pack no pass good morning we are on our way to to house it Dre Liu old trail it’s in taroko gorge and it’s supposed to be one of the most heart-stopping terrifying hair-raising hikes that you can do it’s only three kilometers but the path is cut into a cliff face and it’s only about a meter across and it’s like a 600 meter drop down into the valley below so you gotta walk slowly take it easy and not not look at your phone oh you are as you can see the road towards Toro is pretty scenic with some beautiful mountains on the left and the ocean on the right although we can’t see the ocean at the moment a bit of history about the trail I’m reading off a script so you’ll have to forgive me it was originally built as a hunting path for the Aboriginal tribe the true cool people who live in that area of taroko and they hacked it out of the mountainside so they could get to some apparently fertile hunting grounds there was in the 1800s and it’s not further faint-hearted as when it was first made by the Aboriginal tribes it was only 30 centimeters wide luckily for us the trail was a bit wider by the Japanese security forces during the colonial period because they were trying to like gain control over the aboriginal tribes yeah here we are into oka the first of many tunnels and it’s absolutely gorgeous place [Music] [Applause] [Music] way to the old trail with a bit of trepidation in the air look some stunning scenery but it’s also a bit scary because this place there’s rocks falling all the time so that’s why you’ve got things like this [Music] and we’re ready to go hi feelin the gate is locked there’s no going back what a beautiful start to the hike shades of Nepal now we got to go across the suspension bridge not really a big fan of suspension bridges just purely because I don’t feel safe on him Wow skies stunning [Music] all Japanese constructed Gator face are about 1.2 K in another suspension bridge this one’s a bit more a little bit older than the max capacity 20 people or maybe 10 of me [Music] it’s a bit hair-raising to say the least it’s shaking us all darling down [Music] I feel like Indiana Jones last year huh they gained around 600 meters now over about 1.6 27 kilometers from the trailhead and it’s pretty pretty tough going up here and it’s 35 degrees to boot factoring the humidity and another 2 or 3 degrees I’m feeling good and I’m looking forward to getting to the cliff section of the hike which hopefully he’s not too far away now I’m excited but also worried this is a plant you’ll see all over Taiwan it’s a species of taro the leaves are quite big although this is actually a small one you can see a big belief is the only problem with this species is you can’t eat it because it’s poisonous but there’s another variety where the leaves are not as shiny as this one you see this one’s quite shiny the leaves are kind of like velvety and that one you can eat but although you can’t eat this one it’s actually has its uses because the leaves are so beating I mean this one look how big the leaf is and that you can get them even bigger than this so sometimes if you get caught in a rainstorm you can actually just chop the leaf off and use it as an umbrella as a makeshift umbrella pretty useful so they wait 2 kilometers to put this sign I think somebody’s home in LA and I can sense the cliff section is getting closer [Music] so far so good it’s not as now as I thought it would be so quite happy about that I can only imagine what this was like when it was 30 centimeters wide I’m just glad I was never reunited as a true core Aboriginal hunter [Music] Pat no pass I’m nervous just standing right close up to the rocks [Music] the return point to the hi I’ve got to go past all that steep cliff this again and seriously even though there’s safety ropes and fences it’s still pretty scary stuff but uh absolutely spectacular views and I really want to get my drone out but I’m – how was it for you [Music] this hold on time [Music] [Applause] [Music] we just come from down there honestly this is the most terrified up in my [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] you [Music] so we have complete we have survived the cliff face walk it was like about 600 meters each way this would be a hair-raising in some areas but uh yeah it was absolutely worth it it was beautiful and I even managed to put the drone up for a 5-10 minutes even though it was really scary it’s the crash yet or just scared to stand on the edge of the cliff while flying it and it was pretty unstable as well cuz the wind was quite strong but managed to shoot a few things and even Hugo survived as well well I just started raining so as always telling you earlier these leaves make pretty good makeshift umbrellas keeping me dry we four hours and 43 minutes in and 7.2 kilometers later and we’re back at the start point the bridge it’s been a really great buy dramatic scenery I mean look at this stuff behind me we’ve got the river absolutely stunning Valley behind [Music] I would recommend anybody to do this by as long as you don’t suffer from vertigo but it’s it’s tough like the first two and a half pretty much just all uphill but then when you get to the top of the cliff area it’s absolutely stunning but again if you’re scared of heights then you need to be really careful yeah it’s been a good day so I’m gonna go Trail hip now and now I just gotta wait for Hugo we don’t you could be too far behind and I know is out there’s a lot of tourists here right now look they all get bused in and then warp this swallow grotto we are at the end of the trek back at the car getting ready to have Shepard say get the out of here it’s been a good day and hope you’ve enjoyed it if you liked this video give it the old thumbs up and if you’d like to see more similar content and please subscribe this channel we need followers subscribers because it’s a new channel finally don’t forget to put on the Old English for the notification all right over and out see ya you

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