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2017 AT Thru Hike- Day #3

Alright, Teresa: Now it’s working, Good morning
ladies and gentlemen It’s about Teresa: Boys and girls Curt: Friends and family all of
you amazing friends and family folk and whoever you are all of you. It doesn’t matter if we know you or not good
morning.We’re a little punchy, it’s
6:30 in the morning. Teresa: We’ve been up for a little bit. Curt: We’ve been up for like an hour as we
slowly try to keep warm and pack our gear and now we’re eating the breakfast of champions. a peanut bar so you wonder what we eat? We’re sitting here in the tent eating and
I’m wearing my rain pants over my shorts I’ve got my hiking shirt on plus my Patagonia baselayer
plus my puffy and my fingers are just a little chilly. but it’s beautiful, the sun is just
starting to come up, we’ll get a shot of the sunrise in a minute Teresa: if we get out
of our bags. Curt: yeah, if we decide to go. There’s a herd of folks behind us and we’re
gonna try and get on down the trail. and maybe be ahead of them getting to the next spot
so that.. there’s only like 6 tent sites so we want to get one of those. anyway, good morning I’ll wrap up yesterday
maybe a little bit today from the trail. cuz I didn’t do that very well yesterday so
got some thoughtsSo stay tuned, stay tuned and you’ll hear them don’t
go anywhere Alright, good morning we got all packed up and just left camp a couple minutes
ago. it’s a. oh! look at the sky. I’m gonna turn my camera see if you can see
that pinks up there and beautiful colors so, its um, pretty breezy. Teresa thinks it’s cold. Teresa: It IS cold. She’s got on a snowmobile suit andIt is brisk I’m ready to keep moving cuz I’m wearing shorts see my feet? My legs? I think so. so, I’m wearing shorts, it’s my usual hiking
attire except for my Patagonia Capalene Thermal weight baselayer over top of my hiking shirt
on top. it kind of cuts the wind a little bit and
keeps in some warmth so anyway, thoughts, thoughts from yesterday more life lessons
learned from the trail um, life lesson so, as you’ve heard me talk about I’ve met lots
of people from I mean all over the world so far this has been incredible but anyway everybody
has different stories of course for why they’re here and what they, where they came from and
what they left to come here but what I noticed is that one of the first things that we talk
about at this point in the trail which is you know the very beginning is our pack weight. How much are you carrying? what do you got? what kind of gear do you have? what choices did you make when you left home
on what you wanted to carry on this epic adventure. 2,200 miles. and so inevitably the conversation turns to
weight very quickly. And everybody has a different weighted pack. but what I’ve noticed are the people that
chose to carry lots of items have a heavy pack. and they’re regretting it. Going up and down these mountains they’re
sorry that they brought so much. And so, something I’ve talked about at church
a lot the last couple of months is our own load on what we choose to carry in our lives. And this channel is not gonna be like all
philosophical all the time so, if you’re just kind of tuning in, catching these videos for
the first time, don’t worry, it won’t be like this all the time but maybe some of you can
find some hope in some of these words, but the point is, life lessons learned from the
trail, in life we have to choose what we’re going to carry, what we’re going to do. and
the burdens that we’re going to put ourselves under. When we make those choices it may seem comfortable
or necessary at the time, however when you start going through life or up and down the
mountains of life, suddenly you have to pay the penalty for those decisions you made,
the things you choose to be busy with or fill your time or spend you money on. or whatever. and those things weigh us down and cause stress
and worry and anxiety. sometimes unnecessarily. and I think at the
end of life we will look back and not think about all the stuff we worried about and all
the stuff that we did and that we allowed to weigh us down, but instead we’re going
to think about the things we let go. The things we let God handle, the things that
we chose to lay down and free ourselves of those burdens, so maybe today you can think
about that and think about what you can let go of. To lighten your load in your life and just
make your life a little easier that you can enjoy the moment and look around at the scenery
so maybe that will be something of life lessons from today because that was life lessons from
the trail from yesterday. anyway, good morning! I’m so excited that you get to come along
with me on the Appalachian Trail. Look at what I get to look at. Here’s the trail, it’s beautiful this morning
it’s real smooth and dirt. Sun’s coming up over the mountains. I mean, look. Look at this, ya’all. God’s creation. Glorious! Alright, signing off from the Appalachian
Trail for now. Alright, I don’t think I said the day, today,
it is, what is today? Teresa: Saturday, Curt: Saturday, April 1. It’s April Fool’s Day. Look at the view. We think that could possibly be Blood Mountain
