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8 lb Raising Cane’s Family Pack Eating Challenge (25 Chicken Fingers) w/ “Raina is Crazy”

Raising Cane’s is all about the chicken
fingers. It’s also the scene for my next big eating challenge with Reina is crazy
basically our challenge was to consume an entire tailgate party pack by
ourselves that’s 25 chicken fingers over 2 pounds of delicious french fries and
10 slices of Texas toast Reina never ate at Cannes before but it is one of my
favorite places to chow down with no fanfare no BS and no Stalin we’re gonna
find out how many chicken fingers two people can eat welcome back to another freak eating
challenge shout out to hungry Empire on Instagram for making this special
challenge possible it was done to coincide with national chicken fingers
day which is July 27th and I must say everything came together deliciously
Raising Cane’s is actually one of my favorite places to eat and every time I
visit my buddy Pablo in Phoenix we gotta eat there this was my first time doing a
video with cans and obviously the portion sizes were out of control
the largest combo on the standard menu is the canny AK combo and it only gives
you six chicken fingers this tailgate pack gave us 25 fingers each and
according to the website that’s no less than 3 pounds of fried chicken if you’re
unfamiliar with Kane’s a chicken finger is basically a fried chicken strip with
a different name I find it delectable they use a unique seasoning blend and
give you something called cane sauce to dip it in the Kane’s special sauce
reminds me of a spicy Thousand Island it’s not too spicy and I always make
sure to use it Rayna may have been unfamiliar with Kane’s going in but more
importantly neither of us expected to see the quantity of food that was served
to us we did expect the 25 fingers that’s true
but we thought we’d be getting normal-sized portions of fries Texas
toast and maybe coleslaw instead we received matching tailgate platters of
fries and toast we knew immediately that it would be the sides that would destroy
us the carb quantity was nearly
overwhelming it also made it difficult to strategize with so much of everything
in front of you and keeping in mind that the chicken itself was breaded it was
hard to know where to focus I started with the chicken and added in fries as I
went while Reyna soon began to dump all of
her food into one of the trays she resorted to her usual strategy of
pouring beverage into the tray and mashing all the food together to make it
easier to chew and swallow my food was going to remain in its original format
win or lose Rayna strategy works great in a speed-eating environment but a
large quantity of food in front of us suggested that neither of us were going
to get it done quickly I also restricted my beverage intake as
much as possible to save room on the one hand but also to prevent soaking up the
bread and potato in my stomach competitive eaters argue over the impact
of water causing starchy foods to expand and while I don’t have a clear answer
for you I prefer to play it safe the dipping sauces
both Cannes special sauce and a honey mustard that I didn’t know they carried
continued to help keep the challenge interesting for me the fries are crispy
and generally a very high quality but the amount of them was daunting I
understood why Elena lumped everything together just because three trays looked
immense and one didn’t look so bad but in any case it was a humongous amount of
food to eat in one sitting at the table we actually debated how much food this
really was the staff admitted they don’t weigh their food typically but going off
of nutritional guides and the menu they estimated the total challenge – drinks
at about six and a half to seven pounds well it sure didn’t feel like six and a
half to seven pounds it felt closer to nine maybe more it was much harder than
the nine pound burrito we ate a couple weeks back at moments it felt almost as
difficult as the 36 doughnuts but less sugary and so it was possible to push
past the pain and keep going because there was no sugar rush my feeling is
that this challenge was so difficult because everything needed to be chewed
up well as opposed to the burrito and even the pizza which contained a lot of
creamy and saucy elements that could be swallowed whole it isn’t easy to swallow
Texas toast hole and at one point I finally resorted to dunking the bread to
soften it up what I thought was unthinkable actually
happened around the 40-minute mark Reina was essentially unable to continue
rather than risk a reversal of fortune she stopped eating this massive challenge highlighted our
different strengths as competitors and no doubt Rana will need to think up some
new approaches to take down the massive challenges the truly big challenges that
can’t be finished in 10 or 15 minutes I’ve always been able to eat for the
long haul and tackle the longer challenges so once I saw Rana slowing
down around 30 minutes I knew I’d have a shot I felt confident about finishing
the food don’t get me wrong but I wasn’t sure I’d be able to finish first time
was called at 45 minutes once I had the last bite in my mouth I’m not going to
lie it became very difficult at the end those last few pieces of Texas toast
felt like they took me forever you’re buildin I told you after they are Oh the guys for winning the challenge
I received a Raising Cane’s prize package I haven’t opened it yet mainly
because I can’t think about Cannes right now thank you too hungry Empire and
Raising Cane’s Ontario for putting this challenge together and thank you to
Reyna for doing another collaboration video with me you’re damn good so I will
still be on my toes when we do a challenge again thank you to everyone
who watch this video at home smash that like button if you enjoyed it and I will
see you next time till we eat again stay in school don’t do drugs and eat like a

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100 thoughts on “8 lb Raising Cane’s Family Pack Eating Challenge (25 Chicken Fingers) w/ “Raina is Crazy”

  1. Wow ,way to go both !!
    Did that satisfy your craving+love for canes freakeating? 😉👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻💞💙

  2. If possible Naader, could you try and angle the camera onto you alone in the future like how the Taco and Burrito were because I love these videos but the sight of Raina's pig through is putting me off.

  3. Wow you both where and are awesome. You both have different styles but you both get the job done. Congratulations

  4. For BOTH of you, it looked like your hardest challenge yet! One thing I've heard is Raising Cane's is REALLY damn good food, though!!

  5. She's disgusting to watch. I couldn't even finish your video. I get that it's a speed eating technique but, it's not that serious. Looks like she's eating 💩💩💩

  6. Way to go Teach, you are a Freak, Crazy with her usual sloppiness was much more contained within the tins. You both did great!

  7. Great commentary Naader. Great victory. I love your collaborations with Raina. I don’t get the people criticizing her. Raina is awesome!

  8. hehe you got raina that time, just a bit too much for her, its amazing both of you could eat that much, seriously…she almost managed it. but holy shit naader you got that hollow leg 😉

  9. No food competition should be altered with liquid in my own opinion(even though this isn't really an actual "comp")

  10. I had this discussion with someone on one of Raina’s vids. The dude made a comment like “why is he called FreakEating” like he wasn’t impressed on the Pizza Challenge you both did. I explained that Raina has great speed but Nader has elite capacity. He eats at modest pace (for a Pro, still way faster than a normal eater) but has insane capacity limits.

  11. I don't like their sauce. I would bring in my own sauces. Sweet and sour, BBQ, ketchup, etc.
    But, great job. Their chicken is great, but not a fan of the sauce.

  12. Lol this is a challenge? I ate 2 Cainac combos as a snack before going home and eating pizza, I have a pretty physically active job and workoit but i could inhale that easy if i was REALLY hungry

  13. She probably ate like that because it's a speed eating strategy. I agree it doesn't look great, but I think she just did it because it was a challenge.

  14. This is amazing food and my favorite place to eat but raina made it worse and I got so sick to my stomach!!🤮😖

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