100 thoughts on “A mother shows what it’s like to raise her baby in prison

  1. If it helps so many mothers do not have the chance to be with their children in prison… and she’s a total cutie

  2. Normally these babies are taken away.
    Daughter. are sent to dairy factories, they milk her until she’s 18.
    Sons are snuck into chicken slaughter plants and killed

  3. I can totally see how this reduces recidivism. Motivates the mother to get her act together, and quickly. The foster system is a mess and I’m glad they’re together- the child would have turned into a sociopath and future criminal herself had she not gotten to bond with her mother.

  4. I never went to make such a bad decision to the point where I have to raise my baby in prison. I want to make right choices to prevent that because how long will that baby stay there? I hope both of them can have a home

  5. Despite this woman’s flaw of stealing…. she seems to be a very sweet person. The baby is so cute, too!

  6. This correctional facility is doing exactly what all should – correct and rehabilitate. So glad I clicked this video.

  7. I glad u was aloud to keep your baby. But I want to know what it’s like having a period in prison

  8. What breaks my heart is knowing how hard it's going to be for her to financially support this baby after her release. It's almost impossible for previous offenders to get employment or housing. I'm hoping she has a strong support system or will be somehow helped out..

  9. I do question the cost of this program. I would never want the program to end, but I am curious how much it costs to house and support each mom and baby. I would also like to know what happens upon release. Will their be family housing waiting for this mom and baby that will accommodate her and her other children? Will there be that same support system for mom and baby once mom is released? This program is wonderful! A page taken out of the correctional system used in Denmark, Holland, and the Netherlands.

  10. i feel like having a child in prison makes you not do bad things anymore cause you don’t want them to do the same as you

  11. So the baby stays with the mother for 2 yrs? Am I correct? Then, how long does the mother need to stay before she could finally get out of the prison?

  12. Video: inspiring story about an imprisoned mother trying her best to raise her child through difficult times
    99% of comments: OMG did anyone else think she looks exactly like Khloé’s baby??!??!! Lol

  13. I love seeing positivity for once. This looks like a program that has the goal every prison should have: rehabilitation. Glad to see a mother be able to experience her baby despite poor decisions of the past

  14. My wife works in a prison. The mother's and babies program is great, especially if it's your first baby but the transition back to the community, bonding and reconnecting with your other children, has proven to be very hard. It's hard for other kids to see the baby get all the attention while they are often in care of the state. The war on the poor is usually behind these crimes. Mothers trying to provide for kids but losing them while in prison. We need a better, more wholistic strategy.

  15. The judgment is so thick I could cut it and serve it on a plate…Dang! “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” No one is completely judgment free but sheesh…

  16. Idk this program is great but at the same time this secludes the baby from every where else in thee entire world how is the baby gonna respond to this when released with its mother that I'd like to see how it works

  17. What a beautiful baby.
    So adorable.

    Hope the Mom is released with help to gain employment. AND, a new attitude!
    Turns her life around to an amazing success story.

  18. That's a mental health hospital?

    Even my mental health hospital had bars on the windows and alarms everywhere. And that was just the unit for minors. The adults was worse

  19. She should have had it taken from her while she serves her sentence like they do in England, it makes women think twice before doing the crime again


  21. With kids the prisoners have less fights and they are more occupied by there kids that they try to stay away from the drama and that makes it better then the gaurds can control it better

  22. This Woman Should Be Stripped of Her Rights To look After a Child in Prison …Gets to Bond With the Mother NOT the Father…..Must Be Nice To Have TITS & Get away WITH EVERYTHING…..HORRIBLE MOTHERS

  23. I believe we should adopt the system from Canada. They have prisons that are designed to rehabilitate the individual. It looks like a college setting. They are not in cages but in rooms. They are treated like human beings and they have a less recidivsm rate. The prison system we have is based on a punitive system that has this narrow agenda and that is to punish the individual. There should be accountability but what we don't understand is that taking someone FREEDOM is punishment. The inability to go or come as you please. To be told when to eat or take a shower whether male or female….it is a punishment. But what we do in our prison system is that we perpetuate bad behavior by treating the inmates as if they are not human. I endorse and believe in rehabilitation. I believe in redemption. We need to revamp the old ideas we have about vengence and seek a mechanism where these individuals can be helped to reconnect with their humanity and be better citizens. Its a win win for all involved….the inmates, their famlies and society as a whole.

    The program that permit children to remain with their mothers is a great innovative idea. I hope more prisions would take their model and empower mothers to bond with their child while serving out their time. For at the end of the day….that person male or female will eventually be returning to their community. I prefer they return with a new sense of themselves with purpose so that the likelihood of them returning to a life of crime is greatly reduced. Great program.

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