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Age of Deceit (2) – Hive Mind Reptile Eyes Hypnotism Cults World Stage – Multi – Language

okay these are all clips that I had to edit out of that age’ to see the trans agenda and breeding program full version video because believe it or not when I finished it it was close to like five hours so I worked for a full day editing it down just to get it down to three and still I thought nobody’s gonna watch a three hour video that’s ridiculous but I just hated to break it up because the whole purpose of this video was to bring everything together into one place so that we could see it all in context and put the puzzle pieces together and start to see the big picture coming together so really whittling it down to just three hours was a real sacrifice for me I hated to have to do that but that’s what I did and and actually I was just going to go ahead and break it up into three pieces and and put it out there in three different episodes but I figured heck I’ve already got it done I might as well just go ahead and upload the full version and then I’ll go back and break it down later so I was shocked you guys Rock I I was just absolutely shocked that anybody would want to sit and watch a three-hour video now in the world we see that people will absolutely sit and watch mindless entertainment they will watch you know a hockey game for three hours or four hours or a baseball game or something but nobody wants to sit through a three-hour college class or a three-hour seminar or something so I didn’t have high hopes that it would get a lot of views but I wanted to put it out there cuz I worked really hard on it and you guys just blew me away you guys restore my faith in humanity to see the hunger for truth to see a hunger for knowledge that you would dedicate three hours of your life to sit down and hear me out and go through this information with me just I mean I’m just blown away I’m so grateful to know that you guys are out there I wish we all lived in the same like home town in the same city and we could do things together and hang out together and actually have an enjoyable life like that and that’s coming the big family reunions coming but it was sure nice to see their response you guys are so gracious your solutely amazing anyway I’m gonna get to it here are just a few of those puzzle pieces that hit the editing room floor but I decided this morning to pick up and go ahead and and put in a video I put out there and I know I always say it but please do watch to the very end because for some reason all of the shocking stuff always ends up at the end but I’m also going to bring it back around and tie it into the very beginning of the last stage of deceit video where we were talking about all the world is a stage and for anyone watching this who didn’t watch the last video that went up this might seem a little fringy but to those of you who watched the age of deceit video that just went up yesterday or the day before then I think these will be useful in making a whole bunch more connections if you take them into context of what we were talking about then so this is the first thing that I thought was really interesting but I couldn’t leave in I wanted to talk a little bit more about the hive mind so toward the end of the video when I was talking about the Laban Sporn breeding program that the Nazis had during world war ii and i led into max fears testimony and I just played two tiny clips but the one that I wanted to point out was when he was talking about the B type B blood group and he was talking about how these modern-day Nazis in these underground bases these men and black as we call them the shadow government but one of the things they were researching and working on in their super soldier programs and genetic engineering and cloning was to isolate properties found in the B blood type group of humanity because that same type of thing was also found in what we call the grey aliens or the synthetic drones if you haven’t watched the other full age of deceit the trans agenda breeding program please do go back and watch it even if you have to break it up in 30 minute segments and watch it for a week because I show the actual science behind synthesizing human organs and human tissue and skin and all of that stuff that this is real I know it sounds fringy but this is this is high-tech reality it’s not science fiction anymore but anyway these Gray’s are said to have this hive mind this hive mentality in fact some of the ancient texts and the oral traditions refer to them as the ant people I’m sure a lot of you have seen the video that went viral about the ants circling the cell phone and a lot of people’s they always faked it was this that I mean this is real technology and it’s not any cell phone any time but yes there are certain electromagnetic frequencies that cause especially these creatures who have the hive minds that’s why they have queen ants and queen bees in these types of creatures because they naturally have the hive mind which is why we see that genetic structure also used in these Nephilim creatures they call the aliens these big eyed looking ant people and mantis creatures and the branches equipted that they call insectoids and even the Native Americans you know they said that certain tribes of humans were taken underground by quote ant people the ant people in the underworld and that they stayed there until after the flood and then they resurfaced on earth and began to repopulate but anyway here’s a few seconds of that clip showing how ants will circle this cell phone when it rings so as soon as that electromagnetic frequency starts being emitted from the phone the ants immediately organize and of course every cell phone has a little different frequency signature that’s why all of our cell phones don’t ring at the same time we just get the calls that are aimed toward our specific number so that’s why this this experiment won’t be duplicated every time everybody’s phone rings but it absolutely can be duplicated in bees and ants you know with frequency experiments if you really want to here it goes it rings it rings right there and instantly rank-and-file rank-and-file and again this is interesting technology to make sense of some dreams and visions that I’ve seen that people have received and they’re like I don’t know exactly what this meant but one in particular was this guy was shown a rave all of these people were at a rave and they were all dancing to the music or jumping up and down in unison to this music and one guy left the crowd and went up to the microphone and said something I can’t remember what he said but something into the microphone about them all being under this mind control and he said he saw all of them instantly stopped in unison like they were one body and they all turned around and exited the warehouse at the very same time like they were all one entity sort of like you’d see in the old invasion of the body snatchers movie which is also a common theme in tons of dreams and visions of the end times where people see this hive mentality of people in all sorts of situations whether they’re in a market and they don’t have the mark of the beast the neural implant will say all of the people in the market knew that somehow knew that they didn’t have the mark of the beast or this sort of zombie apocalypse theme where they’ll see all of these people chasing them down because they know they’re they’re not admitting that frequency whether that comes from a literal demonic possession or whether that’s this neural implant this bio neural implant that links into the human brain and into the neurological circuit of the human body as a form of essentially total control right and this is a real thing right here’s an article Elon Musk launches neuro-link a venture to merge the human brain with artificial intelligence so if you’re not demonically possessed just by turning your body over as many of them do in their occult rituals and all of that type of thing then there’s always this option for all of the techies all the people who are oh look at the virtual reality glasses I want to live in virtual reality and I’m going to link my brain in and you know I’ve done a ton of videos on that how they’ve conditioned our children to be LinkedIn right LinkedIn through all this social networking you have to be LinkedIn into everything and everybody be aware of your every move it’s just high-tech demonic possession and I’ll talk about the black-eyed kids in just a minute but in the scope of religion air quotes implied you receive a prophetic dream like that and you’re like what this doesn’t seem very religious what on earth could that mean and I contend it’s literal you’re being shown literally the technologies that will be employed under the reign of the Antichrist and we’re seeing them build the infrastructure for that Antichrist control system all around us not only are they putting up this 5g network all around us but they’ve got these what we’re calling the Sun simulators up above us with these light with this life I technology I talk about all that in this biggest secret Sun simulator video about the life I technology because Wi-Fi is like caveman stuff to them life I is the new thing they know that you can send information through light frequencies so that’s already been deployed above us and for people I always get this Olaf it’s a son simulator how is it solar powered then if there’s no Sun and you know all the brainwashed mainstreamers they think they’re so smart because they can’t think outside it of what they’ve been told but yeah solar power is caveman stuff to this is powered by Tesla technology there’s free energy all around us Tesla the same guy who discovered AC alternating current that now powers almost every single home in the entire world he also discovered this free limitless energy source that’s all around us and that’s another video I have coming up about the Tesla Tower they now have a Tesla tower up you know in Milford Texas and you can go on their website and it discusses the technology and stuff so they’re admitting it it’s being that infrastructures means that it’s set up around us as well but it’s already over us and blackops so they can beam information just like a wireless router except this is in the skies above us but speaking biologically about how they’re tampering with our DNA about how isolating the qualities found in the B blood type group and then they want to implant that type of receiver that type of DNA into all of us so that we will function better under this type of a hype mind so this is another video that I put up about a year ago and it’s about how at present eight percent of the human genome is not from us it’s been transplanted through viruses and I know again they tell us that viruses are just natural no they’re not nanotechnology no they’re just natural things that occur in our environment and we don’t really understand them know everybody knows that you can hollow out a virus and use it to transplant a snippet of DNA that’s that’s all viruses are their delivery mechanisms they’re like nanotechnology that carry a snippet of DNA and they transplant it when we get sick from a virus it’s not the virus that makes us sick it’s our body rejecting the DNA transplant it’s our immune system fights it off and then that’s why we have all of the symptoms it makes us very sick when they try to transplant these DNA snippets in us okay but back to the ants circling the phone and of course this is very reminiscent of what we see during the Hajj the Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca where they all walk in circles around the cube just walk circles around it it’s part of their ritual and there’s just a ton about that the cube that I can’t go into right now I’ll touch on Kabbalah Kaaba Allah I’ll touch on their Kabbalah occultism here in a minute but I go so much deeper from everything from the Masonic Keystone to Saturn to the Black Sun cult we saw with the Nazis it’s just it’s throughout everything they say inside there is the black stone or the Black Sun which ties into the Nibiru Planet X thing I mean this thing it’s all one big thing it’s mind-blowing I mean we even see the cube used in the Hellraiser movies Hellraiser and this is just a small representation of what they what we call planets are doing above us these satellites that we see above us these luminaries as we call them and the energies and harmonics that they are emitting toward our world if you’ve watched any of my videos on the dimensions I go into that quite a bit how in three dimensions what we perceive as a sphere is actually a tetrahedron it’s actually a pyramid it’s actually layered and all of that it even goes back to the early queuing on-post it was repeatedly expand your thinking what is the keystone find the keystone what is the keystone this masonic keystone so that masonic keystone has a lot of meaning as for celestial mechanics you can see from this carpentry site the Keystone is the center of the firmament so again it goes back to celestial mechanics or you know this is an arch for carpentry but you get it because you know that’s their cult the master builders right because the Elohim the fallen Elohim they were part of God’s angels at one time who were in charge of the creation so they know the master builders right they know how all of this works but as in all things with Antichrist the Cabal is just a pathetic mimicry of our master carpenter you know Jesus Christ came as a carpenter but he is the true master he is the Lord but they’re cabal and all of their mimicry and attempts to resurrect their fallen angels and all of that is is nothing it’s nothing we know we have the true creator for all of their building they’ve been doing all of these thousands of years to build this establishment in this prison and this hierarchy and everything they’ve done it’s just built on sinking sand that’s what the Bible says because they built their foundation on lies so it’s a house of cards and it’s coming down it’s coming down around them right now here’s Matthew 7 24 through 27 therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock that Rock of Ages Jesus Christ and this is the storm right now the calm before the storm is over this is the storm the rain came down the streams rose and the winds blew and beat against that house yet it did not fall because it had its foundation on the rock they can’t take us down but everyone who hears these words of mine and does not put them into practice is like a foolish man who built his house on sand the rain came down and the streams rose and the winds blew and beat against that house and it fell with a great crash we are building an eternal Kingdom that will last through all ages and of it there will be no end but they built their Kingdom on a foundation of lies and it fell with a great crash anyway all of that’s for another video right now I’m just talking about this hive mentality and of course the predictive programming as always Stephen King’s novel cell which was made into a movie and shows this hive mentality broadcast through frequencies and cell phones and if you watched the movie you know that the the scene at the end of the movie is showing this exact same technology that I showed with the ants with the people circling around this tower which again ties back to the movie they live because that’s how they kept people blinded was broadcasting a frequency a signal out of a tower and that’s what the whole movie was about they were trying to take out that tower broadcasting that frequency but the point is this is real and these people have been investigating the genetic markers and actually tampering with our DNA to make us more susceptible to these technologies and I did a video talking a lot about this in the QED non series called hold the phone and again it doesn’t matter if you like you and on or hate cueing on or believe in killing on or disbelief cueing on that’s completely irrelevant this is just me presenting my research in that queue and on genre but anyway in that video I show all of the patents for this technology this is real it’s been patented and I also show the diagrams from the patents from the registered patents showing how not only can they broadcast these frequencies through our cell phones but through our computer monitors anybody who does this for a living you know you know how you feel if you sit in front of your computer too long it’s a battle but nothing like what’s coming okay also along those lines of altering the human genome there was another part that I cut out of the Age of deceit video but it wasn’t really about the aerosol distribution of this type of stuff to implant DNA over the masses it was more about specific DNA inserted into just the elite class the ruling class and I cut this section out of the part when we were talking about in vitro fertilization it was about an hour and a half in and I was showing all the different stars who you know openly talked about IVF and how their children were created in laboratories and it was an inordinate amount and remember I had gone into that whole spiel and shown all these different magazine covers with all of the different celebrity class people who that had twins or multiples created in the laboratory oh and that’s another thing I should have put in there while I’ve got Kate on the screen here you know Prince William’s wife and their twins there was a comment that brought something in mine that I totally should have put in the video and I forgot of course I pinned his comment to the top and it’s not pinned at the top of course here it is Manuel Gomez thank you for the comment thank you for pointing that out he says the royalty is not English they are German which is absolutely true it’s so funny that all of these British people are you know sort of worshipping their what they think is their royal family when these are gothic Germans and I should have put that in the part about the Ashkenazi but anyway I replied here below it and I appended above even though it’s not at the top where it should be the the Windsor name now used by queen elizabeth ii and other British Royals only dates back to 1917 again that’s World War one era a date directly linked to what the Montauk boys were talking about Duncan Cameron and those guys involved in the Montauk projects with recollections leading back to this exact era but before that the British royal family bore the German name and I can’t pronounce it but it’s obviously from the stacks and it actually ends with Gotha because they were German Goths who fled and changed their name so that they could continuous royalty but yeah the British considered them English or British but they’re absolutely not again that’s what I pointed out in the last three or four videos probably that the Jesuits are the Ashkenazi that’s why we saw the spider and the escape routes the ratlines going through the Catholic churches for the Nazis because they’re the same thing but for those who haven’t watched those videos I’ll just reiterate the gothics from the Dark Ages the Gothic Germans are the Ashkenazi Jews are the Nazi regime are the Jesuits they are all this is all the Cabal we just call it the Cabal to make it these days but those are all masks or faces of the same entity the great catch yeah the British Royals are actually the German Goths but back to the twinning or the cloning the question is since so many of these children are created through IVF and laboratories are they implanting any other sort of DNA into these embryos and we know that the ones that we see publicly like all these IVF cases that I just put in that last video that’s just what they’re showing us publicly we know that there are mad scientist’s in underground bases doing all sorts of genetic tampering you can imagine what they’re doing if this is what they’re showing us publicly here’s a clip from a video that I put up 10 or 11 years ago yeah I said 10 or 11 years ago back when the internet was a baby yeah here’s this here you can see the date it was September 17th of 2008 so I guess it was 10 years and a few months ago so the quality is not going to be that good thing was standard definition and sort of blurry and we didn’t have all of this screen shot software and stuff that we have today so we did the best we could but I think you’ll get the