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07 – Ut i Helge Ingstads Villmarker (Del 2)

Into the wilderness of Helge Ingstad
Part 2 It’s early morning under the tarp! It’s hot! Yes, indeed it is That explains why it’s so hot in my sleepingbag Hav you slept well? No! Allright … I have definitely not slept well … Why not? What went wrong? Nothing really ,,, I’ve just didn’t sleep that well I guess I have been sleeping more
than it feels like Yes, I’m pretty sure about that, too So, we’re out walking again! Were there ary encounters with grizzlies
or other animalis last night, Vidar? No, there were no grizzlies around There were no wolf howling either … I think we heard two wolves at a very far distance So, off course, we’re a bit dissapointed In our fanasy, the night was going to
kick off with wolf howling all around, – that they were circluating us … Sometime in the night we thought we
were going to hear scratching on the tarp some growls Use of bearspray and some shooting with
our shotguns That didn’t happen Where are we now, Vidar? This is Lake Monica This is a special lake to you, isn’t it? This is why you wanna stay here for
hours, wash your feets and … I’m gonna stay here all day! The reason is that he is satisfied! Yes, I am! Even our here in the wilderness, one can
celebrate civilized events! I am very satisfied witht he fact that my wife Monica – has finsished two years of studies and succeeded! That’s just great! Indeed! Congratulations! That is why we’re sitting here on the
shores of this beautiful lake We’re enjoying a nice breeze. There
are almost no clouds. Warm and nice There are no bugs! Thats just salvation … Now we’ll soon be moving on We’ve crossed the Snowdrift River We’ll be moving on the western side of the river We’ll move through traditional muskox areas We might see animals We’ve not been that lucky so far But, this is the wilderness and there
are lots of tracks! It’s an amazing experience no matter if – we’ll end up breaking our way through the
heards or not or if we’re running out of slugs because of grizzly encounters It’s totally ok! We’ve allready seen the trax of the muskox Hopefully, we’ll find even fresher tracks
of other animals, too That would’ve been great! Off course, it’s always spicy to see fresh tracks
of the grizzly A finding! Far out on the rundra, we stumbled over
some chopped wood These doesn’t belong here So, we start looking around – and then:
what did you find? Yes, what did I see? You saw something on the ground! Something awesome! It’s really cool! Here we have an old rifle of some kind … We can see the gunstock The trigger … The receiver and bolt container We’re gonna lift it up carefully Then we’re gonna give it a closer look This is amazing Fantastic! Now we’ve been digging as careful as possible We’re now able to lift it up Make note of the trigger mechanism It has a hammer It’s a heavy weapon It’s not that long The stock is pretty small I’m not that experienced to claim that this
is Winchester this or that version The only thing Vidar and I can say, is that this
is an old gun We’re going to bring it back to The Prince of Wales
Heritage Center in Yellowknife To us, this is a great finding! This is obviously an old, native hunting site Over there, on the esker, there is a much
more modern hunting camp That camp is out of use, too This site, though, is much, much older Findings like this makes the whole expedition! These were used to raise the tents Most probably native tents They’re so old and weathered that – We believe they … They’re at least as old as our findings in
Ingstads Winter Quarters At least that old Most probably older Ragarding the gun we found … This can be dated back to the early 1900 End of the 1800? These raisers has not fallen down randomly They’ve been put there Two and two in pairs What do you think that can be, Vidar? It’s a hole! But that is made by humans! What can we find in it? Tha same as we have back in our camp? That might be … There are two holes. One over there, – and one right here The shape is square That may have have been a result of a shufffle So, this might be their toilet What do we find on the river banks? Have they been here during summer? If so, I bet we find something there! We must have a look! This looks like an old fireplace Look at the positions of the rocks This is chopped Nothing burned … There are chopped wood over there, too Chopped wood all over the place That looks like a raiser More chopped wood So, I guess there has been some camplife here! Apricots are tasty We’re celebrating the finding We found an old native hunting site Maybe it was also used during summer? It was very, very old We also found – this one Due to the print, this is a Winchester Produced in 1894 WOW !!! Look at this place! Here we got a beach made for two, dirty men ! But I persume the water temperature is
the same as in other lakes That means it is ice-cold … We’re going to pause here! I oughto wash my feets It is beautiful! Let’s stay here a while! We could’ve stayed here I guess this is one of the most beautiful
places we’ve been It’s the beach and the gorgous esker There’s not much wind here either Very nice Nice location And over there’s the tundra – straight in and down to the shores Fantastic! Indeed fantastic! Yeeesssss ….. Some people heads for the south … While others fins their own beach in the wilderness We cannot stay here much longer But it was a gorgeous place to stay Now my feets are ok My T-shirt has dried So, now we gotta move on Up that evil, steep esker! There will be a full breakdown on that top, I guess But we have to pass it Rock’n roll! Move it! Move it! Our first stop will be the malaria marsh over there … I’ll just stay put here If he disappears, I’ll chose anonther route If it turns out well, I’ll follow … Allright, I think it’s time for me to move on, too This is a safe pass Everythings ok Now, I’m heading for the killing hill … I’m looking forward to it To climb this hill with so much sand … One step forward Glinding back again … It’s very heavy to climb such eskers It’s steep The boots sink down into the sand It’s tough He’s having a hard time up there … Is he able to reach the top? Off course he will …. Now he is determant! It’s enough, he thinks! Are we walking alot on eskers? No … I’m glad not Now we’re going to follow the edge of
the esker The view is fantastic! It’s so beautiful! It’s nice to hike on the tundra! It’s much better than to hike in the forest You may see the bear on huge distances One may be tempted to lower the guard Lake Ylva! You were quick to get up the fire to boil some
water, Vidar! Is the scratching caused by my hat or by the bugs? I guess it is the absense of shampoo … The Old Spice 3 in 1 is waiting in basecamp My hair is gorgeous Tonight we will only use the Jerven
Thermo bag and sleepingbags We’re in the centre of a terrirory where Christian on his last expedition encountered – three muskox herds followed by a huge wolfpack
(This is irony) So, I’m excited about what’s gonna happen tonight It has been silent regarding animals We see alot of old tracks So, I expect it’ll be a calm and silent night But off course, it may happen that I feel
a wet nose in my ear Or how about a musk that thinks I look like a stone? … or if there’s a male musk that’s thinks that this looks a female musk?

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