during the taxi ride when Patrick gets "jacked"? In my opinion none of his murders really happen since no major character is ever killed. But if the cab driver recognized him as a murderer then something must have been real? Other then telling me to read the book, can anyone shed some light on this for me?

  13. I honestly think he is mentally unstable and he thinks he did all this horrible stuff when it was actually someone else entirely. It's a possibility here which is why it's so praised by people. For me I don't know fully. However I will say this, mental health is some scary shit

  14. Love this video! I just made a channel and my first video is a video essay on American Psycho! Check it out and let me know what you think.

  15. I think he should give his opinions on all books he reviews rather than just analysing them, it's good insight I believe 🙂

  16. Patrick Batemen is evil 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈‼‼‼😣😣😣😣😆😆😆😈😈😈😠😠😠😈😈😈😢😢😊😀😀😀😂😂😂

  17. Mom told me to read 3 books in one monthSo I just watched 3 of these videos in 15 minutes and then told her that I’m a fast reader when she asked how I read them so fast

  18. "When your swag and your status is all you are, then you can't really be a legit individual."

  19. Nice analysis! Love the book. Absolutely worth the read.

    If you liked this book, check out The Rules of Attraction by the same author. It’s about Patrick’s brother!

  20. Really missed the point here. This book is a criticism of capitalism and greed. Great book if you keep that in mind.

  21. The thing about the characters is that most of them are meant to be bland, hallow and unlikable. They reflect the yuppie lifestyle that Bateman is trapped in, while also being a victim of it himself. So he tries to escape from this reality by murdering people. The only person in Patrick Bateman's life that gives him purpose and meaning is Jean. She's different from everyone else surrounding him and he strives to have her as his moral compass. Whether or not he's actually murdering people is totally beside the point. The point is that he's trapped in the meaningless life of routine, surrounded by fake friends, living a fake lifestyle and he can't do anything about it. That's what's really psychotic.

  22. I think that Patrick Bateman is another personality inside the head of the narrator. For instance, when the writer switches from first to third, he says “I” And then “Patrick” what if Patrick is inside the head of the narrator. The split personality enjoys murder, and gore, because the narrator deep down enjoys that. It’s like Dr Jekyll, he had a bad side deep deep down and hidden until Hyde brought it out. Patrick sees everyone’s name as different every time because he doesn’t care enough to remember. Does that make sense? Lol it’s just a theory of mine

  23. The only scene I remember from 'American Psycho' movie…
    Christian Bale, butt naked, running down a hall with a chainsaw. 😀
    Enough said.

  24. i have sooo many question about the books, just finish it 10 minutes ago, no kidding. my questions are, is patrick real? is his friends real? did he actually kill people? is the kid alive?(please be alive), is jean pregnant?. why is rambling about his stereo and genesis album soo much, is there meaning behind it? . what the fuck is patty winters shows?

    owh yeah i love the book, probably going to read more on BEE. 10/10 would recommend

  25. I’m only half way through the book but it’s okay so far, but oof everyone including him deserve to die especially his homophobic friend

  26. This is literally White privilege… at its "xxx finest" as in our times.

    Mostly referring to white upper/middle class males who shoot up schools, stab ppl, or murder their relatives… society be like, "Poor soul he has ptsd because he was: oppressed of his true identity, bullied, disrupted by his parents divorce, guns were all over the house without a lock, he played too much graphic/violent video games, his girlfriend/boyfriend left him, he was fired from his job… lets take him to a mental institute (instead of jail) so he can receive help and if he behaves well he can have a sentence reduction and get off with parol."

    If a colored or white (lower middle class /poor class) brother or sister did any of this their asses will be thrown in jail, no questions asked. Even other colored ppl will be throwing them shade and shit. Whites will be panicking by pinpointed other skin tones/origins/cultures/religions/stereotypes as acts of terrorism; even if some might be citizens of said country and not have any ethnic looks.

    Sad but that's the cruel reality. 🙁

  27. As much as I enjoyed the film as well as this novel, I LOVED this review. Even if I feel slightly different about the narrative than you do, Thug Notes, I highly respect your opinion! I can tell this was unbiased and objective. I hated the narrative delivery at first, but once I got past the shallow, over-indulgent brand-name-dropping aspects of the structure, I loved it quite a bit. Almost like A Clockwork Orange with its Kroovy Droog dialect, which got better once I forced myself to look past the surface. Great video!!!

  28. Loved the movie. The book is extremely hard to get through, not only because Pat's CONSTANT boring rambling on about how cool his shit is compared to others, but because the things he does to people are seriously FUCKED UP. REALLY FUCKED UP.

  29. Fight club is a much better version of this story, man fells emasculated by modern life, joins an underground could bent on world wide mayham.

  30. Carrying around bloody sheets without turning heads? Dude, it's New York, he could've been murdering people in broad daylight and maybe get a bemused look.

  31. Sparky, major props for actually putting forth your take. You don’t see that a lot on YouTube. I mostly just see pandering, so… it goes a long way.

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