idea this is some footage that I captured from a BBC documentary it was actually just a news broadcast and they were talking about making these human-animal hybrids and keep in mind this was well over 10 years ago what they were saying to the public so you can only imagine what they’re capable of today and what they’ve been doing behind closed doors since well before a decade ago this embryo is part mouse part cow in a few months this Newcastle lab is hoping to create a human cow hybrid if that leaves you uneasy the scientists here understand how you feel it does seem a little abhorrent from first analysis mixing cow bits of carousels with bits of human cells but what you have to understand is that we’re actually you’re using very very little information from the cows in order to do this reprogramming idea this is highly complex science the creation of cytoplasmic hybrids known as cyber ‘add embryos the starting point is a cow’s egg which is cut open by a laser the next step is to take a human cell perhaps from a patient with Parkinson’s disease and inject it into the egg a bit is the crucial point at which an embryo is created because by using an electric shock the hybrid embryo starts growing this so talking about actual hybrid humanoid hybrids that brings me back around to this phenomenon we see that everybody calls reptilian eyes and I’m not talking about the ones that are just digital artifacts and pixelization and compression errors and I know and I believe a lot of those people who make those videos I don’t think they’re big hoaxers or clickbait artists or anything like that I think that when people start to awaken and they see the real stuff they get excited and they’re overzealous so then every pixelization they see or whatever they’re like oh look I caught one I caught one so yeah I get it you do have to wade through a tremendous amount of stuff that that isn’t valid but that doesn’t negate the fact that there is evidence out there actual captures that I consider very valid and most of those have nothing to do with the slit eyes that might be light reflections and things like that these usually have more to do with like the sideways blinking that there’s some sort of membrane that does this sideways blinking and things like that things that we actually see in the animal kingdom in other species now see this is why I wanted to put all of this into one giant five hour video because taken out of context those reptilian eye things you know they seem sort of fringy but in light of the clip that I just showed you from the BBC where scientists are saying but we’re taking small amounts of cow DNA and putting it into humans we’re taking small amount you know small snippets of DNA and making human hybrids I mean you just heard it out of their own mouth out of the scientists own mouth that they do that and then we see these people in the ruling class who appear mostly human but we’re catching them with these traits that like this that I think that is a lizard trait that is a reptile trait but they have a second membrane under their eyelids so I know it seems unimaginable and when you hear people like mr. e say things like these are Nephilim these are people these are natural um hybrids they’re does this thought and they’re you know he has a great sense of humor and I love his sense of humor he totally cracks me up but I think it’s useful to point out that there’s science behind this but it’s absolutely very possible to make sense of what we keep seeing it seems like this crazy conspiracy theory it actually exactly goes along with the biblical narrative it goes along with the archeological records it goes along with the medical evidence like I presented in the very beginning of that Age of deceit video where I talked about the hermaphrodites and then all the other genetic traits giantism acromegaly hypertrichosis polydactyl the other traits that we see medically this is another one and I know it’s hard to accept but let’s just watch some of these clips and you can decide for yourself and it looks like they must feel it or something because every time it like accidentally happens when they’re on camera they’re always like put their head down really fast flick their hair they’ll close their eyes or they’ll act sort of startled and kind of blink their eyes three or four times real fast like that you see they do that what what are the odds if these were just camera anomalies that they would be physically responding to it [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] that one with the politician newt gingrich’s wife her eyes seem to sort of go sideways which reminded me more of a goat than a lizard and in light of the bath mat being a trans species entity I thought that was interesting but but who knows I do believe I absolutely do believe that they are adding DNA and they are splicing DNA in this breeding program but this next set of eye anomalies yeah it could go either way it very well could just be straight up demon possession because in these clips there doesn’t appear to be a membrane like a typical reptile would have underneath the eyelid it seems to be that the the pupil itself is changing form when they say the eyes are the window to the soul you know I think there’s a lot more to that than then we take it for but notice one thing that these are all the same players the same people that are on the forefront of this pansexual and transgender and all of this movement and you’ll notice this handful of actors percentage-wise out of human population is not that many but this handful of actors all of their stuff goes viral I mean they even use the word that it’s a virus it goes viral while all of the algorithms on Google and YouTube and all the search engines and everything suppress us we have to struggle to get 10,000 people or 20,000 people to hear our voice as humans these people who have literally nothing to offer society besides the cult that’s what it is that’s how cultures are created they have put their cult on top of the tribes of humanity the 12 tribes of Israel or the 12 ethnicities of humankind the Hebrews and I’ll talk about the cult and how it influences all the different ethnicities of humankind here in a minute when I do the Kabbalah section but for now I just wanted to point out that this does spread virally just like an infection their culture their behavior their satanic behave here they are spreading virally to all the children of the world that’s why all of a sudden we see all of this sexual perversion and all of it manifesting it’s because it works they’ve worked very hard and purposefully to make our children their toys to convince our children to turn their bodies over to every manner of perversion and abuse and sadomasochism and all of the things we see coming out of Hollywood and the other digital industries of course the music industry and now YouTube you can go on and see that lots of boys they have on YouTube broadcasting how to put makeup on boys and all of this stuff which I will show you clips in just a minute is absolutely part of a cult an ancient cult which is now being broadcast virally to everyone and it’s always coming from the same handful of actors the same handful of players and if you watch to the end of this video I’ll show you some shocking stuff about how small this family remnant this synagogue of satan’ really is to wield such power as a coven it’s really amazing because there’s not as many as you think that’s why we quote-unquote mysteriously see these same people reoccurring and all of these news broadcasts with school shootings and all of these different things but let’s look at these clips and then we’ll talk about it afterwards [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] and before all you a theist trolls jump on me and say o religious not talking about demonic possession they themselves in their own interviews talk about these entities entering them that’s in their own words of course they’re glorifying it you know like I talked about in the last video this is all part of the conditioning to make all of their followers millions and millions tens of millions of followers these people have to make them think oh this is normal demon possession is normal and in fact it’s the way to succeed is to allow these entities to enter you because that’s what they’re out there preaching I raise my hands up and it was kind of the first time I felt something else come into me and I knew that was gonna be my coming-out night sasha is my alter ego woman is a crazy boy who lives in me and he says the things that I don’t want to say another strange I anomaly that started being reported around the 1990s maybe it was always happening and it just became popularized then because we had access to the Internet and we started being able to talk to one another I know I have read at least one or two accounts that dated back to like the 1940s and 1950s I think maybe even one in the 1920s or 30s but the reports are always the same that the children come up and it can be anywhere – like teenage aged children or small children and that’s what makes us so anomalous as they will show up on people’s doorsteps and ask permission to come in almost like a vampire legend that they can’t enter unless you invite them in which again goes back to the last video where I was talking about that we have authority over the demons we have authority over the spiritual realm and we have to invite them in just as surely as we have to invite Jesus Christ into our heart to become one with him the universal of free will also make us so people have to invite these demons into them which they’re doing willingly which is what all of this whole propaganda thing is about and like I talked about the trans agenda to convince people to do it willingly to embrace this as their identify I identify as this thing trying to come inside me and integrate with these evil spirits of their own free will and embody them and then they overtake them and then once they’re inside you you think it’s your thoughts because it’s a biological symbiotic relationship a 3d three-dimensional body soul spirit they integrate with you and so people think oh well that’s me I was born this way or these are my thoughts when in fact it’s these entities but anyway you know the story goes that they won’t come inside if you won’t allow them in but they will be very persistent with but I need to use your phone but I’m in danger but I need to call my parents you know with very robotic speech again with this sort of synthetic thing and again with the dark eyes very similar to what we see with the synthetic gray aliens so I don’t know if these black-eyed kids are part of this breeding program but the encounters are increasing I know that so I don’t know if it’s just that children and young people are so susceptible these days to demonic possession because they have no resistance they don’t even believe this this spiritual realm and the other dimensions exist and they’re completely unprotected because the establishment is banned the Bible banned prayer banned the ten commandments they have absolutely no knowledge of how to get spiritual protection and in fact they mock it if you try to tell them hey you need to protect yourself these things are out to get you there they you know they’re oh do this cries oh the Bible those o invisible Flying Spaghetti Monster in the sky you know they’re so programmed and brainwashed that you can’t even reason with them so anyway they’re utterly unprotected so I’m not sure if the black-eyed kids are just spirit possessions or if they are hybrids I only have one personal testimony of this phenomenon and this happened to me probably 15 years ago or so a friend of mine came to me all weirded out and scared and wanted to ask me some questions she was not saved at all but she knew that I was and I had a youth ministry at that time and so she actually came with her teenage sons and pulled me aside to ask me some questions and she told me this story about encountering a black eyed person and it wasn’t a child with her it was a grown man she was in a bar and drinking as she met this man and they were trying to hook up she was trying to they were talking about going home together or whatever total stranger and she said he turned around to get a cigarette out of his pack and light it and when he turned back to her she said his eyes were completely black like this no white in the eyes at all and but he was still talking like trying to make arrangements to take her home and stuff and she said that she felt not just because of the black eyes which would have been enough but she felt this terror and evil sort of emanating from him as he was talking completely normally so she grabbed her purse and excused herself to the bathroom really quick and went out the back door and she said that was the last she saw of him but she says she’s never forgotten it and it really shook her up and she wanted to ask me if I knew anything about that and at the time that was before this subject was really popularized so I really knew very little about it but it to me it clearly sounded like demonic possession and because of her lifestyle these things followed her her children told me the same stories in the youth group about these they’d be standing in the mirror brushing their teeth and they’d look up in the mirror and there would be like a black hooded figure standing behind him in the mirror just for a glimpse and then it would disappear and shadows moving around their rooms at night and they were I think they were both both of the boys one of the boys for sure but I think both of the boys were homosexual and very ill struck in with all sorts of illnesses I mean they were really plagued they had opened up every single portal you can imagine into their homes and into their bodies and invited every sort of you know evil spirit and took part in every sort of sin and they were just open vessels to these evil spirits that was their lifestyle so in that context I don’t necessarily think that these things are all part of the the breeding program I believe some of them are but I also believe that you can see changes in the eyes from spiritual possession and like I said I saw it with my ex he had the most beautiful blue green eyes with just a hint of hazel sometimes and when this thing happened when he gave himself over to this homosexual lifestyle and abandoned his child and family and everything his eyes went when he started posting pictures of himself on the gay websites and soliciting sex online and all of that I couldn’t believe the pictures that didn’t even look like him I mean he had the darkest almost black brown eyes from I mean his eye color physically changed it was unbelievable I saved the pictures in case I ever have to prove it I’m obviously not going to show you his picture and tell you his name but yeah his eye color physically changed darker went much darker when he surrendered his life to the service of that spirit and left to become a homosexual in all of that his eye color changed and in my opinion I think a lot of these people know that their eyes change the further they get into the occult and the deeper they get initiated into every level of the hierarchy because then you’ll notice it’s very common like here’s cult leader Jim Jones amongst cult leaders you’ll always see the longer they’re in it the deeper they get into it they’ll start wearing dark glasses and then completely blackout glasses indoors you’ll see it all the time and I know now we think oh well celebrities are always wearing dark glasses inside because they don’t want to be recognized you know they don’t want to be recognized in the airport they don’t want to be recognized when they’re just trying to go about their lives and I’m sure a lot of that’s true too but I know that if you pay attention you will see these cult leaders start to wear these dark glasses and cover their eyes the longer they’re in it and the deeper they get into it and there’s always a sexual perversion aspect when you get into it after it’s finally blown open you’ll see that it wasn’t just about scamming people out of money it’ll be like Jim Jones he was having all of this sex with all of these different men and women and orgies and all sorts of stuff making them come back in his office and do all sorts of things you’ll see that again and again there’s always a sexual perversion aspect to it kill steal and destroy that’s what they do that’s what the Bible says that’s what they do and you’ll see that after he got done using them in every other way yeah he ended up killing them all which is precisely what I talked about in the last video it’s very sad to see all of these even in the ruling class to see them duped to see any human duped into turning their lives over to serving these demonic entities because in the end of it they’re not going to be ruling anything because demons are bent on destruction and they would they always end up killing their hosts it’s the biological process of a parasite that’s what it does it doesn’t help the hosts that’s not a symbiotic relationship that is helpful to the host a parasite will use the host up and kill the host and it’s really very sad like the suicide rates that I read you about the transgenders in the last video that I put up those you know I read them straight out of the university’s suicide prevention documents there’s a reason there’s a reason why those souls are so tortured that over 40 percent of them either commit suicide or try to commit suicide and going back to that transgender agenda there was that connection Jim Jones and Harvey Milk look it up he did a lot of events with Harvey Milk during that time before they knew that Jim Jones was this evil cult leader that was leading all these people to this death pact and you know Harvey Milk was the pioneering gay politician and of course when Hollywood makes their movies about Harvey Milk they remove everything about his connection to the People’s Temple cult and all of that but of course that’s no surprise because they also remove the fact that Jim Jones was connected to all the leftist politicians like here’s a picture Jim Jones with the lieutenant-governor and San Francisco Mayor so this wasn’t some crazy Charles Manson type out of nowhere although he was created by the order of the Orient as well but anyway everybody pretty much knows that Jim Jones that this was a the Guyana was a CIA operation and again with the swastika on the forehead it’s not a mystery it’s not a coincidence it’s just another link back to that same gothic German Ashkenazi Nazi cabal that I’ve been talking about for the last several videos and just like Charles Manson had all these mysterious connections with the Beach Boys and you know all these major major rich celebrities are lettin Charles Manson like hang out at their house and you know all of that kind of stuff that doesn’t seem to make sense to us but when you know that they’re all one big cabal of course that makes sense now this some of the most well known cult leaders are always surrounded by rich celebrities and politicians so Jim Jones’s connection with Harvey Milk and the advancement of the homosexual agenda through the political realm all of that makes perfect sense when you realize who these people are but when you’re talking about cults instead of politics you’re definitely talking about religion so there is no doubt there’s a religious aspect to this and some anomaly with the eyes and the covering of the eyes and all of that and surely you can see with the Guyana Massacre that the spirits controlling this guy were demons sexual perversion is just one manifestation of demonic possession demons are evil they love torture and pain and you know destruction and destroying families and they’re they’re wicked in every way they’re evil there is evil evil exists so if you look into these people who are promoting sexual perversion and who are abusing their own children and transitioning them before they can make decisions for themselves and all of this type of thing you’ll see these other evidences in their lives so like here’s Angelina Jolie remember that video that was leaked a couple of years that showed her in the drug den and a lot of people claimed that it was evidence of these Illuminati rituals and all of the satanic ritual abuse that goes on in these families now I’ve