🔴 Новый Диммер AC 220 В 4000 W регулятор напряжения 🆕 Испытания и Тест Регулятор мощности с Али

all welcome to my channel
subscribers in general recently received from the Chinese dimmer regulator
tension and The dimmer power controller stated 4
kilowatts let’s do a full review on this dimmer and carry out the test given
dimmer now I have installed here in this box is her handle is external
view as on the screen and can even See the unpacking link will be in
description so check will be as tools for verification, I will
use this kind of household power meter We will look at the ampere and watts on it with
using current clamps we are in mode temperature and measure through
Thermal steaming with a radiator temperature and We will