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Alone In The Canadian Wilderness (Full Version)

well guys, that’s it I’m alone in the Canadian wilderness All I have with me is this ruck sack and a bag full with food Wooo (laughs) Oh my god I’m so excited to be out here alone! Wooo I have been dropped off with a helicopter on this river here in Vancouver Island and first thing that I want to do now is actually to get some water out of the river here because I’m pretty thirsty and also I do have a satellite telephone with me so if something happens, some kind of emergency, I can call the helicopter again I have some bear spray against the bears Ok now its time to put the knife on my belt because this is bear country and cougar country and I want to have this knife with me all the time to be able to defend myself the water looks very clean out here but I still want to use my water filter to make sure that I don’t get any kind of, you know, bad stuff and diarrhea first drink the sun is blazing hot so I really have to get out of the sun this is all the gear that I brought for 6 days in the wilderness and after 6 days I’m going to get picked up again by the helicopter the next thing that I want to do is scout around I want to see what’s back there it’s pretty nice here at the beach but the next thing I want to do is I want to make a scout around and see where I can setup my camp and I’m going to take my water with me and my knife It just seems like they have dropped me off on an island actually so there’s a river over there and the sides are of the river so I don’t know if I want to stay on the island or get off we will see Wooo this is paradise Actually its pretty hot today and I want to cool myself off in the river Wooo Wow that was good Okay let’s move on and see what’s up there seems like a beaver chewed up this wood here I have walked around for quite some time and I have found a good spot like behind this area here, the shrubs and it seems like a really good camping spot so I’m going to move my stuff over there yea guys I have finally set up my camp and I’m really hot now. I didn’t expect the weather to be so hot here in Vancouver Island so I have to do another dive into the river Woo-hoo oh God this is so great This is the food that I have brought for 6 days and I would love to cook it here beside my shelter but actually here in Vancouver Island its bear country and I can’t eat where I’m sleeping so I have to go away and cook my meal somewhere else Yea guys I’m pretty tired and I still have jet lag and I need something quick to eat because I don’t have the energy anymore to cut some firewood so let’s see what I have in here Okay I have this here which is just all kinds of grains and nuts and stuff and you can drink it right away you just mix it with water and then you have your energy drink This river here is by far the most beautiful river I have seen in my entire life so its really stunning now its time to hang the bear bag The sun has gone down and I’m still sweating so much so I’m taking one more bath and maybe later I’ll cook something up but I’m very tired I have this very bad jet lag and I really want to go to sleep I’m just going to have this energy bar and then really go to bed because, yea it was a strange day Okay guys I’m a little bit worried about the bears here so I’m going to sleep with bear spray in one hand and with my knife in the other hand so, yea Goodnight Morning. I survived the night. There were no cougars and no bears Its day 2 of my stay and I’m really looking forward to it. Well guys the best part of being out here is actually to jump in the river and I have brought yucca root with me which is high in saponens and its my soap for the wilderness and the great thing about yucca is that its biodegradable Okay guys so I had this military poncho and I set it up a little bit A frame-ish so that I had this sunscreen here because the sun is pretty intense and yea, its still far enough away from the fireplace which I’m going to build right now I thought about taking stones from the riverside but actually you don’t want to take them because they still have a lot of moisture in them even if they’re not inside of the river and then they’re most likely to explode in the fire so I have seen some sand over there and I’m going to fetch the sand and bring it here to make a neat fireplace I need a container for the sand and I’m taking the bear bag for my food so I hope that the bear doesn’t cross my way right now Today I want to make sourdough bread and I have a starter here, a sourdough starter and now I’m putting it into the can and bake it up with some water I haven’t caught any fish yet but I found this bottle here and now I want to make a trap out of it because I have seen a lot of small fish and crayfish As bait I’m taking some sourdough I hope that the fish and crayfish like it I’m going to set up the trap here and I also take some stones and put them into the container so that the container doesn’t float I just heard a very loud noise So I’m afraid there’s a bear here Hey bear My bear bag is gone It’s no joke Okay I’m getting the bear spray Hey bear and that’s my bear spray Hey bear (laughs) What! Oh my god Okay guys it wasn’t a bear that came here for my bear bag The tree that I hung my bear bag on has just fallen for no reason Maybe you know the bear bag was too heavy or something Here’s the bear bag that’s where it got hung up Look at that and this is the tree that was injured by a beaver apparently Wooo! It’s quite a big tree so if this tree hits you, you’re dead Oh my god At least I have my food (mmm) yeah guys It’s getting dark and this is the second night in the shelter here and yesterday there was a little bit of noise around the shelter So just in case, I’m going to sleep with the bear spray in my hands. I didn’t have any luck with the fishing, so far. So next, I want to check my crayfish trap. Nope. It’s empty. No fish, no crayfish. So I’m eating the leftovers from yesterday. Bread and rice. I’m feeling a little bit tired and, yeah, I’m really craving protein. (sound like a branch or stick breaking) HEY BEAR! I just catch a crayfish. It’s a small one, but… …it’s