watched the video in its entirety and I can’t say that it says that but I can’t at least say that it proves what we’re talking about here that they show many of these traits if you knew what they did behind closed doors so I’ll play this clip where you can see behind closed doors when she’s talking amongst people she trusts they’re talking about watching these snuff torture films she openly talks about her sadomasochism that to her being beaten during sex is healing she says in her own words as she’s being very serious when she even says that these other people who do the S&M; and the sadomasochism then it’s just accessories to them like dressing up in the whips and boots and stuff but to her it’s very real and those S&M; people just don’t get it because only people like her really get how enjoyable pain is as here she is in her own words [Music] I have to explain to people have like where it’s more like you’re tied down because you heal what’s your baby person [Music] it’s a gravy maybe they would like to see everything sensuous like just sensuality in the heel once you become person I think it comes from a real real fun explain as opposed to accessories so the point is again this is real I don’t take it lightly I don’t go around just slandering people and I don’t like them because they’re a celebrity and they’re rich and so I’m not gonna like them no that’s not it at all like I do in all of my videos all I’m doing is laying out the evidence of them in their own words from their own articles from their own foundations from their own political speeches from their own movies I am showing you how they in their own words admit that they are desperately wicked they’re the antithesis of love and peace and Jesus Christ they get pleasure from pain there is a ruling class of people amongst us who enjoy inflicting pain on others namely us but also on themselves I know it’s hard to believe it really is especially that it could grow to this size but there is a cult there is a cult among us who not only practices sadomasochism but has the ability the network in place to brainwash our children into sadomasochism and our adults for that matter it’s nonstop they broadcast to them how cool Lucifer is he’s such a humanitarian and he’s super cool and you know all of this it’s unbelievable that this is happening in our lifetime but yeah so they they show them how awesome Lucifer is and then they do the Angelina Jolie thing and look how cool it is fifty Shades of Grey right sadomasochism everybody should love pain then we start to see new trends that we never saw this one go back go back to the 40s the 50s the 60s even the hippie drug culture and you wouldn’t you won’t see this sort of self torture family therapists say over the past ten years they’ve seen a dramatic increase in the number of kids deliberately cutting them selves to relieve stress or emotional pain some studies indicate that one in five children are doing it one in five children and not just children I remember when I was working at the nursing home a young lady invited me over to her home I I don’t know her exact age but she wasn’t a teenager she was probably 25 or 26 and yeah when we got there and I started talking to her and being open about my faith and stuff and she began to open up to me about her cutting now yeah she cut herself to the point that she would hide it she would cut you know on her stomach or on her legs or sometimes even like between her toes if somebody started to notice but yeah I’ve known lots of cutters so this is very real this is this is what’s happening since MKULTRA went live on the masses yeah it’s not just Angelina Jolie and people in these SRA families who have been programmed in these self-destructive behaviors and in this sort of abuse and sadomasochism but they’ve done – they’ve done it to our children and I don’t know why I keep saying children I just mean the children of humanity because definitely adults I have known tons of adults that yeah this is getting worse and worse and worse although they you know this seriously they say they want to be handcuffed they want to be raped you know things like that so we’re in big trouble folks as a culture because they have brainwashed us into their Luciferian cult and we are in a hypnotic trance well we aren’t I mean if you’re watching this channel instead of the Kardashians then you’re at least waking up from the trance our programming is breaking down is what’s happening and I think largely because we’ve turned off their programming devices I bet if we did a study I have no way to you know out of the hundred and some thousand subscribers if I could get every single one to take a survey I think the statistics would be staggering of how many of us turned off our cable turned off our television we’re going to movies quit going to Hollywood movies and I think that’s when our programming started to break down I know that I was saved and filled with the Holy Spirit before my programming completely started to break down and the veil was lifted from my eyes and I could see but it took the Holy Spirit leading me and guiding man to all truth it took the Holy Spirit leading me to that step where I felt the Lord said turn it off you have to turn that off it has subliminal messages in it it has all of this stuff in it and it was at that point really when I actually shut my TV off and I quit watching Hollywood movies that was before all the digital music but I got rid of all of my mainstream music so it’s not just about what they’re doing to us consciously it’s the frequencies that they have programmed into the music it’s the subliminal messages and everything that they have put in all of their broadcasts so on top of we’re being programmed superficially as well like I just showed you with all those different programs and all of the violence and all of the sex and all you know every every unholy thing superficially as well but the trance the hypnotic trance that we’re in goes way way deeper than that and I wish there was the way I could take a survey because I guarantee a lot of you have the same exact story that you turned off your TV or you quit watching TV and Netflix and then all of a sudden you were able to see like you could start to see this stuff around you and everything started to make sense we know that the mind is capable of extraordinary things supernatural things that they don’t want us to know about one story that comes to mind is from the holographic universe the paranormal abilities of the mind and unsolved riddles of the brain and body and one of the stories that he tells is about this hypnotist magician if you will now true story so the hypnotist you know in a party favorite type scene he hypnotizes this guy and tells him what’s the programming and to tell him that his daughter is invisible so then as they move forward in the performance and everything the guy cannot his daughter he could not see his daughter even though she’s standing right in front of him so then to prove to the other people in the party that this is real that he’s not just pretending not to see his daughter he took a watch with a particular inscription on it and put it behind the back of the gentleman’s daughter and then had the guy read the watch inscription through his daughter and he could not see his daughter but he did see the watch and that would be obviously physically impossible with your eyes but these are the abilities that we have psalms 82:6 god says i have said you are gods you are sons of the Most High so it’s not really a riddle that the human mind is capable of this type of thing it just doesn’t make sense because they won’t tell us that that we have any power at all other than being their labor force their slave race but the point I really wanted to make for this segment by saying that is the power of programming this is why we couldn’t see these things another magic trick they use is this hundredth monkey effect because there is a trance Norfolk field like a fifty-two frequency transport thick field I have a couple of different theories about that number I guess it depends on how many overlaid dimensions or octaves there there are or we are perceiving but anyway or I guess we don’t have to perceive them for them to affect us subconsciously but anyway the point is there is this trans morphic field and when we release thought into it that has an effect on every other creature in our matrix in our field in our dimension it’s like the butterfly effect so if you haven’t heard about the hundredth monkey experiment what they did was they they went and they taught monkeys to wash sweet potatoes on the beach and then they found out years down the road that they had just taught this one little group of monkeys on this one Island so it’s called the hundredth monkey effect but when they hit that critical mass that nough the hundredth monkey then somehow monkeys on other islands and monkeys in other countries started washing their sweet potatoes in the water so that’s the phenomenon they’re like they were never physically taught it but all of a sudden they had the idea in their heads to do it and knew how to do it a new behavior so that’s what we’re talking about spreading the Great Awakening and spreading holy behavior again and that type of thing we do have power it’s the same theory that the that the Cabal used by flooding through mass media and Hollywood and everything all of these filth filthy behaviors of filthy perverse ideas and violence and war and hatred and division all of that stuff that they programmed into our minds to hit critical mass and flip culture into the darkness now it’s happening on our side the Great Awakening is happening and the more of us that right here acknowledge the new idea the more of us who acknowledge the more the new idea the more of them who can and will I know a lot of people I say well what can I do I try to talk to my family and nobody will listen what you can do is continue to learn and continue to pray and thoughts our prayers so when you meditate on the truth and the word of God that is energy that is going into this trance forfeit field so the more we learn and study and concentrate on this stuff the more in the mass consciousness of humanity the more people will be able to receive this idea the more people will receive the idea even though they don’t know where from but before I move on I just want to reiterate that this is a cult this is a religion this is the read Kabbalah yarn the read Kabbalah string that you’re supposed to tie around your wrist when you go through these initiations into the craft into this witchcraft called Kabbalah and I mean what are the odds that every single celebrity would be in the same church I mean that’s crazy for people to deny that this is not an organized religion amongst because you don’t see them all sitting in a church building together somewhere where you can walk in and see them all the whole coven they’re together but they’re together somewhere because look at these look at this is all Kabbalah strings no matter who it is all of the most famous pop artists all of the a-list actresses and actors politicians everybody even these people who you don’t even know why they’re famous but for some reason they’re always on TV if you can’t see it it is outright cognitive dissonance it is outright denial you’re just simply in denial and I’m sorry I’m sorry about that but I’m showing you right in front of your face whether it’s Michael Jackson or Ashton Kutcher Jessica Alba Gwyneth Paltrow I mean Madonna just everybody Britney Spears who’s it was that gals named Ben Affleck’s wife that guy has always made me feel weird you got the Rolling Stones at the pansexual Disney girl there I mean it’s it’s exactly Demi Moore it’s look they’re even tying it on their babies oh so you can see all of these stars whether it’s Charlize Theron who’s raising her her son as a girl making him dress like a girl and everything even though he’s only 6 or 7 years old or it’s just everybody else we see in the celebrity class they all do is so you can see Madonna always of course she was pretty open about her Kabbalah occult teachings but she’s always wearing her string you know all the actresses and Michael Jackson you know the King of Pop right yeah there he is even though a lot of the Jackson brothers claim to follow Islam there’s Michael Jackson with his read Kabbalah stirring on Beyonce I mean it’s politicians actors singers you know our our celebrities the ones who consider themselves the ruling class so my point is it’s a cult this isn’t just a social thing when you talk about the trans agenda and all of the rest of it this is an actual religion I mean look here’s Paris Hilton is sitting there in a $3,000 dress you think she’s gonna tie a piece of string on her arm she’s got bracelets worth more than my house and she’s gonna go out with a piece of yarn tied on her DiCaprio here seriously you’re gonna wear a tuxedo you dressed to the nines in a tuxedo and you’re gonna tie a piece of yarn on your arm yeah this is the real deal to them they take their religion very seriously and it is a religion and this is a cult and they are all in it look at them they advertise it and then they go around giving each other awards right in front of us these little idols of the fallen angel right it’s got angel wings that are shaped like the lightning bolts which we know is the symbol of Satan being cast out of heaven and you know we see that in everything I’m not going to show pictures but like say the ac/dc Highway to Hell logo the ac/dc has the lightning bolt the androgynous David Bowie leading people into sexual perversion they put the lightning bolt on his face and well they’re always painting the lightning bolt across people’s face or they’ll put it on their jewelry in movies or they’ll tattoo it all over their body and it’s just amazing that it’s so right in front of our faces but because we’re under the spell we can’t see it they even say like the Egyptian Book of the Dead that they’re worshiping the dead from the underworld from hell and all of this and then they’ll have bands that they’ll outright name the Grateful Dead with the lightning bolt they’re grateful to be dead they don’t want it salvation they don’t want Jesus Christ they’re the Grateful Dead and the masses just wander after them after that frequency symbol like Stephen King’s book cell they just wander after him [Music] they blatantly tell you right to your face Antichrist Devils children with the lightning bolt ac/dc they name their songs and sing right to our face we’re on the highway to hell and they wear devil horns on the cover of their albums they even put the flames and the Illuminati pyramid here right on the highway to hell and people are just enchanted they’re under the frequency enchantment of the music I honestly talk to and this is a family member who is a Christian and I believe that they know Jesus Christ but I was talking to him about back when we were kids and how they liked ac/dc so much when they were in high school and they told me well I still like ac/dc and I said well how can you how can you worship ac/dc and sing hymns to Satan saying you’re on the highway to hell and they just looked at me like huh it’s it’s mind-boggling I mean it’s not mind-boggling it’s science and it’s hypnotism and it’s mysticism and all of that but the one thing it’s not is hidden it’s not hidden it’s in plain sight they are saying we are the devil’s children come worship with us and sing we’re on the highway to hell and everybody just doesn’t and then you tell them you’re worshipping demons and they’re like why you religious not but anyway they give each other these statues these little idols right in front of us with the image of the fallen angel with the lightning bolt wings holding up this exact thing that I’ve shown you guys in like a dozen videos this past year the real model of celestial mechanics which is essentially the same as the atomic structure of protons neutrons electrons nucleus all of that but anyway you can see the celestial bodies the luminaries up here and stuff oh and it gets better of course the Emmy Awards are from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences right and we all know how the cult or the Cabal or Satanist they invert everything everything’s upside down and backwards so like Harpo Studios Oprah Winfrey’s Harpo Studios Harpo is just Oprah spelled backwards and the own network is NWO new world order that’s where she broadcasts super soul Sunday and all of their occult theology and mysticism and New Age stuff but anyway anybody who studied this knows that that’s the shtick that’s what they do they do everything backwards and inverted so what’s the Natas right the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Natas backwards is SATA n shaitan the satan awards presented by Satan the enemy awards presented by satan it is just unbelievable and so profoundly sad for the children who come up through these satanic bloodlines and rituals but also for all of our children who have been brainwashed by this cult and led us straight to follow idols and to emulate the self-destructive behaviors of Satanism it’s just heart-wrenching to see our children so blinded and under the enchantment of these people just mind-boggling that they can see if a cult like say Heaven’s Gate that remember the Heaven’s Gate UFO cult if they teach and drogyny and castration then that’s oh my it’s the worst thing they could ever you know it’s a crazy cult but when these people castrate their children publicly and teach androgyny and you know all the gender confusion stuff they’re pushing that’s okay if the celebrities say it must be true right if the ruling class tells you to do it you have to do it but if the Heaven’s Gate UFO cult says the exact same thing then they’re crazy the irony the hypocrisy remember the Heaven’s Gate cult that’s exactly what they taught was this androgyny all the women were supposed to shave their heads and become because that was the Ascended way that’s what made you higher than the regular people to be more like the gods you had to become androgynous so the males were to castrate themselves and start transitioning and the women were to shave their heads and start to look like men so this stuff that the elitist cult are teaching the masses is nothing new this has been in cults for a long time but we don’t just see these types of cults in the West these cults are worldwide now remember in the last video when I mentioned the high JIRA’s from India and these are these transvestites and transsexuals who do it to worship the god of destruction this god of bisexuality and transgender and duality and drogyny both in one that same you know that same thing but anyway they openly say they’re doing it to serve a pagan god and sexual energy is transformed into sacred powers that’s what they believe so I mentioned this in the last video but this is where I cut the stuff out where I want to show that this goes worldwide that this is everywhere it’s like the Masonic lodges how they put one all the way down the spectrum into like every small town you can’t even go to a town that has like less than a thousand people without finding that they’ve got their hand there and they have built a Lodge there a secret society there so I just want to show that this transgender or bisexual worship of the demons is worldwide like I was showing earlier with the culture how they’ve overlaid their cult teachings on to every single culture they’ve translated it into every single ethnicity and again not the Rothschilds the Rothschilds didn’t do this the demons did this the Fallen Angels the entities who are above the Rothschilds well who we call the pagan gods of prehistoric or ancient times and you know India was riddled with sexual perversion we get the Kama Sutra from India India right which is an entire book of nothing but sexual acts every way you can possibly think that they made sure and wrote it write it down they were obsessed with it and if you I can’t put the pictures on here because YouTube won’t let me put the video up then because it’s it’s straight-up pornography just research the images of the pyramids in India some of them are so vulgar that they don’t even take tourist routes there to see them they’re like overgrown and stuff because they don’t want people to see them but you can get pictures