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A 16-hour hike in Rizal, Philippines (Ft. Daniel Matsunaga, Tifa Elezali and Hans Weiser)

How’s life after 12 hours of hiking? (laughs) Actually, I’m still hyped up. (chuckles) Yeah really? I’m worried. (laughs) I don’t have signal for…. Oh yeah yeah! for so long and… It means you’re living your life man. Yeah. My wife. I told her I would text her by 2pm. (laughs) When I was young I always wondered where do water come from or what does it look like Just lately, we are fortunate enough to have the privilege of exploring places not many people can gain access to. Best part is you get the chance to share it with awesome people. To inspire and to care. Basically, our main objective is to ocular an old route if it’s suitable for ecotourism In this way, not only it will give livelihood to the local community but with the right management, this will protect its landscape from more destructive forms. In this trip we have…. So I brought Nano whose a Neophyte and wanted to try out mountaineering. It will be his third hike. Then Dan’s group wanted to do something new and difficult. it starts from here. So here’s the route we are taking. We first go to the summit of Mt. Kapananan then traverse down to a rarely used route heading down to Tayabasan River Junction Then check a basin then go back then traverse to Riwariw falls then headback to the jump off. We initially thought we could finish this in 12 hours. It’s fun and adventurous alright, but it’s not always entirely comfortable. Breakfast done. Food: check! Gatorade: check! Off to… Where are we going bro? Uhhh.. to the mountain. (chuckles) Obviously! Rodriguez, Rizal Rodriguez, Rizal So let’s do this Rodriguez… Rizal? Main objective is to map out a new route to Mt. Kapananan down to the waterfalls then to Lanawan Ridge and then we are going to do a river trek We’re going to go to a falls? Probably the estimated length of trail would be like 25 kilometers. Yeah? Yyyeah. That’s awesome man. And lots of exposure. To the sun? yyyeaah. (chuckles) Obviously again. Ayt ayt, Let’s do this. So we started hiking at 2:30am….. So it’s 2:30. We’re supposed to leave at two. so we’re 30 minutes late. We’re a group of uhhh… 15 deranged individuals It’s gonna be fun. Everyone’s crazy everyone’s cuckoo He’s being like the king of cuckoos Not really. But watch for more footages It’s gonna be fun. It’s gonna be a long hike It’s gonna be scorching… It will be. It will be. Especially… I’m so excited about this team. Due to our excitement, we spent the first two-three hours talking non-stop. Alright. We made it! To the first campsite (laughs) Where’s Simon? Sy? You good? (whispers) Yeah. Hello! How ya doin? We’re…we’re eight percent complete based on my miscalculations (laughs) We’re almost not there. Pretty much most uhhh like half the time Dan and I were being motivational speakers. We make them run. “We make them run” (chuckles) So that’s why I’m staying in front also to be a motivational speaker also More of like you’ll demotivate them. Oh that’s right bro (laughs) Cause I’m here? No we found a turtle. In the shape of what? (laughs) Shape of a person (laughs) shape of a person Shall we name names? I’m all ears. We’re not saying it’s Liza and Chill. (laughs) “Chilling” Very slow Chilllllling. and looks like a Liiiiiizza. (laughs) like a Liza. I would get viewers if… I put the tagline Daniel Matsunaga fell? (laughs) Right Sy? (laughs) Whow! You see? You see? Karma. Karma is real bro. Karma (laughs) You almost fell (laughs) Rules of life if your parents disown you go hiking and make fun of turtles Excellent advice bro. Oh sh*t dude! (laughs) Spiders and ants man There’s a Nat Geo moment here The ant is going to mate with a spider. Nicolo has been hiking with us for seven kilometers now. We weren’t completely warmed up yet so we basically ate and drank more food than we should have. Oh we’re here! oh yeah! Whoo! Oh my goodness. Summit. 5:35am Congrats buddy. Nice Dan. We reached the summit 30 mins earlier than scheduled That gave us enough time to take pictures Boy, these guys love to take their shirts off It was all fun and easy Hi guys! How’s the gruelling eight kilometer hike to the summit? It was risky, crazy but it was really really nice. I hate the grass. Really? (laughs) it’s itchy all over Spell itchy. “Chill” (laughs) Hey fellas. Whaaat’s up? What happened earlier? It’s pain. Hey man. What’s up? What happened? Sh*t happened. Sh*t happened but it’s worth it right? Yes. C’mon look at this. Look at this. It’s so seductive. This view. Amazing. We’ll do everything for nice pictures. It’s like you don’t want to go down anymore. Sup man? You like the view? Look at this millenials man. Sup man? Is it worth it? Definitely. Hold up. Time check: 6:24am and we’re suppose to go down what? 6:30? Right? Yeah yeah. Everyone’s fit. Everybody’s busy. This guy’s eating a pandesal. This guy is uh… He’s doing his… Facetime? Selfies. and working yeah. My food can do selfies. See? I taught my food to do selfies. See that? See that pandesal? And then see this pandesal? Yeah uh-huh. It’s awesome. Yeah I’m proud of my body. (laughs) I am. I am. Dude put on your shirts man. (laughs) Because of your nipple hair you get two more subscribers. But little do they know, the sufferfest starts here… So finally we’re done the guys are done with their photoshoot and we’re off to the falls now. This is the part where the trail becomes wild Thorns, insects, loose soil and wild plants Thankfully it was tad cloudy at that time That made descending part easier Ants were picking us most of the time It was a very long way down