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Amazing BendPak Scissor Lift For Home Garage

Hi my name is Michael and you’re looking
at my dream garage. So this is a garage that came into fruition
after 20 years of wanting a garage and what I was looking for was a garage I’d be comfortable
working on my own cars, my friends cars, my family’s cars, and a big part of that build
was having a lift that would get the car off the ground, it makes it much easier for me
to do light maintenance, any kind of work It took about three months, maybe a little
bit over to put it together and here you have the end result. So this is actually the second BendPak I’ve
had in a home. The first was a different house This house, when we bought this the garage ceiling is a little bit lower In addition to that my needs kinda changed as far as a lift. So when I found the BendPak in-ground scissor lift that’s
flush mount that just really spoke to me. What I like about it the most is that when
the lift is down its flushed with the floors there’s no trip or fall hazards as you’re
walking through the garage not paying attention yet when you put it up it brings the car up
to a level I can either sit on a stool and work on a car or I can actually stand up and
work on a car. My first experience with BendPak lifts was
such a positive experience. when I got ready to do this garage I called
BendPak again. So this time they recommended the midrise scissor lift that we had ultimately installed
in my garage and I could not be happier. It’s a perfect fit in this garage and my
use for this point in my life. BendPak’s quality is from my experience
is unparalleled. Of course my first experience with BendPak
and the quality of that lift I had no issues with it, that already had me pretty much convinced
it was going to be BendPak a second time. And I checked the specs and everything and you look
at the lift and the quality of the components, the motor, the hydraulics everything is top
notch. So when I was shopping for lifts I still sorta started from scratch.and I looked for a lift that would fit my needs in in this house. like I sorta expected BendPak actually had the lift that perfectly fit my needs and their quality that was all I needed to know right there I’ve pretty much worked on everything from you know I got the Audi S3, I’ve got the little Carrara pretty much everything from pickup trucks to the little Honda Civic that this lift handles. At this point I’m doing light maintenance, brakes, regular tune up stuff so it’s pretty much anything that’s light maintenance that I can do in the garage comfortably by myself or with my brother’s help. BendPak’s customer service has been absolutely 5 stars solid when you call BendPak you actually are talking to BendPak here in California, you’re not talking to a call center somewhere else around the United States or the planet. once I got the lift in the garage I recognized I needed different lifting blocks for the different cars. They were able to tell me which lift blocks would work they ship those out promptly they’re usually here, parts are usually here within two days from BendPak. So that’s another thing that shows their commitment to their customer when you order a part it’s there as quickly as possible. I would have never in my wildest imagination thought that I could afford put a lift in my garage There are much more expensive lifts, there are much cheaper lifts, but this is a commercial grade lift and I think it comes in at a price point that is alarmingly reasonable. I didn’t to put a lift my garage that was the most inexpensive lift you can buy just to fit that need, I wanted something that was going to give me 20 years of service with good quality, commercial grade, this is that lift.

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10 thoughts on “Amazing BendPak Scissor Lift For Home Garage

  1. Thanks for the excellent presentation. And by the way, your garage looks awesome! (could probably eat off the floor ;-). I've recently purchased the same BendPak model but i'm waiting for the garage to be built. I noticed that your control console / power power pack is located some distance away from the closest lift assembly. Did that require additional hoses? Given the hoses included in the standard order what would you say would be the min / max distance from power pack to closest lift assembly? Also, are you concerned with water or other fluids collecting in the floor cutouts?

  2. Don't buy a Bendpak. I have the surface mount version of this lift and it's impossible to obtain replacement parts. Bendpak can't stand behind what they sell.

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