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1917 KM HIKING! – A long walk crowdfunder campain

hi there
I’m Frank I’m going to make my first vlog ever while hiking all the way from
Eemnes the Netherlands to Santiago de Compostela in Spain so a while ago I decided I want to
travel but I wanted to do it in a unique way in a way that no one I know has ever
done before. So you have a lot of vloggers on YouTube who walked the Camino
de Santiago from france to Spain but there aren’t actually any who started
in the Netherlands and walked all the 1,900 kilometers to Spain. According to
most walked the Camino it’s an enormous adventure and a life-changing experience
that I would love to share with y’all and that’s why with your help I can do
this. But this channel will also benefit you it is going to be motivational exciting
adventures and most important of all entertaining. Now to kickstart this adventure I
will start to walk from Eemnes the Netherlands on the 1st of March just
before the start of spring to Santiago de Compostela in Spain this will take
me around to 2,5 months if I walk around 25 kilometers a day. Now go check out my
Ulule page because it has some cool rewards there. However the best reward
will be the vlog see weather you donate 1 euro or a hundred euros as
long as this crowdfunder gets backed, everyone with access to YouTube will be
able to see my vlogs go live on March 2020
As I said these vlogs are going to be motivational exciting and adventurous
it’s going to be the perfect way to take you with me on this adventure thanks for helping thanks for supporting
thanks for watching Pick a reward, tell a friend and wait for
these videos to go live on March 2020 DONATE NOW! – Ulule link down below

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