100 thoughts on “‘Am I Going To Jail?’ Distraught Woman Asks Dr. Phil

  1. When dr.phil asked why she came I hope he didn’t imply she was seeking attention maybe she was scared that if she went to any regular therapists that they would call the police or someone on her.

  2. Yeah if it was a guy it would be a different story, but since it's a woman they dont count it as rape and she didnt go to jail for it 😂. She acts like a victim when shes not.

  3. She needs help?! She needs mercy?! I am a sexual abuse incest survivor. My parents were monsters. I know right from wrong. Ive never laid a hand on my child nor have I ever been inclined to hurt anyone sexually or physically. She is pathologically narcissistic. She need to be prosecuted. She has no remorse. She doesn’t give two shits about her child’s well being. All she cares about is manipulating everyone around her including Dr, Phil who is falling for it hook, line and sinker. How DARE she play victim! Her son needs ongoing therapy. She needs to rot in jail.

  4. Police come take this woman. No amount of reasons and excuses will convince me otherwise… as a mother you supposed to protect your children. Teach them to do right… I’m sorry, but the police come take her.

  5. Her crying is annoying 🤨 Crying like a damn 2-year-old. She needs to stop feeling sorry for herself, grow up, seek help and grow the F up. She needs to stay away from her son too.

  6. They talk about her being a survivor of sexual abuse as if that is an excuse. There is NO EXCUSE period. My mother is a survivor of horrible sexual abuse at the hands of a family member. Because of that she protected her children so that we would also not be victims.
    This woman is a predator. She should have got help the second she thought there could be an issue. We have a choice over our decisions, no one made her do this.
    Her son is now a victim and will most likely have problems the rest of his life.
    I feel sorry for the abused not the abuser.

  7. DouDouble standard
    When he had an uncle on his stage with an inappropriate relationship with his niece (even phil said wasn't sexual) he gave that man more 💩 then this woman. SMH shame

  8. She looks likes she’s on drugs . And she’s a bad actress too . How can you even sorry for her ? I mean look at her face .

  9. I'm not condoning what she did,and judging from the other videos neither she or Dr. Phil condone what she did,but to those who are saying should be locked up,that is not going to help anything. She thinks what she did was absolutely horrible and disgusting. She needs counseling and other mental health help,which she won't get in prison. Not serious help any way. To those saying that she is faking being upset,she's not faking. Look up panic attacks and anxiety attacks.

  10. Dr. Phil is just a good good human being! Wow. He really be investing his time in every human being that comes on his show with a problem. He's just .. wow. Love his show and just so everybody knows, I'm from Austria and I watch every video he uplouds. ❤️

  11. Something must be wrong with her, I mean aside from what she done wrong. I mean the way she is acting. I thought maybe she was drunk or high at first, but I don't think it is actually. She has not looked up at all. The entire show. That is something else. Trauma probably. He said she was a survivor of abuse, assault, sexual assault.. so I would venture to say it is from the trauma. I have seen other people do it from trauma. But the way she cries, or whines rather.. it's.. different. Lol I am kinda at a loss for that one. I can't tell if it is fake or she just cries like that. I'm stuck on that one. The whole situation is very weird to me. I am not really sure how to feel about this nastiness. Lol

  12. That’s so disgusting what she did, no mercy I’m sorry. You get what you deserve that teenager will never be the same because of what you did

  13. God bless you Dr Phil nobody else have the capacity you do & therefore get the results you do for people situations like this are tough & your the only professional I know who crosses jail off the list, god only hope it work

  14. Before saying anything, I'm just gonna say, she is/was in the wrong for what she did to her child. And I do think she needed to go to prison and be on the list, for what she did.
    But with her trauma and feelings I don't think she truly cares for her son, when she met him and started talking she said she felt uncomfortable, and after she became obsessed. That means that when she got out of that situation, I don't think she truly felt anything more than guilt.
    Was she wrong, absolutely! But she does need help, just like her son. These horrible things happened to her as a child and never got help, she also deserves to finally get help after so many years.
    Oh and for the people talking about her crying without tears and the way she acts, I personally think the is having a panic attack and possibly a break down. I have those regularly, and that ⬆️ is the way I act and sound.
    Crying without tears, almost hyperventilating, having wheezing breathing, moving a lot, having my arms move weirdly, looking weird outta my eyes and looking around…

  15. This woman is so messed up on pills it’s so obvious. If she was a guy they’d have locked him up before she even got there

  16. What this woman did was clearly wrong. But this is one of those cases that shows how ill-equipped many people are to judge others. Sure it's easy to rush to judgement about such sensitive and explosive topics. But is it not better to consider the biographies, trauma, interests and well-being of all parties concerned – including the woman? That sort of maturity is probably beyond most people – evidently so much so that many folks won't even entertain it. But it's within the sphere of human potential to sympathize with even people who commit repugnant acts. Her son could forgive her – especially if he appreciated the purpose and value of forgiveness. She could forgive herself – if she understood the purpose and value of forgiveness. People in general could read these circumstances differently – if they understood the purpose and value of forgiveness. Wishing this woman and her son the best. We are all redeemable.

