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A Family-Friendly Hike with an OPTION for DANGER: Makapu’u Lighthouse Trail and Tidepools

Hello, and welcome to Hawaii Travels. In
this video we’re gonna show you one of the most popular hiking trails in all of
Oahu- Makapu’u Lighthouse Trail. So let’s get
started. Alright, we’ve gotten parked now, and as
you can see the parking lot is pretty full.
It’s 8:30 right now. I would recommend getting here closer to 7:00 a.m. If you
want a better parking spot, plus the sun is already quite intense. So if you start
a little earlier in the morning, maybe it won’t be so hot. Alright, so we’re just
starting our hike here. The pave “the pave” the trail is nice and paved. It’s paved
the entire way so it’s really easy on your feet. You could get away with
wearing flip-flops but I would still recommend wearing hiking shoes or tennis
shoes. So, it’s kind of peaceful. It’s not totally jam-packed like you would see if
you did Diamond Head trail. But yeah if you come here in the morning,
not many people, which is a good thing. You get a really nice view here and if
you’re lucky you can see humpback whales. The whales tend to visit these coastal
waters from about November to May but you can sometimes see them a little
later into the summer. So I’m just taking a little break here.
There’s not a whole lot of shade on this trail so you’ll want to remember to
bring two things before you start. One is a hat and the second is a water bottle.
Because you’ll definitely get thirsty. Alright so this looks like an okay place
to put the drone up and see what we can see. So we’re getting closer to the top of
the trail here and it’s getting pretty windy so it’s starting to feel nice.
Let’s keep going. Okay so now we’re getting… we reached the top of the trail,
and we have this set of steps here. Now that we’ve reached the top of the
trail you can look down and see this lighthouse which is pretty cool. This is
a nice place to take a rest and get some snaps for your Instagram. You can also
hike down to the lighthouse by taking a little side trail just about one minute
away from the top of the trail, and you’ll see kind of the little side path
that goes down there. Alright, so now we’re on our way back
from the top and we’re about to reach the point where you can I get down the
side of the cliff, and go to the tide pool. So this little
part up here is where the side path starts, and this is where you can hike
down to go down to the tide pool. Now we’re heading down this path as you
can see it’s like this extremely rocky little trail and this is definitely a
path where you’re gonna want to wear some good shoes, because it’s a lot of
loose rock and gravel. And I think if you wear flip-flops or something like that
definitely a bad idea. I don’t think this can be emphasized
enough but this trail is super sketchy and if you don’t wear proper footwear,
yeah, you’re probably going to die. Alright so we reached the bottom, or almost
the bottom anyway. These are the tide pools. After sweating in the Sun for over an
hour on that trail it’s really good to come down here and take a swim.

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