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9 – Thailand – Hike and Bike in the Doi Pui National Park, Thailand

Had a great day of hiking and biking with
Chiang Mai Mountain Biking. Up the mountain in the truck and then I prepared to hike the
jungle with Bird, Amber and Senna. The jungle is incredibly lush and green. These huge root
systems. There are many things you could eat and then a few you probably shouldn’t. Next
up were the insects. Many which were not very shy about attaching themselves to us. And
others who were hoping to stay hidden. And of course there were ants, ants and even more
ants everywhere you stepped. A few steps further and we finally made it to the reptile department.
A cameilan which was quite well hidden. And finally the elusive snake, who once we found,
we didn’t stop looking for the rest of the trek. At the top of the mountain there was
a Hmong village. Where we basically just loaded up our bikes, said hello to the kids and got
ready to pedal back down the mountain. Unfortunately it had started to rain. That made it quite
a slippery wet ride all the way back down the mountain. We did take time to stop and
see what there might be in the way of snacks. Here a few fresh lichee fruits. It gave us
enough energy to get back down the hillside where we finally made it to the bottom. It
was defiantly one of the highlights of the trip so far, a great trek up the mountain
and back down on a bike.

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