Accessible Adventures: Exploring the Naches on the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest

Hi I’m John Williams and this is Accessible
Adventures in The Pacific Northwest. Well the leaves are turning the crowds have gone
it’s fall and what better time for a road trip than right now? Ok what has two sides
with something special in the middle? and no it’s not that famous cookie it’s a trip
along the White Pass Scenic Byway on one side The Naches Ranger District in the middle and
the Chinook Pass Scenic Byway an All American Road on the other side. Now you can make the trip in one day but better
yet take a whole weekend! Are you ready? Let’s get started. Driving along the White Pass Scenic Byway
you’ll be in the midst of 3 active volcanoes lakes and forests exploding with fall colors. It’s quite now but when the snow flies White
Pass Ski area will be busy with skiers and boarders of all abilities. About 2 miles after you crest White Pass look
for Dog Lake Campground a must see stop and Clear Creek Falls Overlook! Hidden from the road down this paved pathway
you’ll find a picnic table and an interpretive sign the main attraction is right over this
ravine. Clear Creek Falls plunging over 230 feet to the canyon below. Our next stop is a day use area that you actually
could spend an entire day exploring! Watch for the sign for Clear Lake Recreation
Area and in a few miles you’ll come to the Clear Lake Day Use Area. You’ll find accessible picnic sites and check out these tables. Yeah there’s trout here! With a sign like this I just have to give
it a try! Now these are some of the most accessible fishing platforms I’ve seen! We’re not done yet how about a nature hike
along this paved pathway through this beautiful pine forest? And be sure to take your camera
and binoculars if you have them because there’s wildlife viewing areas. The Teiton River will guide you along the
rest of the White Pass Scenic Byway check the website for white water rafting information. At the end of the White Pass Scenic Byway
turn north onto the Chinook Pass Scenic Byway along the way be sure to keep your eyes peeled for wildlife! Especially during the fall rutting season. Travel about 25 miles to Boulder Cave Day Use Area. At Boulder Cave Day Use Area nearly everything is accessible. A nature trail along side the Naches River. There’s picnic facilities including a covered
area for larger groups. Boulder Cave is especially well known for
one of it’s more shy residents the Western Big Eared Bat! Now the trail to his home is not wheelchair
accessible but we’ll show our more mobile friends the way to the cave. Back on the byway in about 6 miles look for
the turn to Bumping Lake. Then it’s about 15 miles to the Lake and recreation area.
Even if you’re not camping fall is a great time to enjoy the campgrounds without the crowds. There is accessible camping. A paved trail along the lake. And very accessible picnic areas. Our next stop is Chinook Pass
and the entrance to the Mt. Rainier National Park. There’s a saying around these parts that goes
something like is the mountain out today? Well as a matter of fact it is! This is Mt
Rainier! Now you can continue on through the Mt. Rainier
National Park or head back the way we came. The Okanogan Wenatchee National Forest Service
website has all the information you need to plan your trip. I’m John Williams I’ll see
you real soon for another Accessible Adventure In The Pacific Northwest.

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