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2015-2019 Mustang GT Ford Performance Center Instrument Boost Gauge Kit Review & Install

Hey, guys. Adam here with Today, we’re taking a quick look at and installing
the Ford Performance Center Instrument Performance Pack Boost Gauge kit available for the 2015
and newer Mustang GT Performance Packs with forced induction systems installed. Now, if you’re the owner of that S550 with
a supercharger or a turbocharger, you might be looking for a convenient way to track your
boost PSI. Now, that is a very crucial part of owning
a forced induction system. You want to know how much boost you’re pushing
at all times and this is a great way to keep things OEM. Otherwise, your options are to pick up additional
boost gauges or pod pillars, which really can be a nice touch to give you a nice aftermarket
look. But if you’re interested in keeping things
looking like it came off the with factory line, this is your absolute best bet, hands
down. The really cool thing about this one here
is you’re retaining your oil pressure on the left here with the addition of that logo,
but you’re also getting a boost PSI gauge on the right in addition to the vacuum. Now, one of the cool things about this that
I really like is that it retains all factory functionalities. The lights all stay the same just as they
did from the OEM look, but it also retains all MyColor functionalities. That is not something you’d be able to get
with an aftermarket boost gauge that will be separate on your dashboard or an A-pillar
or something like that. This retains all those OEM looks. Now, this one runs just about 250 bucks which
might sound high to some guys, but if you’re looking to just swap them out and get that
same look you had with bigger functionalities for your supercharger or turbo, that’s the
way to go. The installation here takes about 30, maybe
45 minutes at the most here, absolutely one out of three wrenches on our difficulty meter. And if your car is fresh off the factory line,
if you’ve never taken off those plastic trim pieces, you might need an internal trim removal
tool, very simple stuff you can get a local auto parts stores. Even with that in mind, still gets one out
of three wrenches. Now, with our car here, it was very simple
to take off without that tool, so I’ll be showing you guys that method. With that in mind, the only other thing you
would need is A T20 Torx bit and a ratchet. I’m going to show you guys the entire process
from start to finish. So, let’s get to it. Tools needed for this install will be a ratchet
and a T20 Torx bit and it is recommended to have a trim removal tool. All right. Now, kicking of this install, we’re going
to start our passenger’s side, so you want to get in your passenger side seating, and
we’re going to remove this piece of trim right by your kick panel. Once that comes off, it’ll allow for your
entire dashboard trim to come off. It’s really just two pieces, no specialty
required. Now, your directions will say a trim removal
tool will help, I find it easy that you don’t even really need one. Now, if yours is brand new and you’ve never
taken this off before, having that trim tool might be useful for you if it’s getting a
little difficult, but by hand, it shouldn’t be that much of a problem. So, what we’re going to do is start here with
this piece of trim, I’m gonna pry up on the top here, and it’ll release a clip. Come back down on the bottom, release another
clip, and from there, you’ll see it starts to peel off. So, really, it’s these white clips that snap
into place inside those trim panels. So, once we have this done, we can set that
on the floor. We’re gonna do the same thing to this corner,
peel off, and it snaps clips all along the side, pops them right off. Now that this side’s good, right here and
it releases. The same thing on the inside of here, it’s
lined with yellow clips. Now, I know it’s tough to see, but this wire
coming out of the dashboard connects to your factory gauges here. It’s one pinch and you unplug it. That clip’s coming off right in the center
of the factory gauges. As you can see, just pinch the bottom, pull
it straight back, and you’re good. Now, we’re going to take this whole factory
trim panel over to the table and transfer over to our new Ford Performance Boost Gauges. Taking a look at the differences between our
Ford Performance Boost Gauge cluster kit versus the actual factory one, there isn’t a ton
of differences. Obviously, there is a functionality difference
between actually tracking your boost PSI. But from the factory, you’re actually looking
a lot like the OEM gauges here. As you can see those OEM gauges do feature
those white and black striped lines at the bottom and top of each gauge, the difference
being our new one is going to have a vacuum boost on the right and that same oil pressure
PSI gauge on the left. Now, one thing that I do think is cool is
the oil pressure gauge stays the same 100% functionality-wise, but when it comes to the
actual visuals, you’re now getting that oil pressure logo embedded right into the materials
there. So, that is a really cool feature that adds
to, you know, the aesthetic aspect of your gauge look. Now, when it comes to the vacuum and boost
gauge, as you can see, there’s definitely a big difference in what it tracks, going
from 30 to 0 back to 30 for your boost, whereas, your factory one goes from 25 to 0 from left
to right. Installing this is very, very simple stuff,
we’re going to flip this around and we’re just going to be removing this white trim,
completely identical. So, the installation is going to be exactly
the same as the way we take this off. I’m going to use here a T20 Torx bit, and
we’re going to remove two screws from the top, two from the bottom, pop it off, use
those factory hardware to get our Ford Performance option in place. So, let’s get them off. With all four of those removed, we can swap
out our old one, put our new one right into that location. We just want to get them nice and hand-tight. You don’t want to over torque these. As you can see, I’m not even using the ratchet,
I’m just using a Torx bit by hand because that’s how little pressure you want to put
on these tiny Torx bit screws. All right. From here, we can take this whole thing back
into the car and repeat that installation process in the reverse order. All right. So, the first thing we’re going to do for
the reinstallation here is plug in our connector. Now, the factory connector is going to go
right into that factory location here on our new gauge cluster. Once you have that snapped in place, feed
this up into the dashboard, and snap it on starting from the driver side gauge cluster
through the middle back to the outside. Once that’s secured in place, you can grab
your kick panel trim, install it right on the bottom here. You’ll hear that snap into place. Now, you’re good to go. That’s gonna wrap up my review and install
of the Ford Performance Center Instrument Performance Pack Boost Gauge cluster kit available
for the ’15 to ’18 Mustang GTs with the Performance Pack and a forced induction system installed. So, you can pick your kit up right here at

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  2. That's interesting there's no vacuum tube going to the gauge it's all electronic even when you switch from a a factory gauge to a boost gauge no vacuum tubing required that's very convenient

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