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$1,000,000 IF YOU CAN EXPLAIN THIS. (Finger-Lift Challenge)

I 21 Hey, yo good morning. Logang oh I dropped it yet. I dropped the what’s popping for now anyways. I don’t know man. I’m just looking feeling anyway I got up early today, so I could go [workout] [and] yeah, man I’m just going to go do that right now, so let’s do it. What does look that bad Let’s do it. Yes. We did it dude. Haha. I feel good such a good way to keep start the week. You know it’s Monday Okay, you’re on that. Note as well. I finally feel like I’m kidding was done. I will do this often(sexy logan) I don’t do this often Pacheco several Yeah, I do the muscles are coming back bro. My six pack is coming back, bro Hey, I just talking about results the name of the game but Yes, I am seeing results Look at that nipple What? Are you quoting shakespeare now? Huh? Yo, that’s freakin weird, oh Hi Mark. Oh, hi Mark. I have a question for [you], bro Are you glued to this chair every time I see you in this here Maverick down boy down? Do you want me to do grow? I don’t know to get out and go out to see the sun, bro Go play Frisbee with boys. Okay. Look just stop right been a lot dude If y’all game is taking over my life, and what does that do with chest hurting my house? What does that do it restroom? Oh, this is all like you mad, bro. Oh whoa So now you understand bro when you’re busy, and you’re vlogging everyday guys that vlog life is no Joke guess what I’m doing right now, brother watch getting my hair done or down getting my hair dyed my color What do you think? I’m Gonna leave it a surprise. I’m just gonna I’m just gonna do it and I’m gonna show you guys, but yeah, you’re going on your head This is this weird thing Nika Love my beautiful, jesus looking man. We’re waiting for some blonde That’s what I like. Yeah, I was going to reveal the color, but it’s lon Nico Just said I’m going blonder guy to make these high spot rounds look at the ice crust yeah I’m going blonde right not mark blonde But I want to go like Cali surfer blonde row because when I hit the dab. I think I’ve even hit him [harder] like this I’m all about the deep [dads] now. I’m talking those two inner elbow. I’m talking those two would ginaz Vagina here’s the Origin this is called a weenus Which makes this the vagina fact we got that breaking bad mixture up in here my boys cooking meth for hair. Let’s go Hey guys, it’s [me] logan. Oh, God. I don’t know what happened here, but ok [this] what it takes to get sexy cali blonde hair. I just look like a lunch lady rolling I wanted mashed potatoes see well Isn’t that nice? How do I look bro? Yeah? So Tina thinks I’m sexy. I want to know do you guys think I’m sex just this face right here I don’t want you to comments masterpass in this space right here. Oh [okay], cool. Do all make you owning, okay? We finished, but I’m not going to show you guys ever yo you killed it my jesus mess making master Chemo what you thing? Well am I see your boy is I see We are currently walking back to my place, and I’m not gonna Lie I still have the coke in the head look my hair cannot be blow dry so it’s going to take a little bit to settle In keep that in mind when you see it. I’m at home. I’ma show my boy mark when he’s done in the bathroom He’s out of the bathroom. What do you think [of] my eyes bro? I haven’t [looked] yet Look at my hair look at my hair stop live the camera What’s the how do you look like Justin Bieber when he was 14 years old yo cuz it’s blow-dried I got that coconut head going on. I’m I see a lowell mi. Yeah, that’s what I call Coke in a head, but what about the color? It looks a lot better to be on rhinos. Why I did it. I see brock. Why are you ruining? My house? Yeah, but bro. You don’t even ruin my house with it Look, I don’t care about this new messy mark thing that’s going on. I don’t like them. Are you doing? That’s a great question Yeah, what the I needed that to be honest, bro? I don’t even care here. You might as well take this too, bro I’m leaving soon Just go for it bro. Hey mark. If you’re done destroying the house. I actually have something I need to tell you I am moving on Thursday or they yeah, which is be like in two days what yeah, bro? Why so do sit sometimes fish needs [a] [green] you know what I’m saying it No, I don’t open up the 23rd. Yeah, but I figured since logan Paul versus is picking up, bro I’m not gonna be busy the whole months. I’m still by the way just vlogging with it Mama You’re busy the whole month so I gotta get out of it quick You know so I’m just gonna be here by myself in the huge massive apartment 00 keep in mind all the furnitures all Everything’s gone are these love sex erm. I’m taking them up taking TVs taking that taking taking this probably take your nose Oh Gotcha nose. Yeah I’m really going to be super empty the driller a trader in here something. Oh Yo, we definitely should eyes. We’re gonna throw a huge party for my birthday april. Fool’s day. Make sure to come to I got an April fools joke. Hey broomball Go to the ring here for you. No, I didn’t order a pizza, bro Okay, we got yourself out about this I know bro. I did order betta I never order any of these already pizza Road I’m [just] gonna show you guys my hair. [hey] look at this eyes yellow would you guys like it? Yeah, anyways. I had to get rid of the coconut head thing like him like a young, babe Are you see the potential right? Don’t don’t worry about the shape. I think you should just throw a hat on I’m Gucci So yeah anyway. It’s a piece of pizza time yesterday two separate times in total I had 18 pizzas delivered to me. I did not order the pizza someone instead of peaches to my house you guys Why oh? Yeah, maybe because I invite you to parties in my house to be my exact address and apartment number That’s why well yeah have no fear your boys moving Thursday, okay? I don’t give up One quick thing that I want to point out beside the fact that it looks like I’m wearing a wig right now yesterday I asked you guys to go like that music video. I directed to why don’t we boys their music video that I directors Why don’t we boys music videos that I directed I wanted us to get this video to 50,000 like look closely low gang 