of them and every single image around the pyramids around the temples are every sort of sexual perversion you can imagine bestiality in particular humans and animals and gods and demigods with animals and like the actual visual acts they wanted to see that non-stop they put a lot of effort into carving thousands and thousands of statues so that they could see people having sex with animals in front of them in their culture daily and not just bestiality tons of homosexuality and orgies and that was a culture that has an archaeological record of a tremendous amount of sexual perversion offered to their demon worship here’s a documentary made by RT it’s called enslaved by the cult exploitation of young boys and Java’s ancient tradition this documentary does a good job of giving an example of what I was talking about that in every culture not just in the Vatican and in Western culture and Ashkenazi and Hollywood stuff like that but in every culture there’s a remnant of these Nephilim demigods and their practices so their priests are called war ox sounds a lot like warlocks huh these warlocks do not have sex with women because they say it steals their energy and I can’t play the clip for copyright purposes but I will put the link below and I showed you the title to the video so you can go and find it and you can see them saying it out of their own mouths this is a supposition or from ancient texts these people set right on camera and say yes this is what we believe so anyway in lieu of women they trained these little boys and they essentially give them to these war ox and they never know anything different like the children who come up in these MK ULTRA and sra programs these children never know anything different they are just given given to these men at an early age and then as these sexually abused and exploited boys grow up they then teach the younger boys how to believe this is acceptable they teach them how to become transvestites how to apply the makeup and everything as they offer themselves up to these men but these are the little boys they start out as little boys and this is real this is a rupaul’s drag show this is going on all over the world even here in the West now you can see just get on YouTube and there’s five point 1 million five point 1 million views 4 point 7 million views 1.2 million views of our boys showing our little boys look these are little bitty boys showing them how to be high Jerris or how to submit themselves to our version of this very same sex cult here in the West and of course like the red bracelets I showed you the red Cabala bracelets and our version is openly Kabbalah which is ancient Jewish mysticism but it’s everywhere in the Middle East like here the Kaaba Allah the Islamic people they don’t even know that it’s the same thing Kabbalah but we see the same type of behaviors we know that a lot of the Islamic leaders have children they take children as concubines and wives even Malcolm X’s mentor Elijah Muhammad had a 9 year-old wife so do your research and know who you’re following which is what the Cabal Kabbalah what the Cabal practices the form of witchcraft that they practice comes from the Kabbalah the Zohar and the Talmud and the synagogue’s Talmud says the same thing please do not confuse the Talmud with the Torah as you can see the Talmud is all these books they have nothing to do with the Bible these were written by people who called themselves rabbis from this cabal from this mystery school over the many years and then they put them in this library and they call it the Talmud that is not the Torah the Torah is the five books of Moses you know Moses is of our forefathers the humans the Hebrews not the synagogue of satan’ so again I’m not making this up just to like demonize them and say oh I like them so they’re all demonic no I’m just quoting what the Bible says what the records of world history say and Jesus Christ himself called them the synagogue of Satan so in addition to the verse that I always quote this says they claim to be Jews but they are not they are liars they are the synagogue of Satan there are tons of other verses and not just that initial one back in the Old Testament Genesis 6 the popular one that speaks openly about them mating with human women and creating these demon spawn Nephilim raphael races but here’s john 8:44 in the new testament the messiah states openly that these bloodlines descend from hasatan day evil the corporate body of fallen elohim that served Lucifer but they’ve been through the sifting process now and all of the glory has been stripped from them all the life has been stripped from them all of the light has been stripped from them and gathered together and redeemed through Jesus Christ so all that’s left now there is no Lucifer that name has been erased because in the Bible names our definition you’ll notice even when people got saved their names changed so it all the way back to the Old Testament I said and he was born such-and-such and he was named because and they give the definition of his name so anyway Lucifer does not exist anymore his glory has been taken from him and everything redeemable every redeeming quality has been resurrected and redeemed through Jesus Christ and now what we have left it says is a waste product the Bible says out of all of the fallen Elohim the only ones left serving Satan are the corporate bodies of death and Hades so that’s what Satan is comprised of now not light not anymore so these Masonic lodges and bloodlines who think they’re worshipping Lucifer they’re just delusional there is no Lucifer they’re worshipping Satan that’s all that’s left anyway in John 8:44 Christ says it openly he says you belong to your father the devil and you want to carry out your father’s desires he was a murderer from the beginning not holding to the truth for there is no truth in him when he lies he speaks his native language for he is a liar and the father of lies and that is why this is the age of deceit because the ruling class simply speak their native language they are liars and they descend from the father of lies he was a murderer from the beginning not holding to the truth and they have chosen to conform to his image instead of conforming to the holy image of Yeshua HaMashiach the Christ and in the Talmud they speak openly about this pedophilia with children as young as three years old it actually says that it’s absolutely disgusting okay here’s another evidence that this is the same exact Babylonian cult that I just showed you clips of with the war ox in Indonesia and how they don’t have normal sex with women but they think it’s okay to have perverse sex now this is precisely what it says in the Talmud this is not coincidence this is one worldwide cult that descended from ancient Babylon which was the compilation or the melting pot of all of the fallen angels who are the pagan ancestral gods of ancient times who we’ve been told our mythology although we see all the evidence all around us whether it’s medical evidence DNA evidence archaeological record evidence and now here as I’m showing you even in all of the religions of the world they were not mythology this is the history of the world and the origin of evil it had been made one is guilty only in the case of natural connection but not in the case of perverse connection the Pharisees reason that rape in a perverted matter is outside the jurisdiction of the law nor the rape however was punishable in Babylon sexual perversion of every kind had been a way of life for millenniums the Pharisees were deeply influenced by such practices in three of the major treatises of the Talmud I found extensive passages which give legal endorsement to seduce and marry three-year-old baby girls in fact many of the greatest rabbi’s of the Talmud including assuming Daniel High of Helenus privileged the footnote to this passage says as tears come to the eye again and again so does virginity come back to the little girl under three years the same section confirms that sexual activity with small boys is in the same category the intercourse of a small boy is not regarded as a sexual act when the church split and half of us went on as judeo-christians into holiness that synagogue of satan’ also continued on in their ways of murder and the ways of Babylon and all of that stuff so I left out the most graphic parts of the Talmud because because I didn’t think YouTube would let me keep the video up if I put them in there and and this is just really hard for me this stuff is really hard for me to talk about and I’m sure any of you out there who have had small children you know exactly exactly what I’m talking about it’s it’s unbelievable it’s almost unbearable to even think about it okay I paused and I composed myself and now I’m back now like I’ve said ad nauseam in all of my videos especially this last series that the Ashkenazi Jews the khazarian mafia the Jesuits are all the same thing and that’s why we see the Vatican hierarchy all wearing the Jewish yarmulkes and that’s why we see the endless thousands upon thousands upon thousands of prosecutions for pedophilia within the Catholic Church hierarchy and that’s why they cover it up that’s why there’s so many cover-ups because behind closed doors this doctrine that comes down from the Babylonian mystery schools through the Jewish Talmud and all of that it’s sanctioned they don’t believe that it’s wrong so in the laws of the land the laws of these humans in all of these different countries catch them when they’re trying to superimpose their cult their culture on top of every nation in the world and they get caught doing these things their answer to that is just to try to cover it up or to move the priests to another parish where they’re not known and things like that instead of turning them over to the authorities the sad part is now the authorities and most nations have been infiltrated and are from this same cabal so the cover-ups even if you do contact the police you’ll see that the police forces and the judges and the politicians are are largely in on it not not all but but you know the infiltration is thick and that’s why we see just like with the war rocks that they’d won’t condone sex with women but they will condone perverse sex we see in the Catholic Church that the priests take a vow of celibacy what they consider celibacy and they don’t have sex with women but like the article I showed in the last video the first half of this Age of deceit that they just got busted this summer for large homosexual drug-fueled orgies in the apartments of these Catholic hierarchies and stuff so it’s not just pedophilia and in fact like this article talks about that a lot of what we are calling pedophilia are these priests grooming young men who are of the age of 18 or older for sodomy because they don’t see that as breaking their vow of celibacy like I just read you the texts and there they are in their yarmulkes and you know in the last video I talked about that directly and gave the Bible verses like in first Kings and you know the book of kings that’s exactly what it was it was the book of the kings the kings of the nations back then the the Bible is a history book but anyway it goes into length about these temple prostitutes exactly what I was just talking about in the Talmud and in the Vatican Jesuit hierarchy that they kept that’s what these ruling these royal families did they kept sodomites which were temple prostitutes who were transvestites that they made dress up as the opposite sex so that they could do all of these perverse acts with them I mean you can read about it that was the story of Jezebel how she brought the sexual perversion back in to the temples and all of this same thing we’re going through all over again but there’s no denying what it’s talking about I know a lot of people think there was just like the one story of sodom and gomorrah that was destroyed for this type of thing but no this was something that was battled throughout all of ancient history and the humans weren’t allowed to do it but the Nephilim races the pagan gods they did do it they made all of their dynasties practice this because they were all embodied by those spirits by those demonic spirits and that’s what they enjoyed every form of wickedness but anyway here in the book of the Royals first Kings 14 24 and there were also sodomites in the land and they did according to all the abominations of the nations which the Lord had cast out before the children of Israel and then Deuteronomy 22:5 which was about the cross-dressing and the actual transvestites in that day and all the makeup and the stuff that we see again today now as they resurrect the kingdom of Antichrist on earth Deuteronomy 22:5 the women shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man neither shall a man put on a woman’s clothing for all that do so are an abomination unto the Lord thy God so the point is this is nothing new in fact we can trace all of this transvestite culture as well as castrating choirboys and all sorts of stuff all the way through the Vatican history and yes they do a pretty good job of covering it up but here is a female Pope her name was Pope Joan or they called her Johannes obviously but this is a wood cut from 1473 showing how she was exposed because he the Pope Johannes he was in a procession walking when he went into labor and this is the woodcut of him johannes pope johannes who now is known as pope joan who gave birth went into labor and gave birth in front of all the people and that’s how he was exposed as being a woman and was eventually put to death in fact and you can see the hierarchy with a double cross I’ve done videos on that before that’s where we get the double cross the word double cross when you double cross somebody you pretend to be something that you’re not like you pretend to be Christians when you’re actually the synagogue of satan’ or you pretend to be a male Pope and you’re actually a woman the double cross but anyway you will have to do quite a bit of digging to find all of the the artwork and the records and the statues of Pope Joan and stuff that still remain because they did try to destroy the most of it but you can still find these and there weren’t just deceptive transvestites masquerading around in that culture they also castrated prepubescent boys to make performers out of them and this was right up till like a hundred years ago it was an outlawed till what 1870 or 1903 something like that again this is not a conspiracy theory this is a fact in fact it’s common knowledge look it up castrato or I think the plural of that is castrati and castrati were known throughout all of world history especially in the Catholic Church the choir boys would be castrated prepubescent to freeze them into that state of prepubescence that voice ranged a soprano voice range so that when they performed for the ruling class in these operas and stuff they had an unbelievable unrivaled range a vocal range that was so much higher than you know a falsetto like upper register that was so much higher than any normal human could could reach and that was because they were castrated the performers this is real I know it’s unbelievable but this transgenderism and the castration and all of it has come through these bloodlines from ancient times I mean just go down to the history dating all the way back to ancient Sumer in a western context eunuchs singers haven’t known to existed as early as the Byzantine Empire if you’re going through primary documents this this might be helpful castrati were rarely referred to as such in the 18th century the euphemism musical or mu cg were more generally used although it usually carried a derogatory implication another synonym was ever otto literally meaning emasculated eunuch was a more general term since historically many eunuchs were castrated after puberty and thus the castration had no impact on their voices and that is corroborated by the Holy Bible there’s just limitless verses about the eunuchs in the courts of these royalty and the kings in King’s courts even remember Esther in the book of Esther it says that the the eunuchs tended to all of the women who were vying to be the queen preparing them and helping them with their clothes similar to what they’ve given us as our fashion designers these eunuchs which by their own definition here means emasculated emasculated men and we still see them as our fashion designers but in biblical times they were also recorded as such amongst the royal ruling class and remember there was that verse about Philip that one of the eunuchs got baptized and got saved he was writing in a in a carriage with with Philip and he asked him what what must I do to be saved and Philip told him received Jesus Christ and be baptized and they got out right they stopped the horses right there they got out they went down to the river and Philip baptized the eunuch so again for people who might be viewing this subject with hate in their hearts you must know that these people can be saved and we need to be praying for them whether they have been transgendered either willingly or against their will they still can be saved and whether they are genetic hybrids Gentiles the Gentiles can be saved that’s what the Bible says and in my personal opinion two of the most tragic stories of the cast rotties singers would be Amy Winehouse and Whitney Houston and of course you don’t have to leave me a thousand messages that it’s just supposition yeah I get it no I have never been in their pants they’ve never seen inside their pants I’m just like I said this is my opinion from researching their lives it’s my opinion that these are two tragic examples of the castrati singers and don’t get me wrong this isn’t hate at all my heart is torn apart for these little children you know this is Amy Winehouse when she was a little boy most likely my heart has just torn to shreds for these little children who grow up in these SRA families just like the little boys I showed you in the Indonesian festival for the war ox it’s hard to even watch and imagine and it’s like why isn’t somebody stopping this but rest assured someone is coming to stop this Jesus Christ is coming to stop this he is long-suffering and he has suffered a long time waiting for all of his children to come to repentance but there is a time that enough is enough and that time is now let me find that tattoo that Amy here has on her arm talk about MKULTRA this breaks my heart here it is this says daddy’s girl and then it has an S&M; bondage naked woman below daddy’s girl seriously once your eyes are opened and you see this drag show that they have created for us you look at Lady Gaga and Amy Winehouse how even RuPaul’s Drag Show doesn’t use these big wigs and the you know over-the-top drag show stuff that they put in front of us they’ve done this to program us like I showed you in the last video with the transgender beauty pageants and model runways and stuff that some of them they have made very almost indistinguishable on purpose to confuse us because they exude energy a masculine energy or a feminine energy so we don’t realize we are being programmed our sexual attractions have been programmed because they present a body that gives us a stimulus a physical stimulus to have a sexual reaction to that but then the souls are still there this is still a male so it confuses our senses because we are tuned into that trans morphic field we are connected on a subconscious level so while part of us is sensing that this is a male part of us is being given a physical flesh stimuli to be attracted to it as a female they literally programmed us for sexual deviant so they don’t make all of them dress up completely indistinguishable you know as women they purposefully parade things in front of us like these big drag queen wigs on Lady Gaga and say Amy Winehouse and like they did with Madonna with the really thick man eyebrows and remember how Madonna didn’t shave her armpits and then some of them they make keep their male names to confuse our psyches our subconscious like Daryl Hannah that we will still call her man’s name Daryl even though cond on a conscious level we’re not making the connections but on a subconscious level they are programming sexual confusion it’s very literal MKULTRA to the masses and you can see it’s worked it has worked they’ve programmed our subconscious for