3 Dune Challenge — Family | Indiana Dunes

(upbeat happy music) – If you just want to have
a good challenging hike and get your sweat on, this is it. – Grandkids love coming out here. – I think we won’t be tired. We’ll be always energized. – We’re ready so let’s do it. – [Group] We’re up for a challenge! (upbeat music) – This is Mount Jackson so this is the shortest of the three. – [Woman] I think this one is beautiful just because you come up upon it and see the dune in front of you. – [Man] The blue of the
water is just incredible. – You feel so much taller
than the rest of the world. – [Woman] Once you get
up there, the fun part is actually coming back down and running. – [Boy] I like this one because it’s wide enough to run down. – [Man] I like running down. – [Woman] Me too. I couldn’t stop laughing. (group hooting) – [Woman] We’ve come into
some beautiful tree canopy and the temperature has gone
down a couple of degrees. There’s a beautiful breeze. You can hear all the birds. It’s gorgeous back here. (mellow music) – I saw Owen get down on hands and knees and I thought I might join him. (laughing) – It’s longer. – It’s steeper. – Definitely steeper. (group cheering and clapping) – It’s not quite that easy. We were wrong, you know. (group laughing) – [Woman] You look up and
you see this big, giant sky. – It’s a hard climb but this
is by far my favorite view. – Barefoot’s a great way to do the dunes. Especially in the sand, I love it. – I did take my pictures so I’m happy. (upbeat music) – I did it, I did it. – She did it. – The sand is one step up,
two steps back kind of thing. – With stairs you just
– With stairs you’re – keep powering up, yeah.
– always progressing forward. – Year ’round it’s beautiful out here. It’s always changing. – [Woman] It’s breathtaking. – Also it’s an adventure, so
if you want to do that climb and you can’t go to Colorado
this is the place to do it. – [Woman] Any time of year
it’s beautiful out here. – [Woman] Oh, and of course
the fall with the colors. – Yeah, that’s a great time.
– People need to know this is a four season destination. It’s not just for spring and summer. – [Woman] Yeah. – I could feel my muscles in my legs like oh, (laughs) yeah. I couldn’t go higher. – I’m going to tell
this story to everybody. – It was awesome! We just climbed up 117 stairs. – Where else can you hike that at the end of your
hike you can do this. (group laughing) – [Group] We did the Three Dune Challenge! (upbeat music)

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