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5 Free Things to do on Oahu

Oahu is a beautiful Hawaiian island
with so much to offer its visitors here are five free things to do on Oahu
number one on the list is to swim or snorkel the water in Hawaii is clear and
there are so many interesting things you can see underwater I love swimming
amongst the fish or alongside turtles no matter what you do enjoy the water and Oahu’s beautiful beaches the next free activity is hiking Oahu has some of the best hikes in the world and there are ones to suit everybody you can hike to
see waterfalls or beautiful coastal views my favorite hike is to the Lanikai
pillboxes because it is easy and you’re rewarded with a beautiful view at the
end next on the list I recommend checking out some plantations probably
one of Oahu’s most famous attractions is the Dole pineapple plantation it is
so cool to see pineapples growing in the red dirt also make sure you get some
Dole Whip while you’re there I also enjoyed having a free tour learning
about the production of coffee in chocolate at the old sugar mill and Waialua
I highly recommend visiting the Manoa Chocolate Factory
in Kailua after to see what they do with the cocoa beans once they grow them and
a bonus is you get to taste a lot of chocolate for free I will warn you
though if you love chocolate like me then you are likely to leave with a bag
full of bars and other chocolate products so pack your wallet for this
one number 4 on the list is to visit a tropical garden this is one of my
favorite things to do because I love tropical plants the Ho’omaluhia
gardens are cool because you can drive through them or stop and go for a walk
lastly I highly encourage you to sit back relax and watch the sunset I hope you enjoyed this video please subscribe for more

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