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A tour of UH West Oahu lands

>>Narrator: Kapiolani Ching, UH student:
The University of Hawaii owns two pieces of property in the West Oahu area. The larger
parcel is referred to as the Mauka Lands, which consist of 991-acres of mostly undeveloped
land that includes a large hill that borders the property on its north side. The other
borders consist of the freeway on the parcel’s southern edge; the Grace Pacific Quarry on
the west; the Honouliuli Gulch on the eastern edge; and privately owned land beyond the
hill to the north. Two hundred and ninety-four acres of the Mauka Lands, which run along
the freeway and follow the gulch, are flatter and more developable. The rest of the 991
acres is hilly. Unpaved roads accessible only through locked gates traverse the land. One
of the roads leads to a Board of Water Supply storage tank on the eastern side of the hill
that supplies water to UH West Oahu.The original plan called for the UH West Oahu campus to
be built on the Mauka Lands. However, infrastructure costs and the cost to grade the property were
determined to be too expensive. The second of UH’s parcels is referred to as the Makai
Lands: the 500 acre parcel where the UH West Oahu campus is located. Farrington Highway
runs along the northern edge of the property with the Kapolei Golf Course on the western
side and the Kualakai Parkway on the eastern and southern borders, including a small section,
which is the backside of Kaneoneo Street (the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands residential
subdivision). The university’s five buildings, courtyard, great lawn, parking area, and roadway
access are located on the northern end of the property along Farrington Highway and
extend to the south. This area also includes six acres that Tokai University bought from
UH and is currently building its campus on. The proposed land plan will set aside approximately
300 acres of the Makai Lands for the future UH West Oahu campus and related University
uses. The remainder of the property will be designated for mixed-use, commercial and residential
development that will complement the University environment and will help support the growth
of the campus. The Kapolei area is experiencing a tremendous amount of growth that is expected
to continue for years to come. The Honolulu Rail Transit system’s current eastern terminus,
the East Kapolei Station, will be on Kualakai Parkway, where there is already a Hawaiian
Homelands development and the Kroc Community Center. The UH West Oahu station will be also
be located along Kualakai and will have a pedestrian overpass and a touchdown site on
University property at the entrance of Road B. Road B will soon be under construction
and will provide access to the West Oahu campus from Kualakai.

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