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1988-0618 Balancing the right side & raise Kundalini (Subtitles)

So now let us give ourselves a nice bandhan. In the Bandhan of Mother let us move our left to the right. One, nicely, understanding what you are, what are your auras. Now again, second one. Now the third one. Now the fourth one. Now the fifth. Now the sixth one. And now the seventh. Now raise your Kundalini. Raise your Kundalini, slowly, very slowly. Raise it, first time you have to do it very slowly. Now push back your heads, and give it a knot, one knot. Second one, let’s do it, very slowly and knowing what you are, you’re a saint. Do it, properly, properly, do it properly, not in a haste. Take it to your head, push back your head and give it two knots there, one and two. Now let’s do the other one. Again the third one we have to give three knots. Very slowly do it, very slowly. Now do it properly. Now push back your head, now give it the third one, three times. Now see your vibrations. See your vibrations like this All the children, see your vibrations like this. Put your hands. Beautiful. I am getting vibrations from you. May God bless you. Thank you very much.

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