generations now and look how it has manifested in human society and it really is amazing how the mind works because once your mind is free you look back and you’re like how did I ever miss that you look at something like this and you’re like okay I’m clearly looking at a man like I’m looking at a man but when you’re under their spell you don’t see that at all I never saw it at all never even entered my mind because they said this is a woman date that’s what they told me [Music] but again with the sigils and spells from the very beginning her music videos and her couple of movies she was always wearing these sigils she was always wearing the Illuminati symbols and like we’ve all begun to notice now that even her halftime shows and her dance routines they were all rituals the same with Daryl Hannah even though I look at this now and all I see is just a man sitting there with long hair guy named Daryl I just look at it and I think how on earth could I have missed that it’s not really even a very convincing deception but even after Daryl Hannah started having all the plastic surgeries is still not very convincing but somehow I never questioned it not once never even entered my mind I was completely blind to it but now that the mystery has been dispelled it it’s like looking at a bad episode of bosom buddies in fact even the lyrics of dude looks like a lady how many of you sing along with that I did I I didn’t pay attention to to what I was actually chanting but yeah the lyrics of that song aren’t just saying oh he was shocked because this was a transvestite transsexual homosexual that tricked him but he was saying embrace it and do it so here’s the lyrics right here he says never judge a book by its cover or who you’re gonna love by your lover love put me wise to her love in disguise she had the body of Venus Lord imagine my surprise but then you go on down and he doesn’t say he ran off or anything he said yeah he took pardon in this homosexual transgender transvestite sex thing he says baby let me follow you down let me take a peek dear do me do me all night turn the other cheek dear dude looks like a lady dude looks like a lady so yeah even way back then we didn’t realize it but not only were they preaching this but they were programming it into frequency music and beaming it into us where we didn’t even really know what we were saying but we can all pull that up out of our consciousness so we know we’re programmed with it we’ve been programmed with it for decades to embrace it if we’re tricked by a man that looks like a lady that we should take part in that sexual act frequency programmed our brains and if you don’t believe that stick around til the end of the video where I talk about Laurel Canyon and these secret military bases it’ll blow your mind I mean you can see how we overlook things like the symbols for pedophilia that the FBI watch list shows us now because we just weren’t aware but an upside-down cross how did we overlook the upside-down cross everywhere that was right in front of us for so long so yeah the Vatican the Pope sits on the throne with the upside-down cross and they say oh well it was because Peter was crucified upside down we’re like oh okay but in reality of course we know that that’s a witchcraft symbol and it’s in everything not just the parts of their religion that they openly say our religion like witchcraft and Catholicism it’s a sigil that the Beatles would broadcast and it’s a sigil broadcast through all that all types of music and movies and everything it’s always been right in front of our faces we’ve just been in a trance in fact not only did we not notice it right in front of our face because we were in a trance but the sigils are the very thing they’re using to put us in the trance these archetypal symbols that they have programmed into our subconscious they are all around us I don’t want to leave too many of those pictures up too long I guess as if it matters at this point but that’s that’s a lot of the subliminal messages and if you want to know more about manifesting and using sigils to manifest not to practice witchcraft but to understand the witchcraft that has been practiced on us just a quick search of sigil magic you can get just endless endless which is explaining the sigil magic and that’s why we see what we call the Illuminati symbols and all of their logos and all of that yes it is like Russian nested dolls and everything has a quadruple meaning and all of that but it’s not just for them to identify one another like a secret handshake and it’s not just because they’re laughing at us putting it in our face although all of that’s true to its sigil magic there they put these symbols all around us because they’re putting a spell on us because everything that we take in to our five senses goes into our subconscious so so even though through most of our lifetime and still to the sleep sleeping masses they don’t know but for most of our lifetime we also didn’t realize that any of these had meaning even though they were programming our minds with them its sigil magic and that’s what this is when they’re throwing up these sign and stuff they’re either implanting a spell or they are triggering an MKULTRA program that’s already in US and this enormous coven or this cabal they absolutely know that they are casting a spell it’s not a coincidence Hollywood is the witchcraft wand the most powerful wand and witchcraft is said to be made from the wood of the holly tree Hollywood the wand they used to cast the most powerful spells so it’s not a coincidence that when they designed Hollywood to put us in this trance to cast this spell or this enchantment over us to broadcast these sigils to us they knew what they were doing this is I mean this is big this is a large and powerful coven that goes back to ancient times because even the very spot that they chose to put Hollywood was chosen on purpose you know they know where all the megalithic structures are and all the ley lines are they they have the ancient texts well beyond just the Book of Enoch to know where each of these fallen angels are bound so the fact that Hollywood is in Los Angeles the City of Angels again not a coincidence it’s the city of the Fallen Angels it’s called the City of Angels right in front of our faces and you know this land right here where the Hollywood sign is it’s called Griffith Park but it’s known for being cursed land just do a quick search the terrible curse of Griffith Park everybody who had dealings with it like died prematurely was poisoned was shot was all this and I finally went into the hands of the government but before it did here’s one interesting story one of the owners of this property shot and killed his wife and his story was in court that his wife and daughter were trying to kill him poison him I think because they were conspiring with the Pope to steal the land that they wanted that particular plot of land and he was a farmer okay and in the scheme of things I was like okay he was a crazy guy right because he shot his wife and everything but he only got two years in jail because the evidence that he presented was so overwhelming that they were plotting but he only got a couple of years because the evidence was overwhelming but you know again we just chalk it up to like this says weird weird California that’s a weird California story but knowing now what we know everything in context with the Jesuits and the Pope that I mean that sounds like a crazy story my wife is conspiring with the Pope to steal to kill me so that they can take this four thousand acres of quote/unquote sacred land the City of Angels right but that’s the story you can look it up yourself so all the way down the line Hollywood City of Angels in fact even the name California Kali look they even in their movies here they even spell it that way ka Li although I think it has an H in it and then in the pagan Hindu goddess Kali but yeah even Kali California itself comes from the name of this demon this fallen angel and so is it any wonder all of this other stuff that we see right this shouldn’t make any sense like why did they light the Empire State Building up as the demon Kali everybody’s like okay whatever and we just move on with our lives but it means something to them this entity out in California here it is another goddess of destruction yeah there is no agent so it’s just Kali you can see it’s just another goddess of destruction but they call her the goddess of time because it’s actually the end of time or the chain of time or the fullness of time always accompanied with death and destruction but of course you know how they twist things around so they say that’s a creative force but she’s always depicted wearing this garland of skulls or the heads of men which the legends say are other demons that she slayed to get their power that she’s just ruthless for power and that person that she’s always depicted as standing on is her husband or consort this particular one in California is largely worshipped by the slain of the masculine which is actually usually pronounced Kali but I’m saying Kali because we call California Kali but she’s almost always depicted with her tongue sticking out like that and that’s why just like how the stars do this six-six-six and the devil horns and the V and all of that stuff another one they do is this tongue they stick this tongue out and I’m gonna say in every picture that you catch somebody sticking their tongue out like some of these is for that but some of them absolutely are I mean like here she does it all the time Miley Cyrus poor thing she does it all the time she’s always got her her gigantic tongue hanging out of her mouth sticking out sideways this one way that Kali is usually pictured with it and she does that a lot but you can usually tell if they’re doing it as a symbol of their Satanism because it’ll be combined with this you know combined with the devil horns combined with the V sign well that’s why they do that it’s just another sigil it’s just another you know with the one I like Obama one on out New York Empire State Building California the land of Hollywood from whence they cast their spell upon us and they’ve been getting more and more blatant about it for a while like remember about five years ago when there is that outcry that right in the middle of a major league baseball game all of a sudden they flashed all these sigils in all these millions of people’s faces while they were watching the baseball game and most people have no idea about witchcraft or about Hollywood or anything so they they were just like oh that’s weird that must have been an accident really well here’s the clip so you can hear from the commentators at the baseball game this isn’t something that somebody made up at home – oh look they’re flesh and sigils it was flashed even on the big screens at the stadium and the commentator said well I don’t know what that means the baseball gods most people uh you know make a joke out of it and move on with your life so not only for the people in the stadium but also the people at home these sigils were put into their subconscious for some reason I mean it’s everywhere there are some malls I tried to find the shots and I couldn’t remember the names of the stores but in the malls now there are several clothing stores that their logos are sigils and their t-shirts and clothing and everything inside are just covered in these signals so you may see people walking around with t-shirts around you that are casting these witchcraft spells these hexes and different things through sigils thought-forms their thought forms or archetypes or you know there’s a lot of names for them but anyway they’re everywhere they’re on the clothing I mean we’ve noticed the uptick in dragons and skulls and death cult stuff on clothing and we talked about Celine Dion how she’s putting all the New World Order sigils on her clothing on baby’s clothing and kids in her gender neutral push and all of that but I mean this is like flat-out open witchcraft in in the mall and a lot of these stores now they they’re just out in the open about it just like here is Final Fantasy it’s rampant in the video games they flat-out call them sigils even they’re like here learn witchcraft and these kids and people think they’re learn in a videogame or they think they’re playing a game but they’re actually taking part in witchcraft they do it everywhere it’s nonstop with the goats this goat simulator the video game I mean look how cute right it’s just a cute little goat it’s just like farming simulator the game so everybody gets it and then you open it up and start playing it and you can see from the bundle you’ve got the demonically possessed eye and he’s all torn apart flesh torn off yeah it’s like the world’s burning down houses are burning down it’s killing non-stop it’s it’s unbelievable it’s a little bit deceiving with the cute little goat on the front right and am I making too much out of it to say that it’s satanic here’s a screenshot from the actual game where the goat is going out and grabbing people and dragging them in into the center of this pentagram the game is full of sigils witchcraft sigils and stuff and you can see the background obviously the world on fire or hell that type of thing so I’m not making too much out of this this is what they do this is their goat simulator they’re actually taking part in satanic rituals taking part in the Cabal lifestyle and they’re like what’s wrong with that it’s just a game the problem is that it’s real that they are casting spells I mean right here this is just from last month November of 2018 the spells on Chilean adventures of Sabrina are real and the cast has tales to tell and as an article about how there’s all sorts of weird stuff happening on the set because in an effort to make the show as realistic as possible they went out and bought real spell books real witchcraft spell books so while people are watching these shows and they’re doing these spells over them they’re real spells out of satanic books out of satanic witchcraft books out of their own spell books so they’re saying to your face hey we are casting real spells over you while you’re sitting under our enchantments watching these shows if anybody still has tea and watches these programs and our programming themselves and allowing them to do these enchantments over them please please consider having your cable shut off and having that shut off there’s plenty have the Internet there is plenty of other things that you can use your mind to do but anyway the point of all that is that they are very consciously putting a spell on us and messing with our minds that thought process was all about how do we consume as much of your time and conscious attention as possible and that means that we need to sort of give you a little dopamine hit every once in a while oh it’s a social validation feedback loop that’s because you’re exploiting a vulnerability in in human psychology understood this consciously and we did it anyway they are employing all sorts of scientific methods of hypnotism is essentially what it is it’s hypnotism the only reason we call it magic is because it’s a cult so it’s hidden it’s hidden from us so we don’t understand it but they understand it and they are hypnotizing our brains that’s why I have that entire series of videos called hidden and plain sight about the biggest secrets hidden in plain sight everything is hidden in plain sight because they’re blinding our minds to it it’s invisible to us even though it’s right in front of our faces so anyway if you want more on that I really encourage you to watch this video that I did called shocking who switched off our brains and it talks about the science behind this and how to reprogram our brains because by them directing the energy circuits of our brain it grows like a tree because each of those sign apps is in our brains when they fire when they’re stimulated and they fire they grow they literally grow like when you build muscle in your arms when you work out a certain muscle it grows well it’s the same with the electrical circuits of our brain so by them continually stimulating us with this trauma-based mind control then our brain functions that way it naturally energy electricity travels through the path of least resistance so this is scientific they have literally trained our brains to function and see reality a certain way and another thing I go into in this video that I think is a must see is epigenetics because DNA we have a lot of DNA in us that is switched off and that is done through epigenetic so like one thing I show in there is this experiment with two mice who are genetically identical they are genetically identical twins or you could say clones I guess but the scientists through feeding them certain feed through our food through what we eat all of this GMO genetically modified food but in this experiment they fed the mice specific food and it switched off certain genes in one of the mice so by switching those genes off even though they were genetically identical mice they had the same exact DNA they manifested completely differently and they had different hair colors one of them got really fat you know like we’re seen with the obesity problem since the GMO foods were introduced all of that kind of stuff so anyway that’s a really interesting video and it’s along these lines so I encourage you to go watch that if you want to know how to reprogram your brain or understand how your brain was programmed and why you see the world the way you do if you don’t believe that they are isolating genes and trying to genetically manipulate and socially engineer humanity based on turning off and on certain genes using viruses you’re just not paying attention you’re just not paying attention to scientific development this is all the way back in 2004 almost 15 years ago here’s the Time magazine cover talking about scientists isolating what they call the god gene now here’s the scientific presentation from those scientists at the Pentagon a Department of Defense presentation in 2005 here’s the date for 13 2005 of the presentation where they were saying under the guise right of fighting terrorism this is how you fight religious radicals and this scientist is flat out saying that they have isolated genetic markers and people who are spiritual and religious and that they can tamper with these people’s DNA by using viruses and distributing them by aerosols through the air to shut off the genes that allow us to access the spiritual parts of reality so if you don’t believe that they’ve already thought this thing through and even developed the technology and this is Department of Defense and that they have militarized it they have weaponized it to shut off our genes that allow us to access spiritual realities so if you’re wondering why it’s so hard to reach people these days there’s a lot of reasons we have individuals who are religious fundamentalist religious fanatics and this is the expression of rt-pcr real-time pcr expression of the beam at two gene over here we have individuals so so let me complete so over here we have individuals who are not particularly fundamentalist not particularly religious and you can see there’s a much reduced expression of this particular gene that the V mat to gene another evidence that that supports our hypothesis for the development of this approach what you so our hypothesis is that these are fanatical people that they have over expression of the beam a to gene and that by vaccinating them against this will eliminate this behavior but the presentation goes on quite a bit further and in depth about showing brain scans and the parts of the brains that light up when people are read religious texts and how this part of the brain will light up with disgust for religious texts but you just heard it for yourself the proposition back 15 years ago was that they would vaccinate vaccinate humans against the god gene like a chemical lobotomy but even back then it was completely possible that they could engineer a way to turn off our DNA so that we can’t hear god and then the whole brainwashed atheist perverse culture is going around saying these things like well if God’s real how come I can’t see him well God’s real how come I can’t hear him and it’s an unbelievable struggle to communicate with them scientifically I mean that’s why I’ve