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🗻Climbing Machu Picchu Mountain Peru // Montaña Machu Picchu Hike 🇵🇪

little did I know after walking through
the ruins that the actual real challenge that lay ahead of us was still to come
and that was climbing machu picchu climbing that mountain was excruciatingly beautiful, there was so many steps you are way way way up in the sky when you climb that thing but unfortunately you have to climb it. there is no escalators elevators assistance no buses that are running up this high there is nothing that motorized mechanical or that does the work for the
human body to make you go up and down it it is stairs, weird stairs, jagged stairs
stairs with loose stuff, on them small stairs, slippery stairs, tall stairs, there’s no
two stairs are alike just like snowflakes. at the same time you know you
look around the corner you know there’s like set of 50 stairs another corner
another set of 50 stairs and this one happens to be more narrow and then that
one has a little like loose gravel on it so your footing is crucial so crucial to
look to the left is dead in to the right is salvation in the wall yeah that was tough. That was really tough I would do it again in a heartbeat though the
feelings that you get kind of going up a mountain like that is self-doubt you
wonder is it worth it you wonder why am I doing this and then
as you get closer and closer it gets harder and harder it’s up it’s very true
as they say you know people easily abandon their dreams when they’re like a
couple feet from the finish line My whole body is infuriated, my legs are screaming, my calf muscles are dying and I gotta say there’s very few
things that would make me push myself like this. This is why I work so hard at
home this is why we get up early in the mornings. This is why we push ourselves to
do things that most people wouldn’t do especially the way that we do as you can
see it takes a toll on everybody The say to dress for the heat or just for the bug. The heats worse. Probably the most grueling early morning hike I’ve done yet looking down we can see the
hydroelectric dam that we started at through the sacred valley and along the
sacred River we can see aguas calientes where we spent the night last night
before we started tracking our way up the mountain today I couldn’t believe that I was walking on this narrow ridge looking to the left looking to the right
and this is the tallest thing around when you’re up there and you see all the
Andes just stretched as far as the eye can see in every direction everywhere you
see is another mountain you see these guys back here these are the best guys in the world. We push them to new heights (or just push eachother) and we push each other to the top, to the very very top! There’s nowhere going up from here. This is the most awesome moment and this is the best people in the world to be sharing it
with right here. That’s what we do it for homie.

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9 thoughts on “🗻Climbing Machu Picchu Mountain Peru // Montaña Machu Picchu Hike 🇵🇪

  1. Machu Picchu is so breathtaking! Your video is so interesting! Great travel film! It's looks very professional! I felt like I was with you guys! Keep it up man! I also make films, if you’ve got time, I’d love to hear what you think about them!

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