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A Walk in the Woods ♥ (Trail SURPRISES!) at Frontenac State Park

There is something very magical about a
walk in the woods and this walk takes me through an area that was recently
flooded by the Mississippi River and I just was not expecting to see what I saw. Welcome to Randi’s adventures. Hi my name
is Randi and I am so thrilled you’re here. This channel produces videos every
Thursday about making memorable outdoor experiences without the hassle, because
weekends are just too short. During this episode I do one of my very favorite RV
camping things to do hike a trail. And what’s even more fun is to hike a trail
that lets you explore the woods. And this trail certainly does that and much more. At the end of the trail is the Mississippi River but will I even make
it there?We’re gonna walk the Sand Point Trail it’s part of the Frontenac State
Park trail system, but it’s really fun because at the end of the trail is Lake
Pepin and it’s out on a nice sandbar. Yeah the Mississippi River is really
high, but let’s see how far back. Here we can get this is Sand Point. Right through
there and that’s where we’re gonna walk out to. There is something magical about walking
in the woods! Look at that tree branch. These are some
tall trees. Is it steady Tom? Oh look at all these fallen and big trees.
And these have come here because the river is so high. That this was all
underwater not that long ago. Oh my gosh look at all these fallen trees! Oh wow look that tree has fallen it fell
right over to that tree and that tree caught it! Yeah the ground is still pretty wet here.
Oh my gosh there are so many fallen trees and trees swept up by the river. Oh my gosh, look at this gigantic tree and
that root system. Wow the river flow must have been enough to stop tear it down.
Actually looks like it’s two trees that got torn down. Man Alive is that root
system huge. And it just tumbled all down. And this is the backside. Wow there must
have been some great force to be able to lift that up.
This reminds me of what unenchanted forest might look like. There’s a bridge back here that we’ve
got to get over to get out to Sand Point. We’re trying to figure out how to get to
the bridge with all the fallen trees. There’s the bridge but I wonder if it’s
passable. Okay we’re back on the path. This is
really something. There is usually none of this debris on
the path. It looks like it goes on for a while. We’ve somewhat frequently
walked this path down to Sand Point and this looks nothing like it usually does.
But there is Stand Point. We are close. Theres a shed here. There is Lake Pepin and the
Mississippi River. There’s quite a few boats out on the river today. And I see I
don’t know if I’m pointing to it but I can see logs bobbing up and down. So
there’s still a lot of logs in the water. Normally the shore line extends quite a
ways out there so the river is still very high. Looks like a beavers got ahold of
this. This is my favorite spot to come when
we’re boating and we’ve often camped right here on this Shore. It’s interesting though there’s a lot of
new growth happening. Don’t you think this is what an enchanted forest would look
like? So many trees. It’s a little wobbly. Princey’s so tired after our walk. We’re having burgers on the grill
tonight. Do you love hiking and walking in the
woods as much as I do? Let me know in the comments section below. Also I have a lot
of weekend warrior adventure videos on this channel but one of my all-time
favorites is a winter adventure where we go camping in the deep snow. I think
you’ll really love it too and coming up next will be a link to that video so go
check it out!

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5 thoughts on “A Walk in the Woods ♥ (Trail SURPRISES!) at Frontenac State Park

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  2. Wow! Looks like a tree graveyard! What a mess. That will probably be there a looooong time. Nice camp! I do like to hike in the woods. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hey! I think I burned a couple hundred calories watching you hike again! Thanks! 😂
    That was an amazing trail; loved all of it – it was indeed enchanting. I was wondering, is there anyone/ organization that cleans up the trail a bit? Just to make it a bit easier to walk through?
    Can you imagine being around there when the trees went down? Wow.
    I just love it when you show Tom's magical campfires, cooking, and dinner on the grill! 😁
    Wishing you safe and enchanted fall walks guys! Cheers~💜

  4. Hey Randi, Those woods are gorgeous. That walkway is really cool. Flood is so destructive. We are so glad we found your channel. We do travel too.

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