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45-minute Oahu Helicopter Tour: Hidden Oahu

(Upbeat techno pop music) – Today we’re hightailing it out of Honolulu, by helicoptor! We’re going to see what paradise looks like from up above. Taking off in Honolulu was spectacular. Seeing all those skyscrapers, Honolulu is a big city. I had no idea. ^ That’s Waikiki Beach, beautiful. Look at all those people. Can’t believe the water is that crystal clear blue. – This is my first time being in a Helicoptor. It was a little scary at first but it’s really pretty here in Oahu, so you get to see all the crystal clear beaches and you can see all the mountains. It’s really pretty up in the air. ^ Diamond Head Crater looks amazing from up here. Wow, look at that trail, people actually climb that? – We get to get into the rainforest and the waterfalls and the north shore, which has some of the awesome surfing spots in the world. So the Island of Oahu has quite a diversity of things for the visitors to see. – Right now we’re just flying over the Dole Plantation. Ooh, you can see the Labran, the human maze that you can go on, super cool. The USS Arizona Memorial, Pearl Harbor. That is not a view that you get on foot. Wow, this has been incredible, seeing all of the oceans, all shades of blue. That is something I will always remember. That was so amazing, whoo! (Helicoptor Propellors)

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