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all right I’m going to post the actual
specs of this truck it’s brand-new before by for the tailgates are amazing
on these I don’t know if you can see that I’m trying to zoom in
4×4 with of the trailer features hill descent auto stop and start tailgate
attraction you got your Android and your Apple what
is the best thing in the world I would not buy a car if I didn’t have apple
carplay so that’s the button you’d hit and it’s going to cut out because I’ve
tried to film this several times and I’m gonna plug in my USB plug in to my phone
I’m just going to clip out and then I’ll add it just a minute that’s gonna say
accept yes and you want to accept with hit continue and then you see allow on
your phone you say yes I want to allow apple carplay and how cool is that it’s
so easy and so much safer Siri is awesome it’s something you don’t have to
learn all over again I think the biggest complaint when people do the surveys is
how to learn all the new technology buy a vehicle with apple carplay it’s the
coolest thing ever so you just scroll through that and you can pick out and
your settings I can show you if you want me to on your phone you can pick out the
settings that you want the apps that you want up here that’s so cool and it’ll
tell you whether you’re gonna go home or whether you’re gonna go to work because
there memorizes your patterns these all come with the OnStar I think it’s like a
trial version some of the backup mirrors are actually cameras which are really
cool but I just wanted to share a love apple apple carplay is the best Android
Android users we have pandered as well okay so this one is absolutely beautiful
I’m just now learning about all the features thank you mr. Toby for teaching
me a lot of it we have leather this one has a console you can get the bench
seating if you like I’m gonna unplug my phone
and I’m gonna go outside and take a picture of this so excuse the fact that
it’s very shaky we’re gonna go outside I’m parked right beside at Texas version
4 by 4 so we park really really close and I left the keys in this is what you
call a drill boss Silverado 4×4 already hooked up so you
can tell what you need I like the fact that they actually color the bumper it’s
very nice you got the step there and the chrome
tip exhaust on both so the tailgate is pretty cool look how cute oh there’s a
remote I think I left it inside I left the remote inside so we do have the
spray in bed liners and these blacked out wheels that just a great that’s a
great look and then if you notice the handles are blocked out as well how cool
is that excuse the it’s brand-new we have a little bit of that plastic there
and like I said this is the z71 oh I just love the color it’s not your
typical truck I like the fact how they made us aerodynamic the bumper got the
fog lamps let’s pull and like I said that black trim handle was pretty cool
got brown trim we’re gonna open up the hood so you can see the mirror caps are
black to match which is cool I like this part right here all you have to do see
how clever that is very easy you can see the engine you can see how obviously the
paint is all the way it’s and then interior as well so you got your battery
here you can see the oil dipstick right there and then you put your oil
synthetic up there but if you buy a vehicle new or used from Bill Chevrolet
you get oil changes for life okay so this is a 5.7 liter
I’m sorry 5.3 liter my bad lot of cool features on this thing it’s a beautiful
beautiful truck now since I’m a midget I had to grow all the way up here just to
close the hood but it’s well worth it I just love the color look at the fog
lamps if you have to tow anything or pull anything out of the swamp you can
won’t go back in there and like I said here it is it’s a it’s 54 for 10 it’s a
5.3 liter Ecotec v8 8-speed automatic transmission

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