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5/29~Day 35~Overmountain to Station 19E~Mile 386.0 to 395.2~TMH: 404

So this is the barn shelter on the AT. It
was remodeled, or not remodeled, restored. Or… Basically, it’s used for thru
hikers. But, um, it’s… I have to look at the sign. Yeah. I’ll go back up to the front, and… Well I got to go up there anyways, to go
to the trail, and I’ll look at the sign and tell you more about it. But it’s got
history. It’s like Civil War period old, if I remember right. So. But yeah. Let’s go
take a look. *whispering* I just noticed there’s trekking poles, so I don’t know how much I’ll film in here. Good morning, everyone. So I had a nice
stay at the barn area shelter thing. Well, I didn’t stay in the shelter. We all tented
outside cause the view was amazing! And we had a great time at the fire. And sorry.
I think there’s hikers behind me. And like, seeing all the stars and stuff.
And yeah, it was one, one of the best nights, actually. And I got to meet
Edina. Blueberry. “Hi! It was so great to chat
with you. Oh my gosh. So I know you’ll see this eventually
once we’re both done hiking the trail”. So. But yeah. I had so much fun talking to her and that was amazing. And…I dunno. I had a really good night and a really good hike.
Today is Station 19E. So excited to get some food and get some resupply. My stuff. Oh! And for future hikers, and people that support hikers, Station 19E has a program
where you can buy trail magic for a thru hiker for that year. You can buy
them like a beer or a bunk or food or all three, if you want to. And when,
after you, you buy it, you get a number. And then once a hiker comes through, and like claims your number, basically you get a picture of that hiker. And so you
get to see who you supported. And I thought that was really neat. So yeah.
I’ll put their link below in this video to their website, so if you want, you can
do future trail magic. I will be doing some after I’m done hiking the trail for
the class of 2019 SOBOS. They need some love. So by the time they get down here, I
want to make sure that somebody has some beer or soda, a meal, and a bunk. So I’m gonna buy all three. But that’s not until I’m done with my hike, because yeah, I want to support
the SOBOS, and that’s pretty much the best way to do it. But yeah. I’m
gonna get hiking, and I will talk to you later. Sorry for any wind noise, but I
just wanted to say like I really love….um when we get to hike on grassy balds areas. Cause it’s a nice change of pace. And it’s always so beautiful. And there’s always a view that hasn’t been blocked by trees. Don’t get me wrong, I love the forest, too. But it’s just. It’s nice to have a different viewpoint, too. Now I’m going up there. I’m not sure how well I’ll capture it, but like, look at how fast those clouds are moving. Oh, man. Such a fantastic day so far!
Seriously. I love the balds. Like it’s sooo beautiful! Like, look at what I’m watching. Like I know it doesn’t show up as well on camera as what I’m seeing, but like… It’s
just, you can see for miles and miles of mountains. It’s so freakin gorgeous. Oh my gosh. I’m having the time of my life. My hair’s all crazy cause it’s windy. But yeah. Alright. Time to get hiking. I also really love it when the forest floor is like full of this grass. It looks really cool. And… I dunno. Kind of mystical in a way. So it’s not the best because the sun’s
in the way, but I have to hike all the way down here. Then all the way up through there to the top of that mountain. And if I remember right, it’s called Hump Mountain. And now I’m hiking towards this. So I’m a little confused by the sign. It
says that we’re leaving North Carolina, but it’s not the exact line. MT: “Yeah. The map definitely”. But there’s a cool hornet on it. But one more state down! Woohoo! Okay. So this isn’t the normal kind of dance party, but… “I made it through another state!” We’re just going to do that at the sign because we’re not exactly sure where the actual state line is this year. We have
conflicting reports between Guthooks and the sign behind us. All right. Now that
I’m in the woods proper, I thought this would be more fitting since we did have
kind of conflicting reports, some reason, about where the official like last North
Carolina State Line is. So I figured I’d do this in the forest. Saying my goodbyes to North Carolina. You have been amazing. The weather, except for the Smokies a little bit. And that’s like part of Tennessee, too. But the weather has been phenomenal. I love all the views that you have on your grassy balds, because I don’t think
Georgia had very many grassy balds. No they didn’t. Um. And I really like
those. And the trail is pretty good, and people are awesome. So yeah. Good job,
North Carolina. I liked you. So. But I’m gonna get going. I’ve got a little less
than three miles down to Station 19E. I have not eaten breakfast really. I’m so
hungry. So I want to get down there and get some food. So yeah. Just such a phenomenal, awesome day. But I’m gonna get going. Bye. I’m trying to zoom in on them, because I’m not that very close to it. Look at those
mushrooms on that tree. They’re huge! So one thing I really like about a lot
of these hiker hostels, is they always have some fantastic mural or artwork.
Like right now I’m in the bathroom, and like… Look, look at these animals! This is
so cute. I love this so much. So at the Station 19E hostel, we are watching a movie and its Deadpool 2. We are very, very happy hikers right now.

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2 thoughts on “5/29~Day 35~Overmountain to Station 19E~Mile 386.0 to 395.2~TMH: 404

  1. Beautiful scenery, thanks for showing!! I understand that the future of the barn is in question? Needs work. I hope it can be saved. I want to be able to experience it for myself next year. Great hike, looking forward to seeing more of your journey!!

  2. I saw in a recent hiking video that the barn was off limits? (Whatever the term is…though in that video, I think some people were inside.) Thanks for some of the history behind it (I didn't know it was so old!). Anyway, I enjoyed the video!

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