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hello everybody wearing Ascot way Alaska right now we’re gonna do a lot of things for you this is like the first video of this Alaska series that we’re preparing for you we’re gonna go in you know we’re gonna be scout way we’re gonna come back here we’re gonna be Ketchikan we’re gonna do a lot of stuff for you so today we have a few things planned we’re gonna go to take the train that’s the white pass train after the train we’re gonna do a tracking we’re gonna go in the back of that one tiny over there we’re gonna try to find a leg that they told us is over there it’s gonna be beautiful and we’re gonna try the popcorn everywhere in Alaska you find popcorn why so popular here don’t ask me why I have no idea but we’re gonna try the popcorn we’re gonna show you all the kinds of popcorn that they have so stick with us and not just for this video for all the series we’re gonna do all of this is gonna be fun let’s go for the train and this is my travel journal [Music] [Applause] [Music] in 1896 gold flakes were found in a creek in Skagway and that was the beginning of this railroad it was built in twenty six months for ten million dollars in 1898 a blasting accident buried two workers under 500 tons of granite rock the back cross marks the place of the incident [Music] so there is some snow in the rails on the front like a mile away from here so we have to stop so there’s gonna be a delay they were saying that they fixed it already so it looks that there was another train different they had to stop but it looks like now yep it looks like now we’re starting again the engines so let’s keep going you got to get yourself some warm clothes because you’re gonna reach with the store the top of the mountain you’re gonna reach the white pass summit where you’re gonna be able to see also the summit lake as you can see is mandatory to have a camera prepared for pictures all over the tour [Music] when you reach the summit you’re gonna be able to see the us-canadian border back in the day here this train was bringing supplies to the miners [Music] [Applause] the population in Skagway is 1000 people in summer that can double that can go to 2,000 because there’s a lot of visitors coming and staying here in Skagway but what is funny in the high season a lot of ships are coming here a lot of cruise lines for example right now we have four cruises in the port for cruises means an average because there be cruises an average of three thousand people per cruise could be even more but let’s make an average of three thousand people per cruise we have four is twelve thousand people so we’re talking about a town with 1000 people living here but everyday in the high season they come 12,000 people with the cruise lines and they go in the night so you come to Skagway with the cruise line you’re gonna see how crowded it is but then imagine if you come to Skagway by yourself to stay here and enjoy the attractions in the night also is really quiet there’s nobody the ships are gone so it’s it’s gonna be really interesting to come here and stay here for a week because really there’s a lot of things to do as you can see in this Alaskan series that we’re gonna start producing for you [Music] okay we’re walking here and we can hear something it’s like a river we can hear it we’re getting there so as you can see the angle of the tracking is becoming higher but I know it’s gonna worth it it was raining for a few hours was not like a strong rain I think it was a light rain but a few hours so the trail is a little wet and of course if you sleep and fall maybe you’re not gonna die but it’s gonna be really painful [Music] looking for the lower leg we found this spot where we can come and we can do barbecue you have even the wood there in the back and you have these two sting with fire it’s really cool and there is another one in the other side so we’re gonna go there maybe next week that we’re coming back here we can do some barbecue [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] yeah our lake is like four hours tracking they said we’ll do it look at the view it’s beautiful if you will be sunny I will be sunny will be better but it’s raining now most of the equipment we use is not water-resistant so we’re gonna have to stop a little bit until the rain goes [Music] okay we’re about to finish the tracking what I wanted to suggest you actually that’s the point of the videos also not just to show how happy we are traveling around the world it’s also to help you if you are traveling around the world and you come to these spots if you come to Skagway with the ship that normally most of the people are doing just by the ship is very close to the piers by the rails of the of the Train you’re gonna find this track in this trail you can find the signs everywhere so it’s gonna be very easy for you to guide yourself and get here in this beautiful scenario so it’s it’s gonna be really really fun and I hope you enjoy this for the next Alaska series we’re gonna do also a tracking showing you how to get to the cemetery and some waterfalls from here from the port like you come with the ship will show you how to gather if you want more information about this tracking or the train and the prices and all of this stuff or what is the best way to do it every description and everything we’re gonna put it in the description below and please don’t forget to comment in this video put the thumbs up and you know the drill [Music] [Applause] [Music] you [Music] kettle popcorn is very popular in Alaskan ports in these places you will find a lot of flavors our favorite until now is the one with black and white chocolate prices are slightly different from port to port the best price we found was here in Skagway [Music] hey guys don’t forget to subscribe put your comments below thumbs up and until next time

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