50,000 like and [Twenty] [five] thousand views all that even possible. God bless America. We broke you two. That’s what I like low gang I’m not Bruno mars, but lucky for you. That’s what I like anus. What I like a Okay, where’s the ice man going? I know it looks like I’m in the middle of nowhere Which is only semi true headed to Dylan and Dave’s house the directors of airplane mode as you guys know the movie is picture life We just have some visual effects stuff. We need to go over also watch this Fuck. I always got the job Dylan what? Happened broke his right whoa. Oh, I like that Yo, what’s the what you think your shoes take off your shoes you got rules man. Just rolls throw I’m the rule breaker build you feel better soon to you. I yeah you’re right. I’ll take up my issue What do you think that’s ice on my hair bro? Yeah? Yeah, I’m glad I [download] coconut fever had oh my God no Only cuz your love got it bro. Everyone calm down. We gotta get girls is Bowl Cut I should be in a boy band always making of that and speaking of boy bands. I have an idea I’m actually at the why don’t we boys house right now. It’s right there I probably actually should not show this in the vlog because one of you guys is Gonna see it And you’re gonna send them pizza Don’t send a why don’t we boyd piece, but anyways team oh, and I were watching my friend Alex Wasabi’s of Law How do I describe this what we saw? It doesn’t make sense He did a Magic trick where if you’re not able to pick someone up no matter how much they weigh you are able to pick them up I literally don’t know how else to say it doesn’t make any fucking sense It is one of the weirdest things I’ve ever said I call that facetime them. I’m like home me What the fuck how does it work? How does it work bro? I? Look you already I don’t know no no no No, no, no, I know we got some inside scoop or something impossible is now possible my friend. How do you do you know? Sometimes like five people are just ready to go that can be like hey, do this lucky for you I think future logan has that handled take it away ah Ideas like my haircut yeah, but you didn’t hear Dogs, I’m a fan. That’s what ever yo yo yeah See you guys. I want to do a magic trick with you guys using you guys I just saw you guys are standing together like this. Can you just hit like some for me. Just hit like a little like ah me your location ah Damn mud pit in the heck ok so. I don’t know if this is gonna work again [I] saw my friend Alex doing this could be a mega fail I don’t know if it is I’m probably just gonna chill here and make these guys sing to me for the rest of the night but It doesn’t ok let’s give this a go Boys what you want to do is to have you [to] [Jodi] [hear] the heavy? Legacy the [gym]. That’s the fatty gym how much you waited like? 2180 okay, okay cool cool and the rest of your father you just let it I know one of the must stay makes no sense you just liked all of you guys five is ok I don’t want to take your fingers like this in this like gun formation ok You guys think about if you put your hand here. Oh no fingers with a big Jambox We drop your biological out of your building tomorrow on three try to take Jonah and cupcakes one [gym] three Don’t wait wait wait how much does that weigh the God of the dreads? Okay, dude 21, okay. Just doesn’t be weird sit down chairs Following church with the fingers one two three I think I think it’s going to be good the best way to describe to put your hands in like you’re going to do like a break but what no You don’t have to do it not just just everyone calm down one at a time starting this way I think this is clockwise what you can’t touch each other as well, so go like this do it Boom boom don’t touch very important not to touch zack again. Yep. Going back around the circle. Don’t touch now Daniel remove there you go Boom boom boom boom now do the finger thing and try to pick them up What? What happened? Why does it happen Magic imagine, but what’s your scientific explanation? We probably lessened gravity when the gravity it was like wow gravity goes Yo, that’s why I think you were able to pick them up in the first place because I think it’s about like unity what you? Guys are already there, and it’s like the mindset of like becoming one that’s created it. That’s nice yeah science We’re gonna give Timo try I like how he’s just staring at them is no way you do it There’s no way. This is without doing the hand thing one Right now you got a low you got a little bit you got a little lip? so much juice box do not move Yup cyber unified or you? walk away yeah 3 2 1 0 Got it touching me up without real quick. Just like just right people to do what? Okay Hey guys, I’m we’re back. I to what I know it feels like I’ve looked you have a point where you just feel like you’re about to take off. This is where Knocking a lot I’m uncomfortable. I’m on some I’m on some buddhist right now. You guys have a good night I’ll go back to house Oh, I’m telling you. I was sitting down and then I was floating you Holding in the air, fro. They pick me up like was nothing broke. Yeah Bro as designer would say no I don’t follow road feel like a sultanate Winning designers, Inc. Hey first up. Yeah. He probably was second up something one of my sister boy, all right That’s my boy you make love with you my boy to leave We are back home. It was a good day today, man. Yeah. Yeah, I got stuff done. I see hair looking I see achieve the impossible To dinner with my boys, and we hit I can wear like three hundred thousand likes and the why don’t we boys music video I’m just going to say it for me It’s cool to know that you guys also care about the stuff that I’m directing more than just me being like an actor or right? Or whatever it is like you guys care about like my project which I think is awesome. Low gang like seriously Thank you guys I love you for that and does that [know] that is the day it’s going to be real sad leaving this place on Thursday I’m gonna miss it but hey on to bigger and better things low gang. I say it every day. I say it again today I love you, and I will see you tomorrow taking the Fam Peace well, oh Get hurt. I’m fine, please Xup. I throw the gun a hearty made a joke. I’ve already rated you know me, too