over there. It looks dark and ominous right now. Teresa: The whole top is covered still in
morning fog. Curt: yeah, but here’s the view down the little
mountain and here’s the view up the mountain. Teresa: This is a hill. Curt: yeah, well, whatever we’re on.We’re
on a mountain, we’re just going on the side of it. There’s a blaze. Anyway, so, this is like, super gentle level
walking right here and it’s the dirt is soft and cushy. You can feel it in your joints. Teresa: tomorrow, however. Curt: difference between rock and dirt so,
some roots and stuff. Going along, but yeah, this is, I’m not even
using my trekking poles or anything, by the way I’m going to do a spiel on trekking poles
and stuff sometime soon so look forward to that. Not a review, I’ll do that later when I do
my gear reviews, but no I’m talking about what we get from trekking poles. Anyway, don’t even have to use it along here. Oh, look at that. So, something I thought about, wow. Teresa: That’s never gonna come out on the
video. Curt: yeah, something I thought about, guys,
is comment below on this video, um, if you want more of like the trail, like this. or if you want more kind of me walking along
or if the balance I’m doing is just right, comment below so I know. and then comment
with what you’d like to see. If you want to see more sights or if you want
to hear more like, thoughts from the trail. uh, life lessons learned, kind of a thing,
so let me know and that way I can make this channel even more beneficial for you, the
viewers. and uh like the videos and share them with
friends so that we can get the word out, oh! here’s a little tricky spot. Just cuz it’s on an angle. There we go, hey! That is no hill for a climber. Let me tell ya. Anyway, so yeah, comment below and I’ll try
to respond when I can um, so thanks again. Leave you with one final view. Alright, we made it down the trail to Woody
Gap, uh, that’s where we came from. and here’s this big parking lot. It’s busy, there’s people everywhere. morning! Wind! Clear?Anyway,So,
there’s actually running water here. I guess so we can wash our hands. So, this is, I’ll show you the rock. This is Preaching Rock or Preacher Rock. I guess legend has it that a preacher would
come up here and practice his sermons. Maybe somebody down in the valley got saved. from that, ya never know. WOW WOW it was quite a climb coming up here. I didn’t film it, I was talking with Dusty
Bunny. Teresa: Dust Buster. Curt: Dust Buster, sorry, Dust Buster, a former
PCT thru hiker, last year, and she’s thruing the AT this year. So I had lots of questions for her about mentally
what she did to accomplish it. So, anyway, what’d you think of the climb,
honey? Teresa:It was fun. Curt: That was a good one. Teresa: It was a good workout. Curt: Yep, It was good, I mean it was step
up on rocks all the time. Anyway, I’ll stop for now and get myself and
Teresa here and get my shoes off, let my feet air out. Alright, well, strategies from the trail. So, one of the things that I didn’t expect
or didn’t think about was having to beat all the people places. So, we started on March 30, today is April
1. And they say that there’s a lot more people
starting April 1, April 2, April 3, like those days are practically full. But, uh, seriously, those of you that are
planning a thru hike yet this year or even for next year, really plan your start date
because there’s so many people. There are only so many campsites. And so, the ridge runners are trying to space
people out and encourage people to go further or stop shorter to spread everybody out a
little bit, but like last night we got into Gooch Mountain Shelter and the campground
area around it was packed. There wasn’t a level piece of ground. I mean people were pitched on super sloping
ground so they wake up in the morning at the bottom of their tent. Anyway, um, wow. I’m gonna spin the camera around and let you
see what I’m seeing for a minute. Look at that. Mountains of Georgia. Teresa’s right behind me. Anyhow, so, it’s something like when you stop,
you’ve got to look at your map and plan your distances and so we got up real early, 5:30
in the morning. Gabe thinks 5:30 only comes around PM, but
buddy, it does come around AM too. 5:30 AM, so we could get packed up and go
and we stopped at Preaching Rock and several people got ahead of us there. But we’re all wanting to go to Jarrad Creek,
which is the edge of a bear canister area. You can’t go past there without a bear canister.
and nobody wants to carry a bear can. So, everybody stops there and then heads up
Blood Mountain tomorrow and on into Neel Gap or further if that’s where you’re wanting
to go.So, anyway, that’s our plan and pretty much everybody starting out are wanting to
do 8 mile days, like we are, cuz, that’s good advice. Let your bodies get accustomed. So anyway, just something to think about is
you gotta strategize. Cuz, everyone has the same strategy and that
means there’s gonna be 50 peoplegoing to the same place you are and if you
get there late there’s nowhere to go. So you gotta turn around and go back, or camp
on the side of a mountain or something. Anyway, the terrain has been, boy, going up
to Preaching Rock from Woody Gap. WOW. There was some points where we had to lay
