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5 Minutes Hike to View Deck

5 minutes hike guys My sisters friend told us that it’s just 5 minutes hike My sister told me that I gave up What are we going here? The man in our back is a professional photographer And why is my sister in an outfit? When in fact we are hiking at the top of the mountain That is because we are here for my sister’s pre-nup pictorial My sister said we can just roll in the ground once we are done here My sister said it’s already 5 minutes when in fact it’s still 1 minute 😅 Yes! It’s tiring and I was jokingly saying I’m tired My sister was scolded me because I was complaining heheh That is because we are walking up hill Look at the view I’m out of breath I’m left behind There ain’t no view yet I thought it 5 minutes 5 how come we are not there yet. To answer my statement it ain’t 5 minutes yet! This is the longest 5 minutes!! We can do this ! I was cheering here well I needed a cheer too She was hoping it would rain so that we can’t walk in here Are we there yet? I think it’s almost 5 minutes It’s been 5 minutes already! To answer all my complaints girl in still 4 minutes! We are here!!!!!

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