18. First hike in the woods ft. Giulia

so beautiful! I am already known to you but this is Giulia That’s where we are going That’s the name of the place, haha! I’ve no idea how to read these maps I will just follow Giulia As much it demands you to walk it’s beauty really deserve it Giulia is asking for the directions and I’ve got some time to take a breath huh! no worries, I will go till the end all this road is just upward sloping there is no leveled path Giulia: Give me some of your things
Abid: No, it’s okay. No? You cannot walk in this condition It’s dangerous this way (using camera while holding stuff altogether) ok thank you! and be careful okay! when you want to make video (stop and do it safely she mean) 😀 we have taken a 5 minutes break and I feel fresh Look at her….. (like a nerd haha) It seems she has no idea where we are heading to! but getting lost at such a beautiful place is a kind of adventure because you are sweating I really got tired until we reach here I’m just out of practice last one year that I spent in the University was like “no exercise at all” I went on many hikes in China, and we used to walk a lot as well..

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