protein. There’s so many clams here. Just need to pick them. [inaudible] a crayfish. WOO WOOOO Ha ha I’m going to eat like a king tonight. In summertime the sun on Vancouver island can be very very intense and I already have a sunburn on my arms and on my forehead and I just discovered that there’s St John’s Wort growing here on Vancouver Island. and uh the great thing about St. John’s Wort is that it can heal burns of any kind even sunburns And now I’m taking these flowers here and… Chew them in my mouth. Okay, now as you can see we have this purple color. and now we can apply this paste on the sunburn on the arms and forehead like this. But when using St. John’s Wort you have to keep in mind you don’t use it during the day when the sun is still shining because it makes your skin more sensible to the light, so use it in the evening when the sun is already gone. Dinner is ready. (emm) Tastes like nothing. Tastes much better than mussels. The claws are edible as well. You just break them off like this. And then you take the smaller one of the pinch-ers and you just crack it, like that and pull out the meat like this And that meat is delicious. [playing music] Only thing that’s missing is the beer. HEY BEAR Hey Bear Hey bear Okay guys I’m set up for the night Bear spray Knife just beside me HEY BEAR! Doesn’t seem like there’s a bear nearby so I’m sure I’m going to have a good night’s sleep. Goodnight. HEY BEAR HEY BEAR COME HERE I have some pepper spray It’s the middle of the night and there’s a freaking storm coming. [wind rustling sounds] [music playing] Time to eat something These mussels are actually not too bad That’s a big one To my luck there are a lot of mussels in here Yeah guys, I’m pretty lucky with this place here it’s packed with mussels okay there are thousands of mussels in the riverside Ther arm of the river and I just picked the bigger ones and left the baby mussel ones because I don’t want to eradicate an entire colony of mussels I’m just cooking my mussels and actually there are a lot of predator birds birds of prey flying above my head Actually they don’t look very appealing and they taste like nothing so today I tried to eat them with salt [wind noises] You always have to watch you back here on Vancouver Island because they have a lot of cougars and black bears so… you always have to be aware… of your surroundings. Woo! YEAH WOO HOO HOO YEAH! WOO HOO HOO Ha! OH MY GOD I HAVE ONE! YEAH! Ha ha ha! WOO HOO Ya hoo hoo! YEAH! WOO! HOO! HOO! YEAH WOO HOO HOO WOO! WOO HOO! YEAH! WOO! I’m so happy that I caught this fish. It needed me four days to get everything set up to find out the uh what the right bait is what the right spot is what the right depth is of the hook and in the end it worked out, so I’m really happy about this. I had some crayfish and mussels as well, but nothing is better than a good fish. HEY BEAR! DINNER IS READY! Ha ha mm hm ha ha Actually I’m not hungry anymore and I can’t eat anymore but I’m forcing myself to eat the last bit mmm Okay, that’s the rest of the fish and I have to discard everything into the water so that the bear doesn’t come here and I have to wash my hands roughly Okay guys, it’s getting late. I’m heading back to the camp today with a full belly Oh my god this has been the best day so far here (unintelligible) I hope that… Oh. There is a Geese family. These Geese are very cute I have to say I’m in my sleeping bag. It’s nice and cozy and I hope I sleep more than yesterday night. Because yesterday we had storm and rain, and yeah, it was pretty loud. Goodnight. I’m preparing for a little expedition Over there there’s a tree that has fallen across the river and I wanna use the tree as a bridge and explore the forest at the other side of the river Okay, on this small expedition I’m going to bring a slingshot and yeah the last time I have shot a sling-shot is quite long ago, so I want to practice a little bit with these cans that I have found here. (snap) (plink) (snap) (thud) (snap) (thud) aw huh two centimeters (snap) (thud) (snap) (clank) YEAH! Okay, I got my slingshot my knife my bear-spray and my water and of course the camera. (walking and brush breaking noises) HEY BEAR! I’ve never seen a forest which is this wild It’s very… …mythical. Let’s see if I can find some food in this rotten tree stump here Nothing in there. It’s too old and rotten I just found a huge slug and it’s edible if you cook it and fry it but actually I’m not that desperate and the fish is still filling my stomach so…no slugs today I’m standing underneath a cedar tree and cedar…uh Has some tinder on it which I want to collect and if you take a close look you can actually see the scratch marks of a black bear sometimes they just scratch trees for sharpening their claws you know so this is bear country and yep I’m taking some of the cedar bark awesome tinder It’s day five of my trip here in the wilderness and actually I though that I would get lonely but I don’t Yet So, there is so many things to see here there is many plants which doesn’t grow in my, um, country which are so new to me and this is all very fascinating so it’s a really beautiful forest here in Vancouver Island it’s a gem Okay guys I just found the sleeping place of a bear and as you can see there is a lot of bear scat around and over there, there is a little bit of, you know, um, a hole, a divot where the bear slept so I have to get outta here Yep time to go home. Today, I’m making some pizza bread. You just need flour, uh, olive oil, salt, and I don’t have yeast with me so I am taking some sour-dough Some spices I just got caught by the rain, so I stopped making the fire and now I am just waiting it out because it’s just a light rain shower. I’ve brought some quinoa Very very healthy (Music) I’m leaving the camp for the other one and it has started to rain again so yep just gotta spend the night in the shelter trying to get some sleep It’s the end of day five and actually now I feel a little bit alone and I’m watching a video of my cat on my mobile phone because, yeah, it’s a nice memory actually I miss people you know be around people go out with people

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