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60_Singing and Cruising in the Rain

Today’s journey starts at the ship inn in Haskayne and we travel the three miles to Scarisbrick Marina where we are
due to leave Dunworkin while we travel back to Kent for grandparenting
commitments. The countryside here is mainly flat cultivated lowlands which on
a pleasant day would be populated with walkers and fishermen we
were not so lucky with the weather and within minutes of casting off the
heavens opened and didn’t stop until we were moored up in the marina
however the wildlife didn’t seem to mind the rain good morning everybody and welcome to
our vlog you join us on a hmm kind of spitting a little yeah cloudy overcast
day it’s a little bit on the windy side and I think if we had a choice we
probably wouldn’t move would we no but we are booked into
Skelly’s Brooke marina. Scarisbrick Marina which is about an hour or so
probably hour to an hour or so yeah it’s about an hour to an hour and a
half away so we booked in to arrive there today yep and we’re gonna be
leaving the boat there while we go back to Kent for a week yep so so yeah so we
have to move today it’s a little bit on the windy side it was really windy
yesterday. Oh, is that sunshine coming through those clouds. It just peek down like on us, like a little spotlight!
yeah so we left Liverpool a week ago and we’ve kind of been hanging around a
little bit that was great yeah we loved it didn’t we . yeah
we might go back we might go back before we head south we’ll see, we might do yeah
well thing I lost my train of thought now was I say yeah we left Liverpool a week
ago so we’ve just been hanging back a little bit because we knew we had this
booking to into Scarisbrick today so we’re in Haskayne, we’ve
been here for about four or five days I suppose and yeah and it’s been it’s been
okay isn’t it yeah it’s been good. Theres a pub, just there , we’ve been there a couple of times what was it called, The ship the ship Inn it’s really nice worth going in
yeah it’s very nice don’t go in pubs very often no but that was quite nice
saw some people here we’d like or we visited yeah we’ve seen some friends
yeah we’ve went round some friends yep a nice Eve dinner at friends yeah
that was good and yeah so we’re just moving on now yeah so hope you enjoy our
trip to Scarisbrick from Haskayne yeah it’s exciting it’s not really that
exciting I think it is. so we are just moving away from Haskayne and heading down towards Scarisbrick. there’s the Ship where we were
moored up Ship inn a really nice pub Thats the Ship Inn there, I think I think if I
remember reading rightly it was reputed to have been one of the first pubs on
the canals I think the Leeds and Liverpool canal
construction started around about here very nice Club the Mersey motorboat club
very nice place and its just starting to rain, and its tipping it down,it is lovely weather we said it might rain didn’t we , Absolutely lovely weather I was going to keep the cover up, then I wouldn’t have got wet. and that’s what I think I should have done. In hindsight, but hindsight is a wonderful thing. but never mind its still a nice cruise just a bit wet that’s all if the filming a little bit shaky you’ll have to excuse me. I think Eileen is hiding under the
bridge and wait for me. I’ll pick her up I think probably what we’ll do I think she’s hiding under the bridge
waiting for me think I’ll pick her up she was gonna walk but I think if this
rain carries on then she probably won’t she’s a little bit wet the boat and
Eileen here we go I better pull over. well within minutes I was setting off it has the heavens are opened and it’s
absolutely tipping down there wasn’t supposed to rain today but there you go
Pat did manage to throw me a jacket but you couldn’t pull in because there was
lots of leaves and weeds on the on the towpath side so I’ve legged it up to the
bridge and taken refuge under here until he gets here so I don’t suppose we’re
gonna get much filming done today but we’ll see how it goes where are we honey ? can you get on
big girls jump – without slipping whoop! whoop! this is lovely isn’t it. are you enjoying this? We got an umbrella up its moving all over the place at the moment. well we should’ve left the cover up love
I think don’t you the only problem with leaving the cover up, is that you can’t see very much. It all steams up tell me you could say very much why
You can’t see much anyway no! my glasses have all steamed up put the cover up and it all steams up, you’ll be dry but you can’t see anything that’s true, that’s what I find anyway true, true, I prefer to cruise with it down anyway not necessarily really we normally cruise
on a day like this would we? I’ll speed it up a little bit we do need to get there sorry about the noise of the rain on the
umbrella but he’s kind of keeping us a bit dry oh it’s it’s an experience Its all an experience you gotta cruise in the rain at least
once hopefully it’ll slow down so the Ducks don’t mind it do they it’s duck weather singing in the rain, just sing in the
rain what a glorious feeling I’m happy again. Thats the only bit you know isn’t it? now we are in shorts and t-shirts yeah shorts t shirt and sandals it’s decided to tip it down. its decided to persistitate. looks like it’s a tea boat I wonder if that is the same sculptor as did the Ribble Piddler He’s looking up in the sky as if to say Why is it raining? I haven’t lined the framed up or anything. yeah when we came down here this will reminds us all this wet
weather when we came down here there’s a farmer’s field just over there are over
there and we didn’t get any of it on video we
didn’t get any but the farmer had got his pump sucking
water out of the canal and he was spraying with the sprayer across the
fields and the sprayer was just sort of doot doot doot doot doot doot like that
you know they go and we came down and I noticed that it went across the
canal the water that was sprayed across the canal so
I tried to time it right so that we weren’t under the water when it went
past and I speed it up as much as I could
fortunately just literally just as we got to it it came across it
the whole machine turned around and we got absolutely soaked
with muddy water straight out of the canal it was it was really funny
you didn’t find it funny I did yeah I didn’t know didn’t try so hard not to
get sprayed by this thing but ahh well, never mind we did have a bit of a giggle about it I
we do it did but you know what it took a lot cleaning off the boat
oh it’s sprayed all the mud everywhere didn’t it about the sprayed with muddy
water yeah and and it’s it marked the boat didn’t it yeah yeah we
are too clear to get polish and polish you yeah it was
it wasn’t funny but I just wish we had filmed it because it would have looked
like a sketch comedy with really really well I couldn’t have timed it worse really we gonna get there we’re gonna get there and suddenly it went whoosh, straight over us. and I just run inside didn’t I. I just had to stand there, I was in
t-shirt and shorts and I could stand there while I could see all
this water cascading down on top of me and I knew I knew and I’ll show you the field that’s the field over there that it
happened where the farmers plant over there
they sprayed straight across the canal thanks for watching leave a comment down
below we try to answer every one if you liked our video please give it the
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30 thoughts on “60_Singing and Cruising in the Rain

