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8 o 9 Cosas que no suelo olvidar en rutas de Invierno

Hi good morning Im Bites, Mr Bites You can call me bites. That one over there Melon, sorry im nervous Melon is the famous one You can see him in all the videos You all know him But the hard work, at the other side, its made by me Its done by Mr Bites Im the one carrying the backpack The one that makes the coffee The one that once we get home He says he clean and arrange everything No, its me 2 weeks ago I got the oportunity to appear in a video And many of you ask about me Me to appear more So Melon asked me to appear in some videos That he will need the help I think he wants more subscribers I will try my best Bites, dont get too far You got too far with the coffee, its too strong He is right, I will let him appear A bit in some videos And who knows Maybe he gets his own channel in the future Hi there from Melon Bites A beautiful day This Sun This views Its a bit cold, but nice Before anything, about this jacket Some of you would say, its the one from Aegismax… Yes it is, but ask the seller if they fix the problems I bought it a year ago, and had some issues Sleeves where too short, and to wide No elastic at the end I had to repair it so I could use it The down, looks good quality But the sleeves, terrible I was a few weeks ago around here With some snow Was a video about after trail routine And that video I did not mention things that I usually carry in winter From my viewpoint About 8 or 9 things That I usually dont forget to bring In winter day hikes Not talking about sleeping out there Just hikes with cold weather For this I need a backpack For my use, for day hikes Including my camera gear I need at least Around 25 Liters Less for me, its not useful. Lets start with number one I always carry it, its so small Dont like to bring big bulky hats As I told you in another video I like this one Its made from Merino Its light, thin, elastic Dries well, breathe well So if it is windy or cold Its a light protection In second place, gloves If you see my videos, you will see I do not use them too much I have hot hands If im walking, I dont use them In extreme temperatures, of course I use them They are a must in your backpack I never forget them I bring one or 2 pairs Sometimes I also bring my thin ones So I can use both together And if one pair is wet, I can use the others The 3 important, hat, gloves, socks And 3, Socks Very important I use merino whool I feel the difference with normal socks Even, wet they will keep you warm Would not let them wet, and would not recommend To walk in snow with runners, like some do Bring a extra pair, not as me today Very important winter as well A warm jacket I dont care, down or fiber Each one has its adventages You choose, dont let your down get wet Would not recommend these jackets for hiking Just use them when you stop, To eat or in camp. Use just when you feel cold When you stop take off your normal jacket And put the warm one on Will help with your own heat, It feels great If it is light, and it compress well, a lot better To complement the warm jacket You need a regular active jacket A good option is a fleece jacket But try to find a breathable one We need to breath while we are moving Therefore dont use cotton So we stay dry and comfortable And when your are not moving you can use the other one And lastly you need and exterior layer For me it depends on the forecast Sometimes I use my rain jacket Or my windbraker And sometimes my loved poncho But you need at least one Food of course One thing I carry in winter is chocolate This one is a 85% chocolate This with a hot coffee….. Seriously, bring more food than usual In Summer, water is important, in winter we need food So brin an extra I lost track of numbers Your cell phone, a must in summer or winter In winter bring it next to you, so batteries last more I bring it in my pants or jacket Its our main tool For many things And lastly, an external battery I mention it many times, but in winter can save us At home, its useless A small one like this works great I hate when my phone battery is dying I dont know if count numbers well or not But basically its all These are the things i try not to forget Come on Mr Bites Ok ok Just wanted to mention These tips are only ideas Are not intended to be the best Probably there are better ways Common Bites Im comming, I got more weight than you

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26 thoughts on “8 o 9 Cosas que no suelo olvidar en rutas de Invierno

  1. Eiiii gracias por las sugerencias 👏👏👏, muy buenas e imprescindibles algunas.
    Yo en las salidas invernales con algo de nieve tengo la regla de las Tres G, Gorro,Guantes y Gafas de Sol
    Gracias por los videos!!!!

  2. At other outdoor channel someone recommended a down jacket from Decathlon if you want a cheaper one. I think it's their own brand Forclaz for 50 euro. Looks decent for price.

  3. buenos días, mira Melon te sugiero que estés muy atento a che bite no vaya a coger mucha confianza, no me parece un tipo de fiar

  4. En invierno hay que llevar casi de todo, aquí por el norte durante todo el año, muy buen vídeo, un saludo a los dos!!!.

  5. Genial video. Ese desdoblamiento me ha parecido divertidísimo, tienes un arte especial para la comedia. Además, los consejos son muy buenos, se nota que salen del ensayo error de hacer rutas y rutas.
    Me ha encantado este video, a la altura del de Navidad del año pasado, me quedo esperando el siguiente.
    Un saludo.

  6. Hola, porque dices que al parar hay que quitarse el forro y ponerse el plumas? No sería mejor ponerse el plumas/fibra encima del forro? Buen vídeo!

  7. Respecto al equipo, yo no soy muy amigo del black fryday, pero aproveché este año que parece que sí hay buenas ofertas ( en Forum Sport en concreto) y me equipé para varios años: plumas de Ternua ( de 240 a 135), y dos forros polares ( un North Face de 100 a 75 € fino, y uno grueso de Trango ( 144 a 88€). Ahora ando detrás de un Gore tex packlite, a ver en las rebajas de enero. En cosas que te van a durar años, merece la pena gastar algo más y si se está atento a las ofertas se pueden conseguir buenos ahorros.

  8. Enhorabuena a los dos gemelos 🙂 Yo añadiría buff, ya que te quita mucho frío de la cara y la garganta y frontal. Cualquier liada, extravío, esguince… Sin frontal, picas vivac casi fijo

  9. No sabía que tenías un hermano gemelo llamado Mr. Bites 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    Muy buenos consejos todos Cristian. Yo creo que lo más importante es tener ropa de recambio en todas partes porque el principal responsable de la hipotermia es por tener la ropa mojada o húmeda.
    Un abrazo grande crack 🖐🏻

  10. Hi Melon and Bites 🙂 can you suggst me a cheap syntethic (no down) insulation jacket? Maybe from Aliexpress. Thnax!

  11. Mr.Bites te comprendo .
    Tu como yo, hacemos el trabajo duro y después los otros se llevan las medallas.🎖🎖🏅🏆
    Por cierto buen vídeo.
    Y buenos consejos .
    Ten paciencia con tu jefe y no te preocupes que algún día se nos reconocerá nuestra labor.
    Dale recuerdos a Melon.

  12. Vídeo muy entretenido como siempre! Que aplicación es la que se ve en el minuto 8:00?? Muchas gracias y a seguir así!

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