All Quiet on the Western Front – Thug Notes Summary and Analysis

What it do soldier boy? This week
we goin to WAR with All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque. During WWI, Paul Baumer and his boys catch
an earful from their teacher, who tell ‘em they gotta fly they
German colors, pack a gat, and run up on dat French army. After livin by the trigger in the trenches,
Paul and his boy Muller hit up their homie Kemmerich, whose leg ALL
jacked up. When Kemerich up and dies, Muller scores his fresh kicks since K-diddy ain’t
gonna be needing em no mo. Back at the front, Paul and his g-
man Kat rough through all sorts of ridonkulous sh**; fools even get bombed in a graveyard
where all dat blaze slangs up the dead bodies. Ugh.. (shiver) When Paul gets leave to go back to
his trap, he realize that the war dun changed him so much that he can’t kick it in his
hood like he used to. He drops in to pay respects to his his mama who tusslin with cancer. A
little later he goes to chop game with some Russian prisoners who he realize are just
you erryday hoods. Why’s he gotta fight ‘em when he ain’t got no real beef with
‘em? Back in the sh**, Paul gets run in
to a crater. When a Frenchy hops in with him, Paul whips out his shank and ENDS that fool.
But Paul gettin all torn up bout his deed, cuz he went and ganked some fool he ain’t
even hate! Ain’t that some bullsh**? He fesses up to Kat and his boys
but they just like “chill baby. brotha gotta do what he gotta do.” As the war goes on, Paul sees all his bruthas
drop one by one. When the Germans start backin down and
the end of the war nears, Paul don’t give a fu** cuz he all alone in the world. Then one day- POP! POP! Paul gets pumped full
of lead. But it ain’t no thang: Paul’s finally got a little peace
and nobody else seems to give a damn. The report of the day simply reads: S’all quiet
on the western front.” Crews from all over da hood say this book
be da most throwed-up piece of anti-war talk out there. But for a book with so much street
cred, dem ivory tower hoods don’t give
it much respect. Then again, as some gangstas say-
all good art is born of suffering. Matter of fact, dealin with dat
post-war funk is the whole reason he wrote da book: The war don’t just ghost bruthas,
it haunts em too. Just like Paul and his posse, Remarque’s whole generation itchin to find
meaning in the world, but just can’t get on that level after beastin through the twisted-ass
realities of the war. Not only are these soldier boys
alienated from anything they found meaningful before sh** went cray, but also from: who
they are, who they’ll become, and the whole world around them. With the world gone to complete
sh**, you only got time to worry bout the realest of the reals. And sometimes there
ain’t nothin realer than the bare necessities- like K- Diddy’s boots. When K-Baby buys the farm, his boy
Muller gets hooked up with a sweet pair of J’s. Then after Muller gets capped, Paul
starts rockin’ em. And it ain’t long before Paul follows the rest of em to hang with Tupac
and Biggie. Not only are them boots symbolizing the raw realities of war, but sportin em pretty
much marks yo ass for death. Paul lays down the cold truth when
he say that life is just: dystentery, shells, tanks, gas, common graves, and death. But
as dark as sh** be, Paul know that he still got one thing keepin him goin: So come on, comerade. Rep that
esprit de corps and cop some Thug Notes swag. Stay smart and hit me up next week. Peace!

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