the trekking poles down and just go hand over hand for a minute. That was, uh, a steep hill, but boy it was
worth it. That was neat. So, anyway, hopefully you’re enjoying this. cuz, I sure am. Here’s the trail. By the way, I like the strategy part, I mean,
use your brain, not just your feet. and your legs. I think that’s pretty cool. Met people, more people from Washington, people
from Virginia, ummmm, Georgia, met several day hikers, today’s a Saturday so there was
a whole pack of people with a whole pack of dogs, out for day hikes and stuff, so anyway. Glorious, ya’all. We’re gonna turn the camera around this way
so hopefully you guys can see the mountains in the background. Um, we just left Lance Creek, I don’t know
what mile that is, but uh, we’re headed…. Teresa:24.3 Curt: 24.3 and so, that was 8
miles for the day, we’re headed like 2 more to get to Jarrad Gap. and uh, we’re trying
to beat the whole crowd, I think I’ve talked about it on the video, By the way, on these
videos, please forgive me if I repeat myself. Cuz, I’m sure I’m going to a lot. But I don’t know what I’ve talked to Teresa
about, what I’ve talked to others about, and what I’ve video taped, so anyway, please,
please forgive me when I repeat myself. Which I’m sure I will do a lot. We are uh, it’s later in the day, it’s like
1:30 I think, which, seems early to the average person, but to a hiker that’s gone a little
over 8 miles, with nearly 30 pounds on their back, it’s later in the day. cuz, that’s all we want to do is around 8
miles. But anyway, thoughts from the trail, uh, life
lessons learned today, we were at Preaching Rock and uh, girls were there and they were
talking about food and they were talking about what they missed, what they wanted to get. Like one wanted a blue cheese bacon cheeseburger
and a sprite. The other one wanted something else and fries
and all that, but anyway, it got me thinking about what we desire in life. and, what we think about cuz I hadn’t even,
I’ve been very satisfied with my food, Cliff bars, Quest bars, pepperoni sticks, Ramen
noodles, tuna, oh! Cinnamon Roll Oreos. Let me tell ya. Cinnamon Bun Oreos, best Oreo on the planet. I will never buy another Oreo, anyway, that’s
all you need to survive. um, but anyway, just thinking about it cuz,
I came out here expecting you know, the food that I brought, and I’m not looking forward,
in fact tomorrow we’re gonna get into Neel Gap and I guess I’ll probably get some, you
know what I think I’ll get is some hot wings. but, mainly because I want some chicken, some
real chicken, but if they had salad, I’d get a salad and some veggies, I’d like some, uh,
some quinoa, just for the carbs, but otherwise, man it’s amazing out here, really liking it. I gotta watch my footing this footing the
last couple hours has been really, really uh, treacherous, so gotta watch what I’m doing,
but hopefully you guys can see behind me. Anyway, thanks for now. Alright well, it’s the close of day 3. 26? Almost 27 miles on the Appalachian Trail in
3 days. So, here’s the view from our campsite. We ended up walking to Jarrad Gap and that’s
a bear canister area so we had to turn around and come back. There’s our tent, uh, set up. We’re just off the trail. and tonight we’ve
got lots of company. That’s Christopher and he’s from Washington
and there are the two guys, first guys we met earlier, Paca and Old Granddad. and they
are going to Damascus, Virginia. Christopher is thru hiking. Across the way we’ve got Jenny and Kelly. Teresa’s made friends with them, they are
from Washington D.C. area, anyway. It’s a nice, a nice little camp site area
here. It’s relatively flat. I don’t know if you can tell that we’re on
a bit of a, there I’ll try to hold the camera, we’re on a bit of a slope, but there’s almost
nothing flat around here. so, anyway, I’ll wrap up in the tent.

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  1. I really like you videos. So positive, both of you. I think I go with you for a while. Take care and enjoy the trail. Looking forward to see more.

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  3. Best moment:
    //Stops Hiking, Looks into Camera//
    "Cinnamon. Roll. Oreos. Man, let me tell ya!"
    //Resumes Hike//

  4. I hope to catch up on some of your videos while you and Halo are at the wedding. I enjoy your life lessons which you had discussed on the few videos that I have watched thus far.

  5. I just started watching your videos after speaking with I believe your sister in law Lisa at the Chiro office. I am doing a 150 mile section hike starting on Sept 2 at Springer Mountain. Enjoy your videos. Any suggestions you can give would be greatly appreciated. I have same pack as you, and am using ultra light gear trying to keep weight down.

  6. Not by sight, congratulations on day three Jen and Greg sunsets and chica told me about your site to check it out I am legally blind I have an eye disease called retinitis pigmentosa’s you have much better site than I do when I go hiking I have to hold on to someone shoulder or a tracking poll this is very interesting watching your journey

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