Advertising Boost Review 2019 by Michael Mansell How to make more money!

– One of the best tools
that I have leveraged in online marketing has
been Advertising Boost. Advertising Boost is a
lead generating incentive or a sales generating incentive tool, and it has been a game
changer not only for myself, but my entire team, and
inside of this video, I’m gonna break down exactly how I’m leveraging it and
show you behind the scenes, that why Advertising Boost is able to give these kind of destinations away all for a low monthly
or yearly subscription rather than having to
pay for every single one. Yep, that’s right, you’ll
be able to give away unlimited free vacations, and there are a couple of fees and stuff that you got to understand and know about and I’m going to get into those inside of this video here, so stay tuned. – Staff is amazing, they
make you feel like VIP everyone knows you, the
beaches are beautiful, the food is amazing,
and saved over $3,000. – This place is awesome,
what a beautiful resort, the pools, the restaurants,
everything is simply awesome. Thank you so much. – We saved a boatload of
money, we saved over $700. – Beautiful beaches,
outstanding service, great food, we’ve had a wonderful vacation. Highly recommend it. It’s just beautiful here. – Gorgeous hotel, amazing accommodations, and really super friendly staff. (bright music) – Alright, so the first concept I want you guys to understand is that travel incentives,
and then in addition to that hotel certificates, and dining
certificates or vouchers, which you can access all inside of your Advertising Boost account are incentives, they’re ways to get your buyers to buy. Your lead capture pages to convert, and I use them on both fronts, I will use them on a lead capture page and you can see examples
here of various pages that I’ve used those
incentives to generate leads on and it works extremely well. Advertising Boost has built-in APIs that you can connect
your lead capture page to them and directly have those vouchers sent out to your opt-ins without you having to manually do it. So, it’s super slick, super efficient, and
that’s one of the things I love about Advertising Boost. But, let me get right here into the back office
of my personal account. So, in the back office here you can see that it’s a very simple to use interface. There’s lots of information
on the right hand side. They give you some really cool strategies, and some training information
that you guys can access, whether it’s Instagram
ads, YouTube advertising, and Facebook advertising, ways for you guys to generate leads to leverage these vacation incentives. But if you wanna just simply send somebody a vacation voucher,
this is how easy it is. You’re simply gonna
pick from this drop down which business it is that
you’re sending it from, and that’s extremely important, because they will actually brand the vouchers with your name. They’ll brand the
certificates with your name of your business, so you
can further brand yourself, as you’re giving these vouchers away. So, you’re simply just going to type in the name that you’re sending
it to so we’ll just do John, [email protected] and then select the destination that you want to send them to in this case I’m just going
to select Myrtle Beach, and I’m gonna click
send, it’s going to say that John has just been sent a link to redeem a free vacation. So, that’s how simple it is to
send one voucher to somebody, and if we go over to our email, you can see that John
was just sent an email with a link to claim his free voucher and this is the other thing
that I think is just so cool is that on the page that John is sent to it actually not only has
his voucher, a barcode, and certificate, but
it also has a countdown for him to claim that voucher, and notice it says your company name, in this case it’s Team Mansell, but it shows right there
that he is able to claim and activate his voucher
and it further brands you, so that he remembers that you were the one that sent him that free voucher. So, that part’s really, really slick. And here’s the other cool thing about that is that when people claim these vouchers, if you’re an annual member
with Advertising Boost you’re going to actually get paid for those voucher activations. So, not only are you able
to give away unlimited vouchers, but you’re also able
to get paid on those vouchers as well, now we’re only
talking a few dollars each, and the more you get activated, the more you’re gonna get paid on that, but it’s just another way to monetize your marketing effort hurts and certainly offset some
of your marketing dollars if you’re spending money on paid traffic. So, make sure that if you’re strongly, seriously going to be
using Advertising Boost that you do consider
going with an annual plan because then you’re going
to be able to get paid on those vouchers that are
activated by your clients. Which is really cool, I’ve
made a nice little extra chunk of change from
those voucher activations just because I’m giving them away on my opt-in’s and on my sales. The other thing I wanna show you in here, is that there’s also printed certificates and this is really cool if
you’re doing like a raffle or if your doing some type
of giveaway at your office, maybe you want to give
all of your employees a free vacation voucher. You can go in here and you can
print off vacation vouchers. So, again, you’re just gonna
select your business name, you’re gonna come down
here, select a destination, in this case you just select
the region that the vacation is going to be given at and then from there the
person can actually select which destination they
want in that region, so we’ll just pick United States. I’m gonna say I just want to generate one, you can generate up to 50 at one time, and then you click generate
a printable vacation voucher, and then as you can see right
here, we just generated it, and it looks something like this. So that’s a pretty cool vacation
voucher that it generates. It has all the terms of
use, all the information that you need to know
about that free vacation, right there already listed and
spelled out for your clients. Really, really slick tool,
tons and tons of ways to be able to leverage
that specific aspect of Advertising Boost. Two more things that I want
to show you guys in here are the restaurant incentives, and the hotel gift cards, other ways. Now some people I’ve found
as you’re giving free vacations away, they’re like,
oh I gotta plan my trip, I gotta go get my airfare,
you do get charged, your clients are gonna get charged resort fees if there’s
any associated resort fees and also taxes on those hotel stays. The nights themselves
are free which is great, I mean on average people save anywhere between $600 to $1,400 for these stays, so there’s definitely a huge, huge value that you’re giving away, but just keep in mind
they will be responsible for their own taxes and if the
resort charges a resort fee, they’re gonna have to
pay those at that time. And they vary anywhere
from $19 to I’ve seen them as high as $32 a night
for those additional fees. So just keep that in mind if you’re doing any type of advertising, it’s nice to disclaim that
information when you’re giving these free vacation vouchers away. But what I have found