dedicated my life to my website to all of it is to show them that from the beginning these demons these Nephilim races genetically contaminated us and their excommunication they were excommunicated from God so that they could no longer perceive those higher frequency dimensions and then when we had that original sin that original genetic sin that’s been genetically passed down to every generation afterwards now we are excommunicated because of that Genesis 6 contamination of the human gene pool and before and after that now humans are excommunicated from those higher spiritual dimensions and of course we vary across the spectrum of how how many people are genetically inclined to still be able to perceive or have extrasensory perception and that type of thing but largely the human race was excommunicated from the genetic contamination of the human gene pool that was meant to excommunicate only the Fallen Angels from the heavenly realms and right down to this very instant our scientists are developing ways to ensure and prolong our excommunication from God some wittingly and some unwittingly okay I want to close this video out by jumping back to the Hollywood Hills and talk about those who are doing it wittingly this is unbelievable you can’t make this stuff up okay so not only do we have the Hollywood magic wand coming out of Los Angeles the City of Angels in for Nia but yes in the Hollywood Hills there is an enormous rich community called Mount Olympus Mount Olympus in the Hollywood Hills where all of the stars live oh yeah it’s real no they’re not narcissists what you see just because they call themselves stars and put stars on the boulevard with their handprints in them and name their communities Mount Olympus no no narcissism there at all so you can look it up on the map but it’s Mount Olympus is a luxury residential community in the Hollywood Hills oh the City of Angels but the part of the Hollywood Hills that I want to focus on the most right now and in this video with is Laurel Canyon okay see this facility right here now it’s privately owned but that is part of a highly classified military complex that was built during World War Two and was operational through 1969 nestled in Laurel Canyon so let’s just look at a couple of the main streets all around this facility says right here some of the main side streets are Mount Olympus Kirkwood Wonderland do you think that’s a coincidence that those are the street names around this highly classified MKULTRA military establishment Wonderland and I know those are harsh words when you hear people say oh Hollywood’s a training Factory or something like that but the word factory at least it that’s a fair analogy that’s a fair analogy so let me show you some evidence for that right now okay so this is the Lookout Mountain laboratory it’s an enormous base so although this was built and designed during the exact era that Hitler’s propaganda minister was setting the same thing up over in Europe they claim that this was actually built as like an anti-aircraft missile base and it does have some helicopter landing pads and stuff on it but that’s about where the resemblance to that sort of thing would end because it’s a movie studio so again it goes back to how much you believe in coincidences that they built this motion picture movie studio at the exact same time that the first talking movies started coming out you know in the Golden Age of Hollywood right well here’s a government facility that is a motion picture studio built at that exact time but they do change their story shortly after World War Two and admit that it morphed into a movie studio but only to secretly develop the films of the nuclear tests so when the atomic bomb was first created and all of that and they were filming the detonations and the desert and things like that this is supposedly why they set up this secret base to develop those films but let me play you a clip of Dave McGowan he’s done a tremendous amount of research on this subject so as I talked about this facility I’ll be intermingling clips from interviews with him come on laboratory was a top-secret US Air Force installation nestled up in Laurel Canyon the existence of which remained unknown until fairly recently even within the conspiracy community very few people seem to be aware of the existence of this facility and was said to be the world’s most complete self-contained film studio the main purpose according to various sources was to process the raw film stock from the early atomic bomb test the nuclear weapons test that doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense because it’s like I say this was a fully operational film studio that can capable of doing everything in-house they had you know every animation Department editing facilities throw involved you know sound stages everything everything to make a film from soup to nuts and you know the process Roth them stock is a darkroom could have been anywhere you know there was need to fly that film all the way you know to this remote outpost in Laurel Canyon that another ridiculous fail with the cover story about this facility is why would Marilyn Monroe have a classified clearance badge to an atomic energy commission facility they’ve stuck to that story about the atomic energy and all of that yet at the same time all of these Hollywood actors had security clearance to enter this facility what do they have to do with nuclear bombs some real heavyweights from Hollywood you know performers like Marilyn Monroe John Wayne as you mentioned I think Jimmy Stewart and and and very heavyweight filmmakers like I think John Ford and and a couple others we’re involved they had yeah they had security clearance to work in this facility and yet no one seems to know exactly what they did there and they remained remarkably close lipped about it you know I mean pretty much all of them as far as I know went to their deaths without ever even mentioning the existence of this facility let alone that they had any association with it and then officially this facility ceased to be operational in 1969 and then a private person purchased it but they turned it into a celebrity rehab yeah a celebrity rehab and here’s the address right here 8935 Wonderland Avenue this is where they took the celebrities during their breakdowns and stuff but like we talked about in the last video that it’s very common for their programming to break down and we see these breakdowns especially with the Disney kids like Britney Spears it’s really common to see them break down and then they secret them away to these facilities and reprogram them or I mean if it’s even them who comes back out because at this point nothing which shocked me but one thing I do know for sure is the this Lookout Mountain facility started out as this giant Hollywood production studio with everything anyone would ever need and it was kept completely secret and the cover story doesn’t make any sense and even though I don’t have any secret footage to see what was going on inside that facility I am going to show you what came out of Laurel Canyon during that era absolutely no doubt that it’s a Star Factory it’s a factory there were so many bands that emerged out of the world Canyon scene and one of the things that we’re going to find that is the primary premise of the book is almost all of these bands had within their family background military intelligence some form of military ties political ties I’m going to name some of the bands out in the world Canaan because there’s so many The Byrds The Doors Buffalo Springfield the Monkees the Beach Boys Steppenwolf love Frank SAP and the Mothers of Invention the turtles the Mamas and the Papas the flying burritos brothers the Eagles America there was the senior song writers Jackson Browne Joni Mitchell James Taylor Linda Ronstadt Carole King it’s nice how talent poured out of such a tiny geographic area overs over such a short period of time so seriously what are the odds back during that era there was only about a thousand people living in that community and every single enormous international phenomenon on the music forefront of the whole world came out all of those people all of those groups at the same time seriously there was that much talent in that little handful of people in that neighborhood and keep in mind that they’re still not admitting that this studio here has anything to do with it they’re they’re not admitting that this is a Hollywood or a celebrity star Factory so just coming out of here out of these houses and the pubs and the little bars and clubs all of these international mega superstars like the Eagles of America the monkeys the doors the Beach Boys yeah all right here they must have the best karaoke night ever at that pub and I’m going to show you a ton of absurd phenomena surrounding all of that in just a second but let’s jump back to one that wasn’t on the list he just read and that’s Jim Morrison because overnight Jim Morrison was just like this short-haired clean-cut preppy kid who launched into phenomenal Rockstar status and admits openly that he doesn’t know how to read music he doesn’t know how to write music he never really even had an interest in music or went to any concerts or anything like that he just wasn’t musical he didn’t play a musical instrument and none of that so but overnight he is an international superstar and coincidence of all coincidences of course he comes from a military family and not just any military family his dad was the naval commander over the Gulf of Tonkin incident so it could be said that Jim Morrison’s dad started the Vietnam War and besides his key role in the Gulf of Tonkin incident he just also happened to be in Hawaii on December 7th 1941 to witness the attack on Pearl Harbor and certainly the most famous or a nig matic figure to emerge from that scene would have to be Jim Morrison the Lizard King Lizard King Lizard King it gets even weirder because you discussed the fact that Jim was not really a likely candidate to be a rock star and he wasn’t even a musician yeah he had no musical background at all by his own account he had never had much interest in me even as a fan he said he’d only been to like one or two concerts you know in his life he didn’t really listen to a lot of music he’d never never I’ve never seen viewed himself as a singer not long before he emerged as this figure that we see here it was a very much different Jim Morrison so again we see this alter-ego I don’t know that I would call it like a multiple personality disorder type MKULTRA thing but there is no denying that he was instantly reinvented to play this character Jim Morrison of the doors and then this character that he’s playing here was broadcast simultaneously instantaneously worldwide I mean having a good agent is one thing but what we saw coming out of Laurel Canyon was way beyond having a good agent okay we’ll talk some more about Jim Morrison in a minute but let’s take a quick look at all of the other counterculture Superstars that were turned out of Laurel Canyon and how many of them also came from these military families and even came from generational royalty hmm royal families where have we seen that before I couldn’t believe it Papa John Phillips of the Mamas and the Papas he was the son of a career Marine Corps officer who also various other members of his family were very closely tied to the military as well his mother his older sister and his first wife were all career defense department employees and he himself was was initially was prepped for a military career I think he I believe he was a West Point appointee or Annapolis one of the two I get confused cuz these people have such very similar backgrounds and now that his first wife was also a direct descendant of John Adams the second President of the United States which is another thing that you will find is some of these people in addition to having a military or military intelligence background a lot of them kind of come from what we could call like royal sort of like the Blue Blood yeah bloodlines so to speak the most unlikely person David Crosby of clubs Crosby Stills Nash and young he was a bird one of the founding members of the birds the original members and the guy who is who emerges the biggest star I mean the name that we you know remember today most people you know don’t remember gene Clark and Chris Hillman and yeah his full name is David Van Cortlandt Crosby and he is a direct descendant of a three interrelated families of Van Cortlandt the Van Ryn salar and the van Schuyler his family tree includes just people occupying virtually every position of prominence that you can imagine back to the founding of the country Revolutionary War general civil war generals you know judges senators congressmen governors just and his father you know did naval intelligence work during World War two so well Stephen Stills in the same band was an interesting character as well Stephen Stills was actually in Buffalo Springfield yeah yeah of course they then later joined forces as crosby Stills and Nash but yes even still his father appears to have been some type of a covert operative he’s described in various biographies as a mercenary or soldier of fortune or various you thumb is amande he spent a lot of time bopping around various hotspots in Central and South America were you know it just happened to be places where we had a lot of covert operations going on and and so Stephen moved around a lot and you know do various militant group partially in military bases and military schools in and around Central America which we find for example frank zappa yeah according to the leader of the the Mothers of Invention but javis father was a chemical warfare engineer initially assigned to the Edgewood Arsenal which is where Frank was born and spent the first seven years of his life they actually lived in military housing on the base and he went to school and lived in for seven years of his life on the at the home of u.s. chemical warfare strangely enough and Parsons Amerika Amerika all three of them were sons of Air Force officers who met on a Air Force Base in the UK that was known as being an intelligence outpost so all their fathers were most likely Air Force intelligence officers they were certainly Air Force officers and yeah they first got together on a military base Jackson Brown was born on a military base in post-war Germany during reconstruction grapes another kind of blue blood type character it was very blood yeah his his family originally owned the majority of the citrus groves in Florida and Georgia and very very wealthy clan that also included the the Hershey family and the founder of the Hershey chakra empire so yeah once again he came from a very very blue blood family that had deep roots you know going back to the founding of the country the guy who actually raised him Robert Parsons who gave him his name his adoptive father appears to have been a intelligence operative also he was very closely involved with training exile cuban groups in florida everglades for four to topple the the castro you know it’s not a big mystery who was in charge of running all those operations so if that’s what his father was doing then obviously he had some kind of a CIA connection so and his his father who he didn’t over very for all that long because he thought he was he diving was fairly young shot listed as a suicide although that’s kind of questionable and he was military he was I think a fighter pilot okay but I think you get the picture the name of his book Dave McGowan’s book is weird scenes inside the canyon and he’s written other books about serial killers and this type of programming and all of that but I think you get it that all of these groups that we idolize and worship and think we’re so awesome they were just actors on a stage they were created and put on the stage for us and they weren’t anti-establishment that was just a role they were playing they were the establishment they weren’t anti-war they were the military families they were created by and come from the military industrial complex it’s all a farce and from the beginning you can see their sigils you have the lightning bolt like the Eagles came out of Laurel Canyon you have the lightning bolt you have the Illuminati pyramid you have the as above so below I mean it’s just endless they were programming us this is MKULTRA for the masses I mean right from the beginning this is the Baphomet this is Baphomet worship people say oh well it was just a cow skull because they’re blind what no this they still do it in the music industry this isn’t just a motorcycle this is a Baphomet see and this one is almost identical to Jonathan collects dead sheep with the tongue hanging out that he shows all throughout all of the Catholic Jesuit art and well beyond and the whole world is chanting along with the song Hotel California just resonates right resonates with people and they don’t even know what it means to this day people are like what does that song mean this is what it means Hotel California it’s inside of a spirit I stood there in the doorway I heard the mission bell I was thinking to myself this could be heaven or this could be hell her mind is tiffany-twisted remember in the last video I showed you Tiffany’s universe which is the transgender beauty pageant where it’s all men but they’re all turned into women she got a lot of pretty pretty boys that she called friends how they dance in the courtyard sweet summer sweat some dance to remember some dance to forget a lot of pretty pretty boys this is the eunuchs this is what we’re talking about the transgender she got a lot of pretty pretty boys that dance for her so I called up the captain please bring me my wine we know that wine is the word used for the Holy Spirit for the anointing the wine please bring me my wine he said we haven’t had that spirit here since 1969 remember I said Lookout Mountain was operational until 1969 and she said we are all just prisoners here of our own device last thing I remember I was running for the door I had to find a passage back to the place I was before relax said the night man we are programmed we are programmed to receive you can checkout any time you like but you can never leave and that reminds me of the tragedies like I said with Amy Winehouse and like I discussed in the last video the suicide rate up to 40 to 50 percent amongst transgenders and this is like a veiled threat you can check out anytime you like but you can never leave we are all just prisoners here of our own device they have chosen and don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that all of these people coming out of Laurel Canyon are all transgender their MKULTRA has tons of nested programs going on simultaneously I think this is more just the sigil magic in the frequency technology and all and all of that being employed on humanity although if you look as some of these I think they would be candidates for trans vestigation but my point with presenting the Laurel Canyon scene and all of that is just to show that these were actors and they were cast for these parts on the world stage for example the birds you point out in the book that the birds frankly were not that good in the beginning and they didn’t really have much gear did they share a space with Vito poulakis or something because that whole about that because they just kind of blew up out of nothing and there’s weird people in the band that don’t have a play you look at the the beginning the genesis of these bands it doesn’t really seem very organic you know in the sense that these were just a lot of guys that were friends and fellow musicians that had similar musical interests and got together and decided to form a band and you know it’s just sort of a natural progression of things this is more like like like these some of these bands that have definitely had the appearance of being cast and the birds which was the first one a legate was was probably the most obvious in that regard in that their entire rhythm section literally did not know how to play their instruments their drummer had never picked up a pair of drumsticks in his life he had played like bongo drums or something and their bass player was a very accomplished musician but he was a bluegrass mandolin player and yet he was a guy that they drafted to be in the world’s first folk rock band