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A Quest to Climb Taiwan’s 100 Best Mountains

Welcome to Taiwan. When you think of Taiwan, you might think of these things. But it also happens to be a hiking paradise in East Asia. Here’s why. More than two-thirds of the island consists of mountains, making it one of the most densely packed hiking spots in the world. Taiwan’s natural landscape is also incredibly diverse, with snowy mountain caps, beachside knolls, and hidden hot springs. I’m on my way to meet a Taiwanese hiker who goes by the name Snow Ram. He’s a nature photographer who shares tips and history about trails on social media. Compiled in the late 1960s, the Baiyue is a list of the most iconic mountains in Taiwan. Bai means 100, and yue means peak. Snow Ram has climbed 92 of the 100 peaks. And I’ve climbed… one. Nearly 60% of Taiwan is covered by forest, and the small island has over 258 mountains that tower over 9,800 feet. But the weather can be hostile. Taiwan is a subtropical island, which means it can be subject to sudden thunderstorms and typhoons. Snow Ram is part of a growing group of social media-savvy hikers in Taiwan who are documenting their adventures online and showing people that there is much more to Taiwan than meets the eye. We’ve climbed a long way to get up here, so don’t forget to press like on this video, and don’t forget to subscribe to @Goldthread2.

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