is that some people are, would rather have something
that they can take advantage of right now, so that’s where
the restaurant vouchers and the hotel gift cards really come into play very, very nicely. So the Dining Guru
restaurant incentive works just the same as way, as
the vacation voucher does. You select which voucher
level you want to give away and notice down here is
there is an activation fee on these vouchers, it is the small amount that they have to make for
giving these vouchers away. You do not have to pay for these, but they do give you the option
of paying for these yourself so if you really wanted to
give away a $200 voucher to one of your clients who just
purchased something from you you could do that and
they would not pay a dime. You can pay the $15.90 activation fee yourself before giving it to them, or you can just let
your client pay for that when they activate that voucher. So works exactly the same way, you’re going to put in their
name and their email address and they’re going to that
emailed directly to them of course you can see the
little box here that says check the box to pay for
this dining voucher yourself very straight forward, this is something I’ve
been leveraging a lot because it’s something
that people can take and use right away. I do use this on the sales side of it, not the opt-in side because
it does cost me money. I tend to pay for those
activation fees for my clients depending on the level a lot of the products that I sell are between $1,000 and $2,000
and so I reward them with a Dining Guru restaurant
certificate that they can then go out and have the $200 to use on dining and then there thinking about me while they’re out there having a good time and not stressing over
a $15.90 activation fee. So really cool that they give
you that option to pay for it. And then the last thing
here is the Hotel Gift Card. This is a credit that they get to use at the BookVIP website
which is a separate company other then Advertising Boost
it’s actually the company that fulfills a lot of
these vacation vouchers and these hotel stays,
so these are gift cards and you can give them
in $100 or $200 amounts and the gift cards can be sent
directly out to your clients and they can use this money, it’s real money that can be
used on the travel website there’s over 400,000
hotels across the world that they can use these gift cards at, so if their stay is gonna cost them $600 they’ll have $200 for instance
to use at their destination to offset the cost when they’re
booking that hotel stay, so it’s real dollars
that they’re getting off a lot of times already discounted rates, because it’s going through a travel agency that already has very, very competitive rates for these hotels
all across the world so not only can they book
their hotel stay there but they can also get that
discount when they book it because they got this give away from you. So in a nutshell that is
what Advertising Boost is. It’s working extremely
well I’ve been using it now for almost a year and it has
drastically increased my sales and as you’ve heard on this video lots of people that have
gone on these vacations, gone on these stays
are absolutely thrilled with the experience that
was one of my big concerns starting out was what are
people going to run into when they go on these
trips ’cause the last thing you want to do is giveaway
something for free and then the people have
a horrible experience and there are literally
thousands upon thousands of testimonial videos out there of people that have taken these trips and have had a amazing time
and I’ve had several people on team even go and take these trips. – This resort is awesome, so we just want to say thank
you for an amazing trip and we probably saved
over $1,000 for sure. – This would not have
been possible without you we thank you we were pleasantly surprised. – We’ve saved so much money over a $1,000. – We booked our stay here at beautiful West Gate in Orlando Florida the booking process was so
easy, the stay was beautiful, we couldn’t have asked
for anything better. – We literally saved thousands of dollars so thank you for helping us
to celebrate this milestone for our marriage, so thank you so much and we will definitely be
booking again, so adios. – These are not like no name places that you’re sending them to They’re very, very well established, very reputable hotels, resorts, some in exotic places
that you’re able to send your clients and your prospects to just because you paid the
monthly fee to Advertising Boost and it’s ridiculously
inexpensive compared to everything that your getting them. So, if your in business
this is an absolute must again, I’ve been using it
for a little over a year now there are links on this
page that you can go to if you have any specific questions feel free to message me
directly on Facebook, I’m always there and willing
and eager to help you answer any of the questions that you have, but you can join right
now through the link in the description below
that will link you to a video that’ll walk you through
exactly how to sign up for Advertising Boost today and the value of the various plans, so be sure to check that
out and get set up today and then after you join
Advertising Boost be sure that you message me as well, because I have some exclusive bonuses that I want to give you for
joining Advertising Boost through my link, one other
caution if you’ve been to other Advertising Boosts
websites by other affiliates if you click on my link chances are the credit will not go to me, because they do cache those cookies, so you might want to clear
your cache before clicking on my link to join, just to make sure that you do come through one of my links or one of my team members links so that you get access to those bonuses that I offer for Advertising Boost. I teach my strategies, I give you access to some of my funnels that I’ve already integrated
Advertising Boost into and I teach you the in’s and
out’s of how I’m leveraging it so if that’s a value to you make sure that you do clear your cache or your cookies on your browser, before clicking on my affiliate link so that it gets credited to me and I can offer you my bonuses. so again if you have any other questions message me on Facebook
that’s where I’m at, that’s where I’m helping
people all the time I’m happy to answer any
questions that you have related to Advertising Boost
before you get started, but at the end of the day,
it’s pretty straight forward and they offer a 30 day
money back guarantee so you really don’t have anything to lose you can jump in and start giving away these kind of vacation vouchers these kind of incentives to
your prospects immediately like there’s no down time, you sign up and your ready to start
giving away certificates so if there’s some that you
want to give away right now you need to click the
link, you need to join, and get in and start sending
out these vacation vouchers, hotel gift cards and the
Dining Guru restaurant vouchers all super valuable, and I cannot believe
that we get to do this all for the low, low
monthly or annual cost, and you can as well,
talk to you guys soon.

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