to play bass guitar I mean and despite the fact that they you know most of them did not really know how to play their instruments and did not have you know professional quality equipment to even perform with they were very quickly signed and provided with studio space and rehearsal space recording space got brand-new instruments and all of a sudden they were a band and and they were created by the military-industrial complex by these Royal bloodlines are the ones who consider themselves the ruling class Royals the actors on the stage are all family members they’re never just people don’t just get on a bus and go to Hollywood and and succeed they don’t just become rock stars that’s that’s all a lie they’re all family members and I’m going to show you some super shocking stuff about that here in a minute and I’ll put the link below to Dave’s entire interview so you can hear more of these connections but I want to point out some things you may not have considered one is back during that era from World War two throughout the 60s Los Angeles now we we see that as oh well that’s that’s Hollywood that’s where the stars come from that’s you know all of that but back then it was not the scene of Broadway and the drama and the musicians and all of that was New York and somewhat Nashville and Detroit but there was a nothing in LA yet so they expect us to believe not only did all these super mega star bands come from there but all these people from all over the world just packed up and moved to LA where there was no music industry to launch their careers in the music industry but not a single one of them move to New York or to Detroit or to Nashville no of course not they all go the complete opposite direction you can’t get any further away from New York than going out to the west coast so yeah all of these music mega stars go as far as they could possibly get away from the music industry hubs to try and find a place to launch themselves into superstardom really really this is what we’re supposed to believe but the masses believe it I mean I just don’t even think they’ve even thought about it I don’t think they’re even aware of world history or the history of the state or the different eras of the Industrial Age that how these things came about I just think people are so uneducated so dumbed down by the quote-unquote public education system that they don’t even know where they are they don’t have any idea and they don’t even know they’re caught in a trap it’s just so easy to catch them just a little bit of bait that’s all it tastes a tiny bit of bait and they’ll run headfirst right into the trap and if you try to tell them hey that’s a trap stop throwing your money at these celebrities stop downloading that music come out of Babylon stop watching their programs their programming you they’re called programs you try to tell them that it’s that it’s a trap that don’t take the bait you show them right to their face like all this stuff I’m showing right here in this video and there oh you tinfoil hat where oh you conspiracy theorists they mock you and run headfirst into the trap so why would they create an entire music industry and all of this well this is why you and if you want more information on this subject here are a couple of videos that I put up that were dedicated just to this subject with a lot of detail and a lot of patents and scientific information and evidence here’s one it’s got that beats headset thumbnail and it’s titled music has been weaponized since the 1940s for 40 Hertz and for 32 Hertz that has a ton of information and here’s another one whistle blower tells all frequency experiments on unwitting American cities and this isn’t just about the music industry this is talking about out on the west coast somebody who worked for these companies is giving his testimony of what he saw where they were covertly doing tests over entire city blocks and entire areas beaming these frequencies to change mood so it’s not just programming your mind with triggers and sigils and behaviors and things like that but there’s an actual frequency range for each mood for each emotion and they know that they know what the Hertz ranges are and the music industry is employing this on a massive scale unbelievable scale and you know people started to wake up to the Satanism in the music industry back decades ago remember how people started to discover wait if you play this song backwards this says hail Satan or and stuff like that and they found it again and again and again with every single group and all these different albums and then it just kind of became a joke and moved on like there couldn’t really be a worldwide satanic covens Oh everybody just kind of oh that’s blah blah blah but anyway it’s true it’s all true that stuff was on the albums these people are Satanists which hopefully this wakes up even a few people you have to see that depression and anxiety are epidemic they are epidemic in our culture you have to turn this stuff off you have to it’s killing you the truth will set you free we’re trying to set you free right now turn it off you will feel so much different if you turn it off you’ll be able to think clearly you’ll be able to experience empathy you won’t be in such a dark depressed mood and not just the mainstream music we have to turn off these mainstream Hollywood programs people have gone their entire lifetimes and never stepped out from under the cult preachers for you know maybe seven days I mean seriously there are people who have lived their entire lifetimes and have never gone seven full days without standing under the preaching of this cult I mean like my ex-husband was one I mean the day that new movies came out I think it was Tuesday was new release day he was at the red box I mean or he was downloading them digitally or at family video or often couldn’t even wait for that had to go to the theater and see them was just at their beck and call and I know he’s not an anomaly this is how people live this is why the video store is in the red boxes and stuff make it is because people are just waiting for the next sermon from these people and not just the movies now they’ve got these big brother screens in all of our homes that people just can I mean they will tear each other apart on Black Friday to make sure they have their screen and then their whole life is come home from work from the labor force as a human resource like gas or coal come home from their work for the military industrial complex and sit down on their couch or in their easy chair and stare at the TV all night long until it’s time to go to sleep and get back up and go back to work for them come home watch TV go to work watch TV go to work and they think that’s life or I guess now the bread and circus includes video games just as much and they can’t break the cycle they never get out from under it long enough to think clearly the subliminals the frequency and even the surface message becomes their identity so I want to take just a second and show you the connection because these people came out of Laurel Canyon too at the very same time that they were producing this music industry like Jack Nicholson here he was considered one of the Young Turks and they were producing this group of young beautiful people that they were putting on the world stage through the movies simultaneously while they were putting these others on the world stage through the music industry and they were intertwined because they couldn’t get enough people interested in these bands that didn’t even know how to play their instruments they used these people to go in and draw crowds into the clubs and even further there were no clubs when they created the bands they had to actually create infrastructure to promote this so simultaneously they created the bands then they went out and bought the properties and created the club’s but they couldn’t get anyone to go to the clubs because nobody had heard of them and nobody listened to this type of music people were clean-cut you know back in the 50s before they introduced this counterculture so they had a troupe that travelled around of these hippie dancers that would go club to club to club and they would get in free and they would dance and people would come to see this weird hippie crazy dressed people you know this sort of freak show they they actually called the hippies freaks at first so that was the draw that’s how they got an organic audience to go in they wouldn’t come listen to the music but they would come to see this quote-unquote freak show of dancers this audience that they had created to go Club to club and then they also sent in the Young Turks which was this troupe of actors and they heavily advertised these stars going to these clubs so people started going to the clubs to see if they could bump in to these stars and once they got them in there then they were under the influence of the frequencies and the drugs I mean that was the the culture they introduced the drugs simultaneously to the frequencies and created this enormous drug culture which we still have today whether that’s legalized drugs or illegal drugs it’s all the same thing the crime syndicate owns Big Pharma and they also own the cartels the illegal drug cartels so it’s all one big thing whether you’re buying their anti depressants to cope with this world of darkness they’ve created around us or whether you’re just a regular drug addict like the hippies I would say that we are still largely a drug addicted culture so I just can’t say it enough this is MKULTRA for the masses if you feel hopeless and helpless and depressed and all of that then you need to come out of Babylon you need to stop programming your mind with their garbage and stop taking their drugs and come back to life you don’t have to be a zombie which didn’t really start in haight-ashbury it started here in Los Angeles then we also have the entrance of the Young Turks explain to us who the young turks are yeah that was the other factor The Young Turks was were the young up-and-coming Hollywood crowd you know the beautiful people of Hollywood who were on the rise people like Jack Nicholson Warren Beatty Peter and Jane Fonda Sharon Tay Bruce Dern Dennis Hopper various others who I can’t think of their names right now but anyway they were all very much a part of the scene too and a lot of them lived in and/or hung out in Laurel Canyon and had a very very close symbiotic relationship with the the musicians of Laurel Canyon and they would think they were not the other big factor in drawing people out to these clubs because it was also publicized that they were there and so you know the initial attraction of these clubs when they first started opening up was number one to see these crazy these crazy hippies you know doing doing these wild dance moves on the dance floor and the opportunity to possibly rub elbows with Steve McQueen or Jayne Mansfield or you know the young glamorous Hollywood stars would help put these bands really on the map initially well strangely enough the coincidences continue because most of these actors that you’re discussing had the same military intelligence background yeah very curious yeah Dennis Hopper acknowledged not long before his death that his father had been a career intelligence officer beginning with the OSS continuing with the CIA in his official BIOS he’s described as like a farmer and a postman or something like that but hopper actually acknowledged that his dad was in fact a career intelligence officer and and of course here’s a clip of the young turks here’s Jack Nicholson giving a standing ovation to Roman Polanski and this is 2003 so this is long after everybody knows that he’s a pedophile and it’s all out in the open and he’s fled the country and the Academy Awards and they still give him an Academy Award these people this cabal and here’s the Young Turk Jack Nicholson note the dark glasses indoors standing ovations for this pedophile there’s Meryl Streep – there’s tons when Scorsese they all stood up and gave a standing ovation to this cabal pedophile that had fled the country just a little side note here I had to redact the clip that was right here to show the actual footage of Roman Polanski winning and them giving him a standing ovation I’ve been trying to get this video uploaded for five days and every time it uploads they block it worldwide so I finally got it narrowed down to this it was like 20 seconds of this that they won’t let me use so if you want to see for yourself it’s right there of all the things that I say on this channel but yeah clearly they are the most protective of their pedophile ring and if you don’t know who Roman Polanski is Roman Polanski’s sexual abuse case in March of 1977 film director Roman Polanski was arrested and charged in Los Angeles with five offenses against a thirteen-year-old girl raped by use of drugs perversion sodomy lewd and lascivious act upon a child he’s not just a rapist and a pedophile he’s also the husband of Sharon Tate Sharon Tate of The Young Turks he was the husband of Sharon Tate who Charles Manson’s cult came in and sacrificed the child in her womb and killed her that was rollin Polanski’s wife and like I mentioned earlier this was no coincidence the Manson Family stayed at the Beach Boys house and partied with them and stuff yeah seems like an anomaly now are always like oh how’d that happened whatever and they dismissed it no because these were all from the same family the Beach Boys were one of the groups that came out of Laurel Canyon and Charles Manson was a member of the Order of the Orient the secret society he was more in the drug cartel wing of the family I mean they’ll admit that it’s a cult that that part of the family is a cult but they won’t tell you how they just walked right in to Sharon Tate and Roman Polanski’s house and knew the layout of the house and how they were part of this whole Hollywood Hills scene the whole time but again with the hidden in plain sight thing they flat out said these were ritual slayings this was a ritual they flat out tell you that they were hypnotized hypnotized what I’ve been talking about this whole video and don’t forget the helter skelter connection remember to the Beatles song helter skelter that the family said that they were being programmed with this music to murder and they wrote helter skelter from the beatles song all over the walls and blood I talked about more of that in the last video the last stage of deceit video that just went up how the Beatles openly put Satanist Aleister Crowley on their album you know it’s not a secret it’s an open secret it’s right in front of our faces and the cult ritual sacrifices of the Manson Family that wasn’t the only one do you guys remember the Wunderland murderers I just told you like 30 minutes ago that the address of the Laurel Canyon MKULTRA facility at lookout point was on Wonderland well here’s another slain on wandering Avenue the quiet winding streets of LA’s Laurel Canyon are home to many of Hollywood’s elite but the swanky Enclave has many ghosts most notably the bloody and gory Wonderland murders the article goes on to say police have gone on record to say it was more gruesome than the Manson family killings at the home of director Roman Polanski and his wife the late Sharon Tate but again it’s drug-related the Wunderland gang was an influential group of drug dealers in Los Angeles they thrived during the cocaine-fueled days of the late 70s and 80s this was this drug culture that the CIA produced and they had their cartels all the way down to the street level just like we see today what it’s ms-13 is the leftist arm of the drug distribution and their hitmen and stuff like that well it was the same thing back then even the very fact that they coined the phrase the Young Turks that they called themselves the Young Turks that has nothing to do with up-and-coming new fresh talent you know who the Young Turks are the Young Turks were responsible for one of the worst genocides in world history against Christians they just ambushed one day and pulled all the little school children out of their school while they were away from their parents and it was horrific I did a video about it it was back in the Q series it’s called Q analysis set up our mean Ian connection young turk because you see they use that same phrase again in the mainstream media with this fake news The Young Turks and their background is this shredded American flag just torn to shreds and everything and they’re armenian so i know you can’t tell me they don’t know what the young turks means because that’s where the genocide happened armenia they’re laughing in our faces about christian genocide it’s unbelievable and i show in that video the analytics of searches on the term queue nann and you can see you know how they do the world graph and shows where interest by region that next to the united states armenia there were more people following all of the queuing on buz from armenia then a little tiny armenia than anywhere else in the world and to me that just showed that they were tracking they were watching the videos that we made they were watching the blogs they were watching the forums they were and they were doing it obviously from armenia and then i go back in world history and talk about the genocide that happened in armenia performed by the young turks and then I go into these symbols that we see in everything from the Russian sickle to China to the Arab nations I talk about this symbolism and when I trace the symbolism of these genocidal maniacs throughout world history and all of the different countries I show how it’s tied into the Fez because that’s where we get the Fez anybody ever wonder why these old white guys in America are wearing these middle-eastern Fez hats and why the Shriners who so many of them claim to be Christian are wearing these Muslim Genocide ‘el maniacs logos on their hats but anyway all of that stuff is in that Young Turks video ok enough about the Young Turks I want to end this Laurel Canyon stuff and talk about some of the mysterious deaths in this that come out of these players on the world stage and you know how we talked about with Princess Diana it was almost like sometimes they quit playing one character and move on to something else it’s very bizarre after their death we always hear of these sightings and these weird you know theories that pop up and of course the mainstream media always oh it’s just because we’re all so emotionally attached to them that we just can’t cope with the fact they really passed on and no that’s not it all the time I’m gonna show you some clips or why we talk about this stuff I mean not everybody I know there’s people who get emotionally attached to these characters these soap opera characters but that’s not always the case and again that’s not a conspiracy theory that’s a fact we all know about the witness protection program and the witness relocation program where people go to work for the CIA and and other programs within the government and they give them new identities they essentially kill off their old identities or remove them from that life and they give them an entirely new life with an entirely new identity in the Mafia it’s really common and that’s what these crime syndicate families are yes we know a hundred percent for fact that several of these people are given new identities and I’m not saying that everybody who fakes their death or has one of these weird things happen where we’re like hey they’re not really dead I’m not saying they’re all in the witness protection program I’m just trying to point out that this isn’t beyond the scope of reasons that people in these wealthy connected families could take their own deaths and end the life of one character and continue on living under another identity it happens all the time I think one of the weirdest ones that I’ve seen recently is the David Bowie one again with the odd funeral thing David Bowie was secretly cremated immediately with no funeral and no family or friends present and that’s not even the weird part here’s the weird part so when David Bowie dies this guy goes on skynews claiming to be jack Stephen to talk about the death of David Bowie okay so this is Jack Stephen I mean you can see they’ve done the analysis people have broken it down you can see he has gaps in his teeth and stuff and these are David Bowie’s