  17. No, this woman needs to go to jail she feels guilty she knows she was wrong, a man sleeping with his daughter would be UNDER the jail!

  18. Crying but no tears. No mascara trails. Admits it didn’t feel wrong. She got found out and she’s trying to stay out of jail. Yeah she had real trauma in her life but she had PLENTY of time to stop things before they got that far. She could’ve quit any suggestive talking, cut off contact, didn’t book a motel room, didn’t go to the motel or asked for help when she started having confusing feelings. The son needs help too. He’s probably had abandonment issues all his life and felt wanted for once. I desperately hope both of then my get help and pray that they were at least safe. It’s a big enough mess

  19. this woman is clearly and no state to be interviewed. I know the show wants to help her and everything but she definitely needed help to stabilize emotionally before doing this interview. she was literally going through an emotional breakdown on stage and just needed somebody to give her a big hug and help her breathe and get out the anxiety

  20. Genetic sexual attraction might help explain her actions, but it does NOT excuse them.

    Also, if this was a man who had slept with his daughter, people would be out for blood! A person's gender shouldn't be a factor in their punishment.

  21. And she also needs to rehearse her act a whole lot more. She needs to show some tears. I f you´re gonna cry, there need to be some tears.

  22. Why don't we put gender aside. A molester is a molester. They can manipulate to earn sympathy from other people.

  23. Aah what a sick lady, have a sexual disfunction with men, who aren’t your own children, lady! Not your underaged son, you should be locked up. I mean if it was a man who did this, and all the excuses of being abused neglected and tortured were brought up, he still would’ve been handcuffed and seized. But no, she’s a lady and she deserves sympathy(sarcasm end). I’m a mother myself, and I was abused and neglected all my life, I still would never ever touch someone wrongfully, let alone a child! Mine or not it’s just sick.

  24. Why would she ask if she’s going to jail again when in the description it says she already spent time in jail? What else did she do?

  25. All those tears…..won't wash away how ugly you are even if they were made of acid…… I feel so sorry for your son, I hope he finds help, peace, and a restraining order from court for you.

  26. Yuck. Im sorry I just cannot feel sorry for this woman. I'm a victim of childhood sexual assault that lasted for years. Until I could fight for myself and I had severe physical Injuries from it. As a survivor, you do not, under any circumstances, replicate the abuse you were subject to. I didn't get treatment. So her excuse is invalid to me. You just, as a compassionate human being, should not have it in you, to inflict the pain you experienced into another human being. It's incomprehensible to me and quite frankly disgusting. I hate that she identifies as a sexual assault victim because she only uses it as a defense for her actions. This makes me want to vomit. Even now her interests are only in herself. She's incapable of anything but selfserving actions. and what she did in unforgivable and an absolute abomination. I don't feel like her panic is fake, I think it's very real, because she's panicking for herself. Not her son, he isn't even an afterthought for her. When Dr. Phil asks if she thinks she's deserving of help/forgiveness and she doesn't hesitate to say that she is, that tells me that she isn't sorry. She SHOULD be locked up for the rest of her life. She faced some truly unfortunate circumstances, but so have a lot of us, and it is absolutely not an excuse to perpetuate that behavior on innocent people. She's just as bad as my abusor and just the thought of me turning into that is literally my worst nightmare

  27. Crying but no tears, this woman is SICK. If this was a father sleeping with his daughter they’d lock him up and throw away the key. I don’t care if she didn’t raise him, you gave birth to him. I’m not one to judge, but I’m absolutely disgusted. She seems mentally ill and even a bit traumatized, but my goodness.

  28. Do something morally disgusting: man goes to jail after being dragged through the dirt…….; woman turns on the water works ….

  29. imagine if it was the other way around and it had been a dude sleeping with his young daughter. there would be zero sympathy and it surprises me that there are some people that have a sympathy toward her. i believe she has a lot of issues and that is not an excuse.

  30. If it were a man doing this, I would be outraged. But it's a women. So it's like, not as bad. It just isn't. That's just the way it goes, guys.

  31. This woman has so problems it is crazy, she needs help and I am sorry for her but what she did was the most disgusting, nasty, disgraceful thing a parent could do to their child whether male and female, she gets sympathy because she is a woman and if she was man he wouldn't get any, their is clear double standard between male and female offenders.

  32. Lucky there are people who can empathize with her and help her because I don't get it and wouldn't wanna help. She needs to be in a ward.

  33. Damn Dr Phil do better. She’s a histrionic child molester who needs to be prosecuted. Her child has been damaged. Had she been a man you would have been calling the authorities. Her dry heaves and child like BD apparently worked for you. She can get help behind bars.Awful!

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