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#2 Hike | Cumbre, La Palma | English subtitles.

At this moment we are on the island of La Palma and we are going to make this amazing hike. It starts at this point and we are driving by car to that place. And it is possible to walk a circle overthere. We are not very experienced hiker, so we will take it easy. We are going up and are on our way back. It is getting steep, good test for our condition. Damn.. what a hike, we made it. Very beautiful. On La Palma. We made it!!! I have blisters on my feet so I removed my shoes. Was a beautiful hike. It is worth doing it again.

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1 thought on “#2 Hike | Cumbre, La Palma | English subtitles.

  1. Great exploration of an awesome area and dito landscape. I love those mystic clouds rolling in and all the hidden treasures in the green hill sides.. If i were you i’d claim that abondoned little house for a while as a place to read good books and enjoy life and nature in general.. So let me know soon, because if you don’t, i will (raise the Frisian flag above that little cabin).. 😉

    Thanks for taking us with you on your inspirational journeys and hikes my friend.

    Can’t wait for the next episode.. So pop your blisters and go, go, go…

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