  1. Nice catch with the Kingfisher at the end. Shame about the rain and poor Eileen sheltering under the bridge. I'd loved to have seen you being showered by the farmer's sprinkler. Just be thankful he wasn't spraying manure. Thanks again for sharing.

  2. Lovely vlog, I hate it when it rains & you've got no cover up lol , we borrowed my dads boat which was a back drive one , & we wanted to get to shard low, but we had to get through the lock first before that , & it absolutely pelted it down, & we could'nt get the cover up in time , so we looked like drowned rats by the time we got to shardlow lol . Loved the kingfisher at the end . 👍☔

  3. Hi there,
    We can recommend the food at Scarsbrick Marina we stayed to have some work done on our narrowboat they all made us welcome ,Daniel the boss,sister Sarah and Wayne .Enjoyed the vlog …..

  4. all that miserable whining about the rain. you have no idea how fortunate you are to experience such an event as a prolonged summer downpour.

  5. Hi guys hope your both well, l have to admire your boat skills mate, strong winds, driving rain, plus filming, talk about multitasking. Keep up the good work you two, enjoy your break, take care kind regards R 🌧☔️👍

  6. Wow, what a down pour, we them gulley washer here in Tn, mild temps and no rain here for at least 7 days. Sining in the rain my Granddaughters fav- film. Have a great Day, maybe time for the Ark?

  7. You're lucky it was just canal water and they weren't spraying liquid cow manure for fertilizer, that would have been a lot worse.

  8. Lovely as always! You brought us right into the action and I felt every drop of rain … almost! Enjoy your grandkids!

  9. Quick question, why didn’t you put the pram hood up, the rain looked like it was pretty vertical so you could have dispensed with front and side panels?

  10. Great video again. I hope the locals aren’t watching – your pronunciation of ‘Scarisbrick’ will see you burned at the stake. ‘Scaris’ is pronounced either ‘scares’ (to rhyme with ‘stairs’) or ‘scaze’ (to rhyme with ‘daze’). Never to rhyme with ‘Harris’ 😄

  11. Mersey Motor Boat Club is my club, you could of left your boat with us. Its part of our charter to help other boaters 🙂 @13:26 – 13:32 you could see the sign for the spot where the leeds & Liverpool First spade was dug out. They chose there because if they could not get through the rock the canal would of taken a different route. Great vlog as usual 🙂

  12. I did enjoy the rainy bits thank you for sharing that, it proves it can be done.
    With the right kit e.g. gas capes and warm clothes a good pair of gloves and a positive attitude nothing is too much, after all skin is waterproof. I have done it myself so I speak from experience and looking back, yes I wouldn't have missed it for the world. thanks for the memory trigger.

  13. Excellent video as usual. Very professional with lots of interesting information.
    Sorry you got wet. I too live in Kent these days, so I had forgotten about heavy rain.
    My 25 foot Dawncraft fibreglass cruiser which I had in the 1980s in Cheshire, had a 'flying bridge' which is a roof over the cockpit
    which rested on the windscreen and sidescreens but could simply be pushed forward onto the cabin roof when not needed.
    Behind this it had a pram hood which covered the open rear deck It all could be erected in seconds and you never got wet.

  14. Wonderful to see some rain. We are very dry over here in Queensland. In some towns, water usage is limited to 100 litres a day, Rain on a tin roof is one of Australia's happy sounds.

  15. What a glorious summer. I was out filming yesterday and was just going into a lock and the heavens opened so I had water coming up and down at the same time. Needless to say there is damp clothing hanging everywhere today. Well at least you had a nice marina to head for. Thanks for your vlog guys, always enjoy them.

  16. Hi Pat & Eileen, very entertaining vlog, like the bit how you wished you had kept your pram cover up.
    It never works, you tend to come across a bridge that is too low.

  17. I fish around there 16.40 the pubs called the sarisens head think that's how u spell it I live 5 miles east of there little market town called ormskirk great vid 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  18. Hi, well I didn't think this video was good, it was great! with some great shots in this one, and in spite of the rain you looked like you were enjoying it with lots of smiles from both of you. Did I see some lightning ? well done that one. John in NZ

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