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6 Trail Safety Tips (2019)

Hi I’m Crystyn and I’m Doug and this is
Travels and Travails today we are going to discuss six ways to keep yourself
safe on the trail. If you’d like to see more helpful videos like this one hit
the subscribe button and the bell notification. Tip one: make a plan. Be sure
to know the route before you go. Know how long each leg of the journey will take
by understanding the mileage and the elevation profile of the trip. Be sure
that you have proper maps or GPS coordinates and trip route. Edward
Rosenthal headed out for a solo day hike in Joshua Tree National Park when he
took a wrong turn with no means of navigation. He was stuck in the hot
desert for six days before he was rescued. Tip two: leave a map itinerary and
an expected return time with a trusted loved one. In the movie 127 hours climber
Aron Ralston failed to let anyone know where who was going or when he would be
expected home. Aaron cut his arm off to escape death.
In contrast climber David Cicotello left a map with dates and campsite
locations with his girlfriend he also promised to call her on a set day. After
his brother fell to his death taking the rope with him.
David was stuck on a ledge in Utah’s no man’s Canyon when David didn’t call his
girlfriend on the appointed day she alerted authorities. David was rescued
after being trapped on a Ledge for six days.
Tip three: know your limitations in 2017 forty nine-year-old boy scout leader
Michael can died of a heart attack after leading a group of scouts on a
conditioning hike in 98 degree weather. Tip 4 understand the trail hazards the trail hazards before you go. Check the weather know the avalanche conditions. Understand animal
threats on the trail. Do you know what to do if confronted by a bear or mountain
lion? Tip 5 have appropriate gear including
your wilderness survival kit also known as the ten essentials.
Unfortunately for David Cicotello the climber mentioned earlier, he had very
little food and water and no way to keep himself warm on that ledge. It’s
important to have gear appropriate for the trip that you are making. The ten
essentials can save your life. Here are the ten essentials: 1. navigation map
compass GPS personal locator beacon or satellite messenger 2. Illumination
flashlight or headlamp plus extra batteries. 3. sun protection
sunglasses hat long-sleeve shirt and sunscreen. 4. First aid including foot
care and insect repellent 5. Repair kit and tools knife or multi-tool gear
repair kit and signalling device such as a whistle or mirror. 6. Fire matches
lighter tinder or stove seven shelter emergency shelter or emergency bivy.
8. Nutrition this is nutrition beyond the minimum expectation carry a little
extra food . 9. hydration bring extra water and consider bringing a water filter.
10. insulation hat gloves warm coat rain rain gear, just be sure to prepare for the
worst weather . What do you carry for your 10 essentials? Tell us in the comments below Tip 6. Hike with others and stay on the trail.
Chase Sheinbaum was hiking the Alaskan Chugach mountains alone when he
lost the trail, Chase attempted to find his way out, but hypothermia set in. Sadly
chase lost his legs. Every year in Yosemite people die when they ignore the
warning signs. In 2011 three young adults fell to their death when they crossed
the barricade to take a photo on the Mist Trail at Vernal falls.

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