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A Day In A Life Of A Trail Builder

Welcome back you beautiful people. Today’s a very special day I am gonna hang out with the bike park trail crew and I spent a whole day with these dudes Following them around helping them maintain or build a new trail I know they’re doing some work on a few of the trails resurfacing and I heard that one of these trails is actually Gonna be but they get nice neat needs as a guinea pig. So I’m gonna go around with these dudes and I’m gonna Introduce you to them and show the ins and outs of what goes on at a bike park just like this one in Wales Music We’re gonna find the trail crew is uhh we’re gonna follow these guys around and see what they get up to bike park Wales I think this is the place look What’s occurring there’s a name of a trail to show office open, but we’ll find out. Here’s the crew getting ready you ready boys Blake: What are you doing? Worker: reaching up full the full suspension components on here just to keep it over a minute This is crew heading out now we’re gonna catch gonna get on the truck and then go up Nick where are we off to Driver: We’re going to willy waiver and pork-belly Blake: we’re going to pork-belly because they’re doing some maintenance on that So you’re gonna see what the trail crew doing there and then we’re gonna move over To somewhere else to resurface it… on willy waiver Driver:Yeah, and they never reach Blake: nice Safety first dude pork-belly maintenance Resurfacing and reshaped by laser new flurry jump sections a nice, right? Let’s go and see what the crew are up to Oh looks good Nearly sinkholes appeared Just built this new bit of trail. And freshly kept this Bank fat back and a sinkhole appeared in the heavy rain So we’ve dug it out filled it with pudding stone. They just need to top it up. Now. You level it back off Nice don’t flex em all give you Simpson anything ya do Nice nice Okay, the trail crew do work Extremely hard and especially with this bit Who’s Pat in this you pack in it sprayed working out. I’ve got another boy Ricky as well He’s done a good there ten hours was whacking Blake: like look at it Look at oh man. Look at that hip let’s go. Look at that now just think this is your job Building the coolest trails ever. Look at that Blake: man!! Worker:that’s all been running off with the wacker patted in there by hand and a shovel Blake:WHAT!! Blake:Now that is a while weld you sprained worker: that’s been welded twice Blake: twice!! Blake:That took two two three weeks to refurb this trail. I remember riding this trail when It was just like natural raw Blake:Rocky worker: yeah Blake:with a few gaps in down there. Worker:Yeah Blake: I can step down in a big step in Worker:Yeah, Blake:oh you’ve redone that down there OH. Blake: Love a step down look at that. Worker:Yeah, you should be coming down here pretty fast Worker: Yeah, the big gap to the chute and then do the transfer and then for the win Blake: Nice eyes beast… chicken Blake: Gusta. Worker: Buster Blake: oh Buster chicken buster, so no chicken runs here. You have to drop this Throughout Willie waiver and what they’re doing here is they’re resurfacing this trail. This trail is super fast super flowy It’s a blue, but it’s fun Worker:Ya got a bit left and all that sort of blocks from underneath for showing through so we’ll take all them Worker: I add a few more berms and a few more features while we’re there Blake:Do you put little challengeable gaps in because when you’re building a trail. sometimes we call them, worker: sweeteners?Blake: Yeah, sweeteners Worker: Yeah, it’d be kind of safe to ride for everyone of all grades. Yeah, if you’re good enough we can see the landing Blake: Yeah, so Billy’s working with the digger. Billy: Hi So these are the original guys who started building the trails Blake: Now the question, worker:right Blake: that everyone might be wanting to know who names the trails and where are these Willie waver? I hope the tipping Pork-belly. Yeah, they come from him. What’s the other one because Terry’s belly we do a pole low anomaly does a pole where he asks all the staff to come up with names and Then I’ll bee lucky enough to get three through of that wibbly-wobbly and certain bird and then Terry’s belly Which is named after one of our old digger drivers were out there Yeah, Terry he’s quite a portly chap. Yeah. No, he didn’t mind though, he’s quite proud of it was all photos and send you Yeah, him and Oli driving the quad around like an arm chair It’s a hive of activity at the bike park today you got digger training they resurfacing trails over there They’re working on the main road turning it into like a dual carriageway for up Back in the ATV now. Now We are heading where? the guys on their digger tested a surprise image That’s good for they’re doing a digger test a little bit on a mining it What was that elevate drill bit on Aaron it? I don’t know what he said ? Oh hell of a drill drill bit no. Yes. Yeah So it’s not all about trail building It’s also about maintaining the bike parking herself to make it a little bit more easier for everyone to be on their uplift How does this job gonna be harder than we thought it was gonna be we have this lovely new bit of equipment that was supposed to make our job nice and easy and it’s making it easier but Not as easy as we like it to be. Yeah So find a big beard, I’ll be going like oh my dear what do you do you My lunch is over and after building pretty much all Morning, I haven’t done mike has been but now it’s time to test See if it works. If not lean. You can dig it. Yeah What do you think of the trail? Yeah good, I Built it. But yeah, he’s nice You know flows well runs nice a fashion or peddling Into the dragon, it’s a black It’s closed but not for us Now this is what gets my juices Flowing now the trail crew this is they job they make stuff. Oh my gosh that’s deep It’s pretty cool for that high five Done. That’s what you call grass matter Oh My gosh, so the top section of Enter the Dragon Pretty good thumbs up thumbs up to tick that off. Yeah, take the shark fins. Take a day in the life of a trail The trail crew dig in the morning kind of get it finished test out sections ride your bike And carry on digging or carry on riding the trails finished so good Music What’s prettiest up seven core to eight yeah familiar. That’s a long day, right? We’ll finish we’re off the mountain Duncan I had a nice little shred down to finish it off the day There you go day in the life of the trail crew at Bike Park Wales. We’ve got Billy we got Stew We’ve got Duncan and we got Ricky mine all out here giving giving you guys the fun and myself all these trails to ride Thank you very much guys If you want to see some more rad content Don’t forget to hit the globe to subscribe and if you want to see another Video on how to build a small jump click over here. Give us a thumbs up like if you love bike park wales, see ya

