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adidas Outdoor Slopecruiser CP Primaloft Insulated Boot

A fresh design and durable weather proof materials,
the Adidas Men’s Slopecruiser CP Primaloft is a good option for those casual winter adventures.
Let’s take a look at some of its features. Starting with the upper of the boot we have
got a really nice synthetic material here. It is very durable and I can see it being
very abrasion resistant. As the name suggests, that CP stands for Climaproof, so there is
a fully waterproof and breathable membrane throughout the boot here. So you have got
nice weather protection in play. And there is a Primaloft insulation in there, so there
is a lightweight insulation. It is not a super burly insulation, but it is there to keep
your feet warmer on those colder days outdoors. I wouldn’t see these being a super adventurous
outdoor boot, but they are good for hopping around town if you are on the slopes and you
just need something to, you know, casually get from place to place. These would be a
great option for you, so nice materials in the upper, warm and weather proof. They have
also got a pretty cool clip on the backside here that is designed to keep your pants in
place so they don’t, you know, ride up or get above the boot which would prevent snow
or cold air from getting down inside and kind of damp-ening that insulation, so a really
nice clip on the back of the boot here, pretty durable and it is really nicely held in place,
so cool features on the upper of the boot here. Moving down to the midsole we have got a nice
cushioned midsole. You have kind of got multiple densities here with that coloring, so you
have got some nice cushion in the back for shock absorption and then all around cushioning
for a comfortable ride through-out the rest of the midsole. Down in the lower portion, the outsole of
the boot, you have got Adidas traction outsole. So you have got a kind of cool outsole here.
It is very spaced so you have got really good spacing between the lugs and the lugs are
pretty hefty. So you have got good grip. They are going not help to shed the snow, shed
the moisture and really allow for optimum grip throughout your hike or if you are walking
from, you know, place to place up on the slope side. You can do so confidently with this
traction system. So it is a pretty neat system in play with the outsole of the boot. And there you have it, for those adventures
on the slopes or casual around town wear, the Adidas Slopecruiser CP Primaloft is a
good option for those who just need a casual win-ter boot.

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