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10 Vistas trail & Mount Beautiful. A 2 days hike in Vancouver

[Music] eleven welcome to a new episode I’m one hour and a half east of Vancouver I’m on top of Coquitlam to be exact this on my side is boots in Lake and I’m heading out towards a path called Diez vistas the plan is to spend a couple of days in the wilderness I’ve got my tent in my backpack so let’s see what happens [Music] I’m finally at the viewpoint it was really hard my bag was super heavy but I’m finally here and I also found a nice spot to put my tent down but I’ll have to remove a tree so let’s do that first [Music] alright it tamp this down not the best pot but it looks stable enough and they it’s not gonna rain tonight so I should be fine there’s a million mosquitoes so I don’t know how enjoyable is gonna be this night but yeah debuted stunning and as soon as the Sun Goes Away I want to take some sweet pictures get some rest I’ll see you guys the morning [Music] I go anywhere anywhere with you cuz you filled my mind oh you feel my my we could build a dream style something new let the old biddy let the shadows [Music] brand-new day the night was good but I have a really sore throat I have no idea why but anyway hurts like crazy the plan for today is to head towards Mount beautiful she’s at 1,200 meters now I’m not sure that I’m actually gonna be able to do it since yesterday I only did the 400 meters change of attitude and I almost died so but yeah I’m gonna try it anyway hopefully be able to take some good drone shots that up there is my food if you can’t put there’s some bears around you got to make sure that the food is not in your tent so I’m gonna grab that get some breakfast and then start heading towards that mountain let’s see what happens for me do fall asleep [Music] me for me parsley won’t sing for me we do it on repeat [Music] Here I am back down at the lake those are the mountains and I was planning on attacking Mount beautiful and a couple more with a bunch of viewpoints in the way but as you can see the weather got pretty crappy and also to be honest I’m really really tired however ex-teammate in my power that bag is huge really heavy and I’m also a little bit sick so I definitely wasn’t ready to attack that but I’ll definitely come back when the weather is better but I’m not gonna make you wait for that two weeks later the weather’s still crap but at least the mountain isn’t covered I don’t know if you could see it from here I feel much better now and my bag is much smaller so it’s time to take them out [Music] [Music] you’re to me [Music] Here I am at the first viewpoint of the day is called white cliff it took me about two and a half hours to get here the view is really cool that behind me he’s Vancouver I don’t know if you can see from the camera the trail was very well marked and super quiet I just crossed two people on the way here actually the last bit the detour that I had to take to come here was a little bit of a mess a lot of falling trees but nothing too bad nothing too dangerous so really cool I’m glad I’m here I’m not even halfway towards the mound beautiful so it’s gonna be a very long day I better get cracking [Music] [Music] game over unfortunately really really hard to find the path there’s way too much snow there’s no signs there’s no one on the road so there’s not even footprints it’s gonna be too risky if I continue yeah I definitely don’t want to spend the night here luckily for me I have a drone so maybe I’ll be able to show you something cool let’s try [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] not the ending that I expected but sometimes you have to let go and this was the case you know I could have tried to find the path but then then I would have taken way too many risks and it definitely wasn’t worth it I took already quite a lot coming all the way here by myself nobody’s around and the path was really hard to find so yeah I’ve got a collie today this is in the episode hope you guys enjoyed it in the next one I have no idea where I will be it could be Italy could be Canada if you want to find out make sure you tune in next time see you then [Music] [Music]

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1 thought on “10 Vistas trail & Mount Beautiful. A 2 days hike in Vancouver

  1. Great to see you again. I always find it interesting to see snow and really green trees at the same time on a big mountain like in this video.

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