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100 thoughts on “A Day In A Life Of A Trail Builder

  1. I've been to bike park Wales twice now and although there is not many trails I can actually ride there is still plenty to keep me entertained on just the blues and some of the easier reds. If only it wasn't a 4 hour drive away.

  2. Big, big. giant thank you to all this people who are part of the crews of trial builders 🙇🙌🚲🌲👍

  3. There's always something riders can do to help build/maintain trails. The more folks help, the less burden on a few.

  4. That looks so sick I can’t wait to go to bike park Wales in a couple of weeks and ride all those newly refurbished trails🤙🤙🤙🤙

  5. Blake is easily one of the coolest dudes on this planet!!!! Awesome video. Cool to see a pupper in the vid. More pups in the future!!! Trail crew seems like a cool bunch.

  6. Juices are flowing as we are hitting BPW next Monday, just not as hard as you hit them Blake, unfortunately.
    Keep up the great work gents.

  7. Great inspiration for this year's trip to Wales. I missed Pork Belly last year, but it's now on the list. Thanks for all your hard work guys.

  8. Great vid, Blake is a ledgend. I live very close to BPW and have never been. Pretty new to mountain biking so I'll pop in and have a go on the blues, to see how I get on.

  9. Respect to all the trail builders in mountain biking world. Thanks to them we all can have fun shredding the trails. Keep up the good work & God bless y'all! And thanks gmbn for this awesome video!

  10. Nice insight into trail building and maintenance.
    Great stuff Blake and #GMBN
    And not forgetting great stuff and effort to all Trail builders/maintainers 👍👊🤘

  11. I’ve done a lot of trail building in northern Virginia at my local trails whenever there’s a dig day or upcoming race and I’ve helped build trails over spring brake at a little place called Windrock Bike Park. Met some people that I’m still friends with while I was at it and had the time of my life.

  12. You missed a golden opportunity there Blake @10:14, you should've said, "…and we got Ricky Martin, Livin' La Vida Loca!"

  13. Did anyone else catch the “what child is this” Christmas music during the trail riding part near the end?

  14. What language was he speaking @ 3:00 ?? I've listened to it 5 times and I honestly have no clue what he was saying

  15. Looks like a ton of fun but anyone who's actually slapped up a big jump or huge roller like some of those knows its not easy!

  16. Yeeeaaa guy Blake a niceses medis of Gestio in yuor paid guy. Cya from the Santig of Chile 🇨🇱 saluds Tod's the program GMBN chou ryalment good. day 👍👍👍👍♥️♥️.

  17. That'l put some arms on ya.
    An some legs and fingers oh and can't forget blisters
    The path finders , trail smackers ,and shovel jockies
    Creating new lines. This is why I look so good and trailing effortlessly because of this prep work. They say prep work is 90% of the outcome.
    Thanks for all you trail prepers do, the unsung hero's of down hillen baby.
    A day without air is like a day without air.

  18. How did I understand hell of a drill bit, and I live an ocean away. I think you need to clean out your good ear, mate.

  19. There is a huge hill area near whrere I live, it is for the most part untouched by man, with a few natural trails here and there. I love riding there because there are lots of jumps, I dont know who built/builds them. But one day there was this awesome wooden stepdown. One or two weeks past and there was still no landing, so to thank the mystery trail builder I built a landing for it. Ever since that I've been building jumps there but sadly have not met that mystery builder.

  20. Thanks for the job well done guys hope that give people a bit more respect to the work going into the trail's we ride. 🤔

  21. I worked on Whistler bike park trail crew and it was kinda like this but we didn’t have to wear safety helmet or vests

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