By that time we were all tired and starving. Balls. Swollen. (laughs) What’s he doing there? Oh wow he’s fierce man. He’s really into the bamboo. He won’t let go. Hey there’s blood man. Careful man. Careful. Maybe there’s snake inside. No no there’s something inside man. The dog wants to eat it. He can smell it. It’s here. Hey Tifa! Sup? You’ve only experienced like… like…a portion of a brutal… descent. Yeah. Are you prepared for more? Yeah of course. First it was darkness Now it’s like bending over challenge. (laughs) Faaaaiiill! (laughs) Fail!!! huhuhu I’m taking perverse pleasure of what’s happening to you. all that pain all that… Now what? (laughs) Now see there…. I’ll pull out these. Yeah yeah. We’re going over there. Still far. Yeah so… Don’t rely… (laughs) It’s not only me!!!! It’s not only me! So what happened now is Tifa used his big muscles to rip off trees. Pure strength! Rawwwr! I’m just holding the tree. Slippery. Falling with style. Struggles of a vlogger. The struggle is real bro. Itchy Nano? Why are you Dancing dude? Let’s go dude! Go! (laughs) For the love of the vlog man. We’re supposed to keep it real. It’s the first sighting of the river man. So glad. Yeah! Feels good man. Finally saw the river. Lucikly Jerry, Mhong and the other awesome awesome guides prepared some goodies Jerry Zata This is the true celebrity here. It’s a local gourmet. It’s called kamoteng kahoy. So I haven’t tried kamoteng kahoy. This guy’s adventurous enough. How is it bro? Good. Part of the plan was to check the basin 30 mins away This is the part that we depleted our food, water and strength. After the assessment and debates whether we should proceed to the falls we all decided to go even if it means more pain. Fun and strong group If you fall your head will be there. Your arms will be there. Your feet will be there eaten by crabs. It’s kinda raw and dangerous. No you have to show them how dangerous this is. Yeah. We’re just walking on the edge. (laughs) Seriously. Yeah we are. But it’s nice. Yeah (laughs) This is what Tifa is talking about. like it’s so sketchy. There’s a cliff here. It’s a narrow. narrow path here. One false move you go aaaall the way to the river. Half of your body will be there your head will be there and your arms will be there. and the dogs will probably eat you. This is where we started to build character After 13 hours of hiking Many of us are beaten up With the lack of food and water, all we can do is motivate each other and eat whatever leftovers we had. oh yes! Beaten. Wasted. But not broken. Almost 12 hours now. (laughs) We still have like two hours more at least. I still have uh…a bit of energy. But do you have enough water for that? uhhh not really but… we’re still a go. Yeah we’ll fight. We’ll fight. The landscape was beautiful I keep coming back to this part to admire its majesty And I’m glad I’m sharing this with people who has a great love and respect towards nature and being part of an experience that’s truly remarkable. This is why I love doing these trips is because you get to embend yourself with the landscape and slowly move through it so you can truly appreciate how beautiful the place this is The last part was like our final exam With all the suffering, these are the moments that makes the trip awesome in the end. At the end of the trip we were joking how much we were suffering and how heinous the trip was But the reality is that this is kind of a luxury We were lucky to have let ourselves suffer like this The neophyte. You’re going to do all the driving bro. While you’re driving and when we get to Manila I’ll be sleeping man. Let’s do this again tomorrow? Yes. Yeah. Definitely right? (laughs) yyyeeaahh. Yes it’s piece of cake. My favorite part would be the the part that I fell like six times already? and I almost died 20 times. (chuckles) yeah. But it’s nice you know. And you’d still consider this for beginners right? Yeah yeah. Cool man. Yeah it’s for beginners. Awesome man Everybody should join. Yeah. It’s an amazing experience. Yeah you should be here guys because you gonna… be a better person. You gonna… (chuckles) Be spiritual? Yeahhh Cause I’ve been praying to God for like.. 12 hours straight? I like your recovery pose man. One of the coolest things about this trip is we get to understand how the locals live and how we have helped them by aiding tourism As much as I love mountaineering it really doesn’t matter But it’s nice to do something that has a bigger impact to the world Something that will actually matter that will affect the quality of people’s lives Something that I have been meditating about that applies to both mountaineering and environmental projects that I have been working on is these little steps that contribute to a big and long term goals that seems insurmountable if you think about the whole thing Then when you start doing it little by little you realize that it is possible. Congrats dude! Congrats man! Yeah man! 16 hours! Yeah yeah! Strong! Duuuuude! Congrats duuude! Yeah! Where have you been? Congrats! I was just in the car just fixed something. Congrats! Congrats! Congrats! Yeah! A trip like this sounds reeeeaaaalllyyy exhausting Hiking in the dark descending steep trails swimming rock scrambling and bit of free soloing and before you know it you can’t believe already accomplished alot. Yeah there’s tons of pain and exhaustion but at the same time there’s a lot of beauty and laughter really special moments and it all combines to this unforgettable life experience At the end of the day, it’s about being with good friends on an awesome adventure.

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