teeth so I mean is this something look just like David Bowie who’s supposed to be dead but is on a television news broadcast talking about the death of David Bowie I mean can you not see why people would say that’s not Jack Stevens I mean I know Jack Stevens you know kind of looks like David Bowie but that’s not Jack Stevens if people are like why is David Bowie playing the character of Jack Stephen when he’s supposed to be dead I mean surely you can see why people would ask that the character on the news much more closely matches David Bowie but anyway what’s really weird I watched the interviews and the whole time he keeps slipping up and talking like in the first person about David Bowie’s life and then he’ll go oh but well that’s what he told me and then real creepy at the beginning of the interview when she asked him you know how he felt about the passing of David Bowie he says kind of tongue-in-cheek well I feel like a part of me died perhaps first some up how you felt this morning when you and you heard this I was just saying earlier that I actually felt that part of me died but you know like these pictures over here in the corner David Bowie was famous for changing his appearance I’m playing all these different characters and haircuts and hairstyles and costume changes and stuff so I don’t know if this was such something he requested I don’t know or if it’s like those the Brazil boys that movie I pointed out in the last video about where they made the 94 clones of Hitler and put one in every country or I’m not sure what exactly is going on here but it’s not what they’re telling us is going on here so this phenomenon of the faked death and these elitists reappearing as different characters has been going on as long as there’s been recorded history it’s just that right now we’re all over them because of the internet we can we got this citizen journalism thing going on where people are looking they’re looking back through this dark documents they’re there they’re searching this stuff out so now it can come to light but say just when I was a kid we’re not talking about ancient times just when I was a kid we had three TV channels you only had news like at five o’clock you only got cartoons on Saturday just in the morning that we didn’t have just access to everything everything all of the time and that’s just from when I was a kid I like to think I’m not that old but think about when my parents were kids my dad didn’t even have a television so if you heard one of these characters on the radio maybe that’s all you ever knew about them you didn’t get to go and compare pictures from archives or anything like that all you knew where there were these people living somewhere on the other side of the country and they were who they said they were so keep that in mind as you look through some of this stuff I’m gonna play a little clip roll and we see that Teddy Roosevelt had a brother named Elliot and Elliot committed suicide apparently he was an alcoholic and depressed and then the next thing you know you see Taft that is as Teddy’s running as Teddy’s a vice president and when you look at Taft and alongside of Teddy they are definitely related absolutely have to be related there’s no way around it and when you look at the childhood photographs of Elliott you can see that that’s Taft now test also plays another role then you know you sort of understand what’s going on because then one of his sons Quentin he dies in a plane crash gets shot down in Germany when he was aged 20 well he turns out to be Joseph Kennedy now at that point you got two families that are massive families that then you know branch off and you see one of the his daughters is when it becomes Lilith Lilith Carter so there’s a three families right there that were the ones that branched out and basically they took over our entire government so surely you can see why people are asking questions when these people seem to die as one character and then someone who looks exactly like them appears as another character and even if you cannot stretch your mind that far you have to admit that you can see these are all the same family right that whether it’s the Roosevelt family President Roosevelt or the Kennedys family President Kennedy or the Carter family President Carter surely you can see these people are all from the same family at the very least I mean surely you can see the family resemblance surely right this particular bloodline looks they all look like Russell’s to me which would be what the tribe of Dan I think it’s the tribe of Dan going all the way back to Nimrod I mean we should at least be allowed to ask questions these are reasonable questions I mean to me it’s startling how much Oh J Simpson’s ex-wife Nicole Simpson whom he was charged with murder for slaying why does she look exactly like Megan Kelly I mean it’s eerie you don’t think that’s Irie and not just people places to that we see in these old films matching up what are the odds that Adolf Hitler’s home this is archive footage of Adolf Hitler’s home after the bombing what are the odds that those film images would exactly match up with Walt Disney’s home in California well aware one who also goes by I think Dallas gold-bug is that right he flipped it around you know and he overlaid it with Walt Disney’s house and even the swimming pool location matches even the driveway matches even the pictures from the old Hitler films and the style of Walt Disney’s house even the windows style and location match yeah I mean basically the fields match and get this this is Disney’s home during the most recent sale so this isn’t supposed to be Hitler’s home but they have the Gothic German crest built into these windows of Walt Disney’s old home and people are starting to wake up that we’re in a rigged reality this is the whole world is a stage and reality is rigged we’re in some sort of actor based reality we watch a news broadcast where it’s just supposed to be some neighbour or something and you’re like wait wasn’t that the same guy who played a neighbor in this thing I saw in the news last year and we’re starting to realize that crisis actors are real an enormous events that shape history could be staged unlike I said even though everybody’s done a ton of incredible research into this type of thing I don’t agree with all of them some of them don’t look anything alike to me I’m just gonna be honest some of them don’t even when they say oh well of course they use the silicon and all the makeup and all of the you know the special effects that they use in Hollywood for Hollywood movies to make people look different and stuff even in light of all that I don’t agree with everything everybody says but again don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater because if you wade through that stuff there’s some very compelling evidence that to me is almost a hundred percent proof on a lot of them for example here’s a video that I put up last year about the NASA Challenger crew who can wrap their minds around that but yeah in my mind there is no doubt many of these people are still alive and have been located and even have the same names what are the odds of that if these aren’t the same people and they pop up being a professor at a university it’s just unbelievable but if you go and watch that video you can see that every single one of them have been located and there it’s completely age-appropriate they’re the exact age that they would be if you haven’t already seen it that’s the video you’ve been lied to NASA Challenger crew still alive fake news fake science and again with the predictive programming and an oj simpson link to boot but remember that Capricorn one movie which was exactly about that where instead of actually putting the astronauts in the shuttle they secretive them off into this room and you can here with the studio all of this kind of stuff Capricorn one that’s the movie it was pretty popular movie so I think I’ll just end it here I could go on forever with examples like this but clearly whether you think it’s just a breeding program or some sort of cloning program or whether this is just an actor based reality that there are several people playing several roles all around us and about 75% of what we consider reality is just this theater I personally think it’s some of all of that I think all of that’s going on I think the breeding programs going on I think the synthetics are going on I think the soul transfer artificial type reincarnation thing is going on I think there’s a ton of faked deaths I think there’s witness protection program type stuff I think you know I think it’s all going on and I know I know it sounds like some sort of crazy over-the-top James Bond double-oh-seven type episode thing oh speaking of James Bond and more deceptions the Bond girls are dudes nope it’s not a conspiracy theory this one even did a playboy spread and she has come out Toula all these years ago can you imagine now but all this is old James Bond all these years ago the Bond girls were dudes IRA said now she’s come out and told everyone all about it that she was deceiving people all those times she was a Bond girl and him Playboy and she’s a dude you guys we’re not crazy this is really happening it’s unbelievable but it’s happening her name is Carolyn Kazi but everyone knows her has to live it seems the tulip was not only an honorary citizen she was sort of an honorary woman yes tulip was born a boy a little woman trapped in the body of a little man okay I really am gonna wrap this up I could just go on forever and ever anyway I wanted to thank everybody for your support I just can’t thank you enough and I wanted to show you what YouTube did to me look at this monetization ineligible they completely took my whole channel monetization down I just woke up and it was gone after I uploaded this age of deceit trans agenda and breeding program they took down my whole channel they foop took everything off not to my income down to nothing just pink slip you can’t make any money on YouTube account status currently ineligible for monetization and I clicked on why it’s just as policies what this means it means your channel will no longer earn money from YouTube including revenue from advertising YouTube premium subscriptions or other monetization products like membership also your channels videos lose access to cards and end screens so I guess at the end where it recommends other videos of mine they even took that off so they’re going to make sure nothing goes viral is just more suppression and I don’t care if they D monetize it it says that I can appeal it On January 17th so I’ll probably do that and see what happens but for now I feel kind of free because I haven’t been able to use certain keywords or say certain things or you know all of that I couldn’t tag certain things because they would you know D monetize my videos and flag them and stuff so now I’m just gonna say what I want to say but I just wanted to let you guys know because I don’t really know how long they’re going to help me to exist on this platform as you can see from my channel for my status screen I don’t have any copyright strikes I don’t have any Community Guidelines strikes I’m in perfect standing I’ve been on here for 11 years and doesn’t matter just boom and eligible for no reason and I’ve never heard yet happening to anybody I’ve heard of people getting copyright strikes til they get kicked off or Community Guidelines strikes til they get kicked off I’ve never heard of them just targeting somebody and making them ineligible for nothing but whatever I just wanted to let you guys know what my backup channel is in case I do disappear in case this channel gets taken down my backup channel is called the supernatural God is not dead and I’ll put a link to this backup channel down in the description box for anyone that might be interested or who knows if they take them all down you might want to go over to patreon you don’t have to donate money or pledge money I think there’s a thing on there where you can just hit follow and you can just follow on patreon so that if all my channels go down I’ll at least be able to post a video on there let you guys know where I’m at or if I’m gonna do more channels or if I’m going to upload at my website or whatever Avenue God’s gonna take me on after that but for right now we still have a window of opportunity I’m still on here and if you guys like this content and you find this this sort of content useful please do consider partnering with me so that I can continue to do this the only way we’re gonna do it is crowdsource that and crowd fund it I mean you see they even took the in screens off so please like share subscribe all that good stuff spread it around as best you can because we have to crowdsource the truth they’re trying to suppress the truth and we have to work against them and crowdsource the truth and crowdfund the truth cuz like you see right here they’re going to make sure that we can’t make a penny where other people are making you know twenty million dollars a year well that’s not gonna stop us you know that and I’m a fighter so I hope some you’ll step up aside me and help me fight the good fight all the way to the end and as always all of those links patreon PayPal GoFundMe will all be down in the description box and I need to ask you this time please pray for me and my family because I don’t know who in the coven I ticked off with that last video but it’s been hardcore spiritual warfare ever since that went up and it’s not just coming from YouTube like here’s somebody hacked my cell phone and I know that’s just what they do with the six six sixes but I mean you see that’s not even a real number there’s not even four digits it’s just three at the end so right after that video went up I just started my phone started getting slammed with these 666 calls and then they hacked my contact list but out of hundreds of people the only two people that they contacted were my two closest relatives my brother and my niece and you see she started calling I’m getting all these six six sixes and I’m getting calls from you that aren’t from you she got like 17 calls from me with these 666 texts and stuff that I wasn’t sending and so it was just and we don’t even have the same last name or anything so I it’s odd you know that they targeted just my two family members off my contact list so the three of us were getting this now my dad I’d go to a doctor for a heart problem I got hit with something in my nervous system I don’t know what it was my arms and legs going numb really numb and pins and needles all over just I don’t know what it was afraid through it I thought I’d have to go to the hospital but I’m okay and then my furnace broke down and my car broke down so this isn’t just the battle is not against flesh and blood it’s not and when you’re out here beating back the darkness or slaying dragons they don’t like it they don’t like you one bit so please do pray please please please pray for me and my family just to keep the shields up just keep that hedge of protection around us because when you’re out here on the front lines sometimes it gets a little hairy in fact not only do we not battle against flesh and blood but it says that we have divine power to demolish those strongholds the weapons of our warfare are spiritual and we have the power to demolish those strongholds so I want to end with this five-minute prayer the Bible says when to agree on earth is touching any one thing it shall be done for us by our Father in Heaven and it says one can send a thousand a flight but two can send ten thousand to flight so it’s exponential when we join together in prayer so please I know this is the point where everybody wants to click off and be like oh the information is done and skip the prayer but this is the most important part you guys know I don’t ask you to pray with me on every single video I don’t but this time I am this is for the Saints Saints if you’re out there now’s the time to bring this cabal down that’s the only way it’s coming down so I’m going to let brother Carlos lead us in this closing prayer he calls it nuclear bomb to Satan’s headquarters and it surely is so please please take these few minutes and pray this prayer with us and let’s take this cabal down this is a powerful coven but they are not nearly as powerful as the Most High God that which is in us is greater than that which is in the world so Saints please stand with me and let’s pull this thing down let’s pray for protection first father have any name of the Lord Jesus Christ you just come before your holy throne we ask that you forgive us of all sins we have committed against you and against those making you image father we asked right now according to your word is Psalm 34 verse 7 which says the angel of the lord encamps around those who fear him and he delivers them father we ask right now that you can’t be your angels around all of us here participating of this prayer also around our loved ones or our family members ministry partners in-laws ex-in-laws and friends to protect us and keep us safe from any form of retaliation or attacks of the devil his demons and we declare isaiah 54:17 no weapon formed against us shall prosper in their mari name of their Lord Jesus Christ we pray amen the word of the Lord says in 2nd chronicles chapter 7 verse 14 if my people which are called by my name shall humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth we now renounced on behalf of this city state and nation all opportunities for ground held by Satan his demons in human agents in relation to these legal jurisdictions according to Luke chapter 8 verse 17 which says for nothing is secret that will not be revealed nor anything hidden that will not be known and come to light we now expose and declare judgment over all Satan’s wicked spirits their schemes and assignments and all evil works carried on by Satan’s human agents over the city state and nation the word says do you not know that the Saints God’s people will judge the world and if the world will be judged by you are you unworthy to judge the smallest matters do you not know that we shall judge angels how much more things that pertain to this life 1st Corinthians chapter 6 verses 2 & 3 in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth and by the power of his shed blood on the cross we now command to come to light all Satan’s evil actions carried on by his demons and human agents in the city state and nation we also put a limit to these actions in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth we now revoke all controlling powers of darkness over all governing authorities ruling over the city state and nation we now bring to judgment of secret satanic agenda corruption and wickedness in high places being exercised over these jurisdictions in the name of money sex control and power we also expose and bring to judgment all secret works of darkness done by satanic entities and organizations with the purpose of expanding the territories of the kingdom of Satan in the city state and nation and negatively influence them and brainwash the minds of vulnerable people bringing in destruction upon this city state a nation in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior we now bring to judgment all demonic strongholds established throughout this city state a nation with the purpose of expelling righteousness godly and moral principles from our schools and introduced in wickedness to our children and young adults Satan all your evil works over the city state and nation and also over their airwaves is now being judged by our living God creator of heaven and earth we now demand that all corruption and wickedness in high places over the city estate a nation be now exposed and brought to light and to judgment by the courts of heaven where our righteous church presides we now command confusion to enter the enemy’s camp causing major chaos among Satan’s demons and evil human agents father in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ lecture will be done this day on earth as it is in heaven father surround this city state and nation which our mighty army of warrior angels with the purpose of removing all unrighteousness from these legal jurisdictions in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ we pray amen you

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