Adidas Ultra Boost Solar Yellow / White (Kanye West) comparison + review + unboxing + on-feet

Hey everyone and welcome back I’m Mr Stoltz.
This weeks sneaker is one of the most comfortable running shoes in the entire world.
So get ready for the brand new Adidas Ultra Boost Solar Yellow with boost technology.
Let’s take a look at the Adidas branding on this box.
So we have it on the front, on the side, and on the back. and on the front it reads: Ultra boost and I got it in a size 11.
The top lid is yellow and white. On the front and side it says boost.
Let’s open up the box. On the inside there’s a black paper with boost
in grey color. Let’s take it out!
This is the brand new Adidas Ultra Boost Solar Yellow running shoe.
My first impression of this shoe is that its truly eye catching with its vivid yellow color
and the black contrast creates an excellent shoe.
Adidas has really stepped up its game in the last few years and the boost technology is
probably one of the main features that was a game changer for Adidas.
But don’t get me wrong, Adidas has always been a really important shoe maker with Stan
Smith’s, Superstars and other really important shoes.
The boost technology in this shoe has a lot of science behind it because when you are
running or walking it gives you that little extra boost and pushes you away, it’s a really
nice feature. Alright, so if you haven’t tried this shoe
out yet, you have to go out and try it. I know it’s a really expensive shoe but it’s
worth everything. In my opinion this is one of the most comfortable
shoes ever made. One of the people that really pushed this
shoe forward in the sneaker community was Kanye West.
He was spotted wearing the white Ultra Boost and it sold out instantly. Alright so let’s take a look at the shoe.
The upper of the shoe is made out of primeknit. The toe box is yellow and black.
The tongue is connected to the primeknit and it’s yellow and black all the way up to the
upper parts of the tongue that’s all yellow. Let’s take a look at the side.
We have a strengthening system in the back that keeps the heel in place and it says ultra
boost on the heel. Ultra in black color and boost in silver color.
We have the three stripes in black with yellow underneath that connects to the laces.
The midsole is all ultra boost, it’s white, expect for the back part where we have a little
grey area that helps you from tilting inwards while running.
We have ultra boost, the strengthening system, and a snuck fitting heel that grabs and adds
stability and plenty of comfort. We have a tag that hangs on to it and on the
front it reads: “Adidas ultra boost men, running”.
And if you flip it over, it gives you information about the materials.
And if we take a look inside we have a yellow sock-liner and it weighs absolutely nothing.
On the yellow sock-liner it reads: ultra boost endless energy.
And on the back of the sock liner it says adidas in the middle.
The information label is placed on the upper parts of the tongue. What makes this shoe feel so great except
the ultra boost is the sock because it grips around your foot and it just feels great when
your walking or running. And if we take a look underneath, there’s
a stretch web rubber outsole. It’s light weight and elastic so when you
move around it adapts to the ground. Alright so lets take a close up look at this
one and compare it to the all white “Kanye West version. So what does this one actually look like on
feet? Let’s take a look. Thanks for watching everyone!
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