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4 South Korea Hikes I Chiaksan Mountain

A 1,200-meter climb above the clouds. We’re taking on four great walks in South Korea, and this is Drone and Phone. It’s 5:30 in the morning. We are last in our Korea episodes. I am here with Yoon from The Korea Herald. Hello. Yoon, what are we going to do today? We are going to climb up Chiaksan Mountain on this beautiful day. Ok. It’s about a 1,200-meter climb. It’s early morning, so let’s get going. In this series, we are in South Korea on a hiking trip. With 70 percent of the country covered by mountains, there are plenty of trails to discover. We chose four great hikes to go on. In this last episode we are in the Chiaksan National Park, about a two-hour drive from Seoul. It’s a lot less crowded than the mountains around the city, so it’s well worth the extra effort if you want to escape the crowds. The first 3km of this walk are pretty straight. You follow a river going uphill. You come to this bridge. There’s some falls over here and then the real climb starts. We still have about 700 meters to climb and we have to do it over two kilometers. It’s going to be steep. Signs up the mountain are clear and in English, so there’s no need for a map. It also has good infrastructure along the path, but it is steep. Well this is a straight up, as straight up as can be really. On stairs and just within the last two minutes we’ve probably climbed a couple of hundred meters. How has it been so far for you Yoon? Well it’s been both awesome and horrifying. The sight down there was spectacular, but the climb up here is horrible. Still a little ways to go. I don’t know if you can see behind us, we are going to go up this mountain behind the trees there. We’ve just got the last peak, about 150 meters to climb. I’ve got to say this is the total opposite of what we did in the first episode. We have not seen one person since we left the falls on the trails. We have the whole mountain to ourselves. It’s an absolutely beautiful day. Where have all the people gone? They will probably be up here tomorrow on a public holiday. It takes about three hours to climb at a good pace and just two to get back down again. We would recommend setting off early to avoid the crowds and get a chance to see the mist and clouds in the valleys below. Well Yoon, we made it up here. Yes we did. It’s been an absolutely fantastic morning and I have really enjoyed it, but quite tough? Yes definitely tougher than I expected, but still it’s worth it. Now if you like this show, please like and subscribe to our Facebook and YouTube channels. You will also find our previous episodes nicely catalogued on our website. Or of course… You can read about it in my story in the link below and you can find out more about our content at Korea Herald or our YouTube page. There is a little chipmunk coming to see us here. My name is DJ Clark. I’m Yoon. And this is Drone and Phone. You normally get lost? Yeah. I once got lost in Costco. In Costco? It’s a huge place!

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