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Abbott’s action delays proposed 10 percent windstorm insurance rate hike

a new twist in the Battle of Artois Oh rate hikes the details on what the governor did today to give some relief to coastal residents good evening everyone and thank you for joining us on Palo Salazar today good news for anyone with a Texas wind storm insurance policy governor Greg Abbott is advising state regulators to hold off on a proposed 10 percent rate hike on all windstorm policies critics chief investigative reporter Rick sprawl joins us to explain Rick that’s right Paulo this letter from the governor to the insurance commissioner put a stop to a proposed 10 percent rate hike on all windstorm policy starting next year and one state lawmaker says it’s not the how and the why of the governor’s letter that matters it’s the wind as in WI in there’s a great win for the coastal ban in the 14 counties our Coastal Bend counties stood up rally the governor was with us he listened this is a good teamwork approach the vote was now the governor’s letter does more than just block that rate hike it puts twe at the top of the legislative agenda when lawmakers reconvene in January well mayor we’ll hear more from representative hunter about that at 6 and 10 see you then

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