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78 goats killed to protect Oahu’s watershed, more to die

And the hunters won’t stop until they’re ALL wiped out… This one could stir up some controversy… KITV4’s Brenton Awa is live in Makapu’u to explain what’s going on… We’re out here near Sea Life Park. this is one of the spots on oahu where the states been doing controlled hunts to get rid of what it says is a rapidly growing goat population. If you look behind us on that hillside you might notice some patches of loose rocks where the brush has been cleared out. We’re told the goats are destroying and uprooting plants causing the ground the be exposed — and one of the problems from that is that loose rocks then start tumbling down the hill. So far — the state has removed 78 goats from the area since its first hunt just over a year ago. Its Mission is to protect the watershed, where we get our water from. It’s goal is to remove every last goat from this area. Officials we spoke with say the goats are an invasive species and pose a critical threat to the habitat. 420 – 436 “I THINK THE BEST WAY FOR PEOPLE TO UNDERSTAND IT MAYBE IS TO THINK ABOUT WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF YOU HAD A HERD OF GOATS OR PIGS COMING INTO YOUR YARD. IF YOU HAD EVEN ONE GOAT OR PIG IN YOUR GARDEN YOU WOULDN’T TOLERATE THAT FOR VERY LONG. JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN’T SEE THE ANIMALS OUT IN THE FOREST DOESN’T MEAN THEY’RE NOT DOING THE SAME THING.” Meanwhile we spoke with over a dozen residents in the area. All of them opposed the way the state is handling this issue. One of the main concerns is that the group who’s hunting the goats are shooting the animals and leaving some carcasses behind on the land to rot. People out here saying that’s not pono … They would’ve liked the opportunity to get rid of the goats differently and save that meat to eat and feed hers. Were going to have more on this story coming up at 10. We want to hear your thoughts on this issue — whether your for saving the watershed, for saving the animals or somewhere in between, log onto our Facebook page and tell us what you think. Live near makapuu I’m Brenton Awa for kitv4

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