A NEWTON ABBOT NIGHT (Jamescape TV Does Dartmoor: Episode 1)

[Music] Good morning, good evening, good afternoon,
whatever time it is for you, my name is James, Jamescape TV, and welcome here to beautiful
Newton Abbot. Erm, we’re here in a uh a very nice looking
garden where we’re camping for the night, er, being really nice for letting us camp
for free. But yeah we’re here in this nice place and
we’re gonna have some food in a bit, then explore Newton Abbot and take you guys along
with us. Welcome here in Newton Abbot to, the shopping
vlog, here on Jamescape TV Does Dartmoor. Here we are in Asda (laughing) We’re here today, we’re buying the food that
we need for expeditioné. And we got the mayonaise, celebration cakes. (laughs) Ah, we can design our own cake. Oh my goodness,
can you put Jamescape TV on the front of your cake? (laughs) We… We will join back with you once we have figured
out if we can do this. [Music] So we got some erm (laughs) garlic and coriander
naans. A-
Coriand- Coriander Nans, and some mini rolls, and that’s
basically my lunch for a day, erm. Thomas: Weeeeeoooong! Can you go away?
Thomas: Are you recording? (Indingantly) Yes.
Thomas:That’s cute Our shopping trip at ASDA successfully completed,
now time to scan and go… Thomas: Guys we’re on the camera! (laughs) And then we’re going to pop down to Nabbot
to get us some nibbles. Niall: James has found where his food is…is located. (Laughing and panting) Niall: He’s really excited that he’s found these. [Music] Niall :What you looking for? Niall: What you looking for? Brioches… Niall: Not a clue. This will do. [Music] Niall: Action, Jamescape action right here. What
are you… I don’t think it’s here… Niall: Scit, Scit, Scit… Got back just in time. (pant of relief) [Music] Niall: James is getting all his stuff out in a
hurry. Being very, very, very, very methodical with everything. Niall: There’s my sausage rolls… [Music] (Checkout beeps) We’re here today in Newton Abbot, and something
very distressing has happened (laughs) It’s not…
Hannah: Is he actually recording? We’ve lost Newling-Ward. Erm, on a positive note, Hannah has bought
us all Crunchies. Hannah: You’re welcome guys. Well, not all
of you, but, most of you. If I just quickly… (Laughs) Hannah :Look at that honeycomb, LOOK at that honeycomb. Niall: Ooooh, damn. (Dialing Sound) Tommo: Err, Where are you? Thomas, over phone: I’m there Tommo: Where’s there? Thomas: At Dominoes James: It’s a 10 minute walk a way, Tom. Tommo: It’s a 10 minute walk mate! Thomas: Really, it’s not! Hannah: Why would he lie about Dominoes? (Laughs) Beth: Because it’s Tom Hannah: True, we… Niall: Alright, we’re off… [Music] James and hostees: Good morning, good evening,
good afternoon, whatever time it maybe for you… My name is James, Jamescape TV and welcome
to Day 2 of the Dartmoor vlog. Here we are with our two lovely hostees who put us up
very kindly for the evening as we abide here in Newton Abbot before we head over to Dartmoor
to start our expedition today, so thank you very much for hosting us, it’s greatly appreciated. Samantha: You’re very welcome, Rev Gareth: We’ve loved having you, it’s been
a real joy, and erm you’re all quite funny, which makes it up to us. (Laughs) [Music] Niall: So, we’re going to go and get a coffee, and
now Dave is there waiting for us, at the pickup location, so me and James are now sprinting
backto the train station You’re still in flip flops.
Niall: Yes, I am still in flip flops, but we are doing well. I’m just hoping that they don’t
leave us. I’m sure they won’t, I’m sure they won’t. We’ll catch up with you guys, (panting)
once we’re on the minibus and going to our location Next time on Jamescape TV Does Dartmoor. [Music] (Inaudible shouting) Captions by Max Kerslake for Jamescape for Jamescape TV

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