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2 Post Lift | 2 Post Ramp | 4.5 Ton | Car and Commercial Lift Ramp| A245

The PEAK A245 Post Lift can handle weights
up to four and a half tonnes. It’s suitable for cars, vans and pick-ups.
At the end of each of the lifting arms is a screwable rubber pad. This shows how the
pad and arm sit under the vehicle. As the height between the pad and the arm will need to be changed depending on the vehicle size and type, four 75mm height adapters are provided.
The standard screwable pad has a minimum height of 100mm and can be adjusted as shown. Should
you need extra height for 4 by 4’s, vans and pick-ups for example, the 75mm adapters can
be added easily. The arms also have toe protectors.
To use, drive the vehicle over the lift ramp, positioning centrally.
Take the handbrake off. Slide the lifting arms under the vehicle and
locate a solid section that will not be damaged when the weight of the vehicle rests on the
pads. Each arm has a safety lock allowing you to
secure it in position. The 24 Volt control box for raising and lowering
the lift can be mounted on either post. Press the ‘Up’ button to raise the lift. As
the vehicle is lifted, continue to check underneath it to ensure the lifting arms and pads haven’t
slipped, are in the correct position and that nothing is causing any obstruction.
The world proven PEAK electric hydraulic pump which powers the lift is located higher up
the post. This is supplied in either single or 3 phase. This side view shows the locking release mechanism. To ‘lock’ the lift in place – set a height
one level above the one you need and press the down button once. The lift is now locked
in position and is safe to work under. This is an important safety feature of the lift
and should always be done. A number of other useful features include
these rubber protectors mounted on the posts to prevent damage to vehicle doors …..and the
chain covers. To lower the vehicle, send it up to disengage
the locking mechanism then move the lever towards the post and press the down button. Additionally for this lift, we offer base plate extensions which give extra stability to each post should you be concerned about the loading capability of your floor. This high-end lift offers the following quality
features: The seals are made by the Japanese NOK company and the sliders are made of self lubricating UHMW. The synchronisation cables are aircraft-quality affording you many years of service. PEAK lifts are CE approved and meet strict American ANSI requirements. They are sold Worldwide
and by Equipment4garages here in the UK. More detailed specifications on this lift
can be found on our website.

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