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100 thoughts on “$1,000,000 IF YOU CAN EXPLAIN THIS. (Finger-Lift Challenge)

  1. The challenge is called light as a feather stiff as a board I used to do it with my friends all the time but the way we played it was we would lay some pillows on the ground and a person wold lay on top of them then you would pick them up and of course I wouldn’t work then we would all put our hands over their face but not touching then say light as a feather stiff as a board then you remove ur hand and have every body around the pick them up to the highest point where u can’t pick them up anymore and we used to get so freezes out by it cause it felt like they were 2 pounds

  2. The key to the trick is timing: each of the lifters must apply the lifting force at the same moment. When this is done, the weight of the subject is divided equally between each lifter, requiring each person to contribute only 12-20kg of lift, to raise a 50-80kg person.[3] This is about the same as each person lifting a heavy bag of shopping.[4]

    If the trick is performed without synchronising the lift, it will fail. This may be used as a deliberate form of misdirection from the person explaining the trick, first asking the group to "go ahead, try to lift" to show that it cannot be done, and then asking them to try again on the count of three.[3]

    Some people who remember performing the trick as a child will have overexaggerated their memory of the effect, recalling the performance as lifting the subject high into the air for some time, when in reality they would only have lifted them for a moment.[3]

  3. While you’re hovering your hands above the person you’re up your mind is preparing you to lift him up with your strength

  4. Anyone watching this after what happened to you know what…. the colorful wonderful parrot called maverick 😭❤️

    Every like is 1 prayer for Maverick❤️🙏🏻

  5. where can I get some dew like you braou… I have no brows…burnt them of in front of 7 million people @ bui vein walking street vietnam country yo… good news there is plenty of coconut oil and aloe vera in my home…I'm not homeless anymore… thank yous tube

  6. sorry fo the pies bro but I have it sent from vietnam so it can reach you piping hot and hell yea way to break the tube of youssss

  7. technically I know the answer and science a bit of spritilism to it… keep in mind I have visited Agatha H and met the ancient cosmic fortune teller… as dice man says… I FUCKED HER OOOOO

  8. that is almost tight and right but your missing a few key components in the entire formula and the variants are a bit obscure and missing the fulcrum of understanding that undulates through space and time…in other words you all are almost time traveling, I can show you how, but it requires years of discipline like a ninja monk monkey warrior… they exist look em up that is why asians are so short not like evan short of sense of humorous dna… peace and chicken grease

  9. The reason this works is because you truly believe it’s not suppose to work when it isn’t suppose to and suppose to work when it’s suppose too. It’s all on believing Do I win $100000?

  10. The finger lifting thing is easy to explain: with everyone lifting with the same amount of fingers at the same time the weight is distributed evenly. Fingers are also a lot stronger than we think.

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