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3 True Scary Hitchhiker Horror Stories

in the late seventies my uncle was
studying medicine at the university of chicago after a morning class he decided that he would hitchhike back
to lincoln park on the north side instead of pay for a taxi a man drove up and apply mount satellite
and offer my uncle a ride the man looked normal and seemed
friendly light-hearted even so my uncle got in the car and they started driving
towards Lake Shore Drive however once they got there the manager
of cell phone make sure instead of north towards lincoln park my
uncle told the man he was going the wrong way and to turn around and head
north the man looked at my uncle put his hand
on his knee and said no son you’re coming with me and smiled darkly
at him my uncle frozen panic and when they hit
traffic near the south shore he quickly unlock the passenger door and
ran away without looking back about a year or two later on a cold
december day my uncle was having coffee at a café
with my future on when he caught something on the TV that made his blood
run cold he saw the man that picked him up from
school that day the year before he had been arrested for the suspected rape and
killing of over twenty young men and boys the man on the television was John Wayne
Gacy and he had removed the door handle off the passenger side door to prevent
the men he picked up from escaping about 15 years ago my mom and cousin
were coming home from visiting my aunt will have two hours away the drive takes you through the desert
and up some mountains there’s a shortcut you can take to avoid the mountains and
shape about 10 minutes off your drive time only problem is the shortcut takes
you literally through the middle of nowhere it’s a two lane road with nothing for 30
miles no houses no shops no lights not even those roadside emergency phone
booths they’re driving along through the shortcut at about 11pm when they spot
something on the road at first my cousin thinks it’s a rock so she slows down to
go around it when she gets closer she realizes it’s a lady with long black
hair and what looks like a burlesque show wrapped around her she’s crouched
down facing away from my cousin my mom says that they thought the lady
might have been in trouble so they pull up next to her and ask if she’s okay and
if she needs help my cousin says the lady stood up looked at them and let out
a shriek like a goddamn banshee she insist her eyes were pitch-black and
her skin was as white as a sheep and she was really skinny like almost anorexic
skinny I debate this because it was dark out
and her mind might have been playing tricks on her but nonetheless it was enough to spook the hell out of
her and made her punch the accelerator and get the hell out of there the lady briefly ran after them but they
lost sight of her after a short bit they didn’t stop for anything even
running a stop sign until they got to the next town where they stopped at a
gas station to get something to drink and collect their thoughts a few weeks later my cousin was telling
her co-worker what happened and she said it might have been a skinwalker she saw
and that she’s lucky she got away that spooked her even worse and now she
won’t even go through the shortcut even when someone else is driving she
insist on taking the main highway when I was 17 it didn’t have a driver’s
license in fact that was 36 before I did I want
most places occasionally catching rides with friends and less occasionally
hitchhiking the night in question was one of those seldom seen nights when I
decided to hitchhike having worked late and being too
exhausted to walk now most of the time when I hitch a ride I
wouldn’t get in the car with a lone man only women or rarely men with the wife
girlfriend or kids in the car this night though cause were few and far
between and it was cold and really if I’m being perfectly frank when he pulled over took a good look and
figured i could take him if he tried anything he was on the slow side and had
a strange friends about him even though he looked healthy enough I got into the car after we agreed on a
destination we exchanged names and I want my fingers
in front of the heating vent he spoke quietly asking a few questions
along the lines of what I local and how that I like living there he said he’d only been there for a
couple of months but found a beautiful and hoped he could find happiness there
that comet struck me as a little odd but I brushed it off it began to snow and the road quickly
got slippery so he slowed and kept his eyes straight on the windshield driving
silently I was ok with that a small talk was
never my forte about 10 minutes later I noticed a car near the intersection we
were approaching seem to be sliding so I said watch out he immediately hit the gas shooting
through the intersection and burst out with don’t ever scream at me needless to say I was taken aback I said
look this is close enough just pull over here and i can get there he didn’t seem to hear me on Richard did you hear me I said he could pull
over here and let me out no response he just stared straight
ahead driving faster now than he had Vincent
began to snow to say I was scared doesn’t seem to cover the depth of the
fear that began to arise in me I didn’t know if I should stay quiet or
speak out but I was damn sure not gonna yell at
him after his outburst after about a mile he began to mumble
under his breath I couldn’t quite make out what he was
saying but I assume he was speaking to me so I said hmm I couldn’t hear you he began to speak quietly and rapidly
saying things like you’re always yelling at me I told you time and time again I do not
appreciate being yelled at if you listen No well I’m done listening to you now do you hear that i was at a complete
loss I didn’t know what the same response sir
if i should say anything at all I contemplated just jumping out of the
car but nixed that idea when I realized the door lock was missing there was just a silver lining whole
world should have been I started to cry and debate with myself about causing an
accident by grabbing the wheel and hoping for the best at least I figured there was a chance
I’d survive that when he suddenly looked at me for the first time since I had
gotten into the car he blinked several times rapidly then
slows the car pulling into a gas station I wanted to see if you don’t lock the
doors not wanting to say anything to set a month again after a minute or two he quietly said I think I better let you
out here and hit the button to open the door locks I wasn’t about to hesitate I jumped out of the car as if it were on
fire I was about to turn and walk into the gas station when he called my name he looks so damn said I hesitated he
apologized said he was sorry if it frightened me that he would never have
harmed me and asked if I’d be able to get home okay I said I wouldn’t close the door he
began to pull out of the gas station lock but stopped suddenly he just SAT there
for a couple of moments his head down I froze wondering what the hell he was
up to I was about to run into the gas station
but he opened his window and yelled to me waving something in his hand my hat I left it in his seat I warily approach this side of the car
and he handed it to me apologizing again I didn’t know what else to say so I just
said thanks I watched as he drove off making sure he
was out of sight before moving on so he wouldn’t know which direction I was
heading I decided to go to a friend’s house
instead of home as I watched I want to put my hat back on and out fell a piece
of paper fold it into the paper was a 100-dollar bill the paper said I’m sorry please take a
cab and don’t hitchhike anymore tonight I didn’t in fact it was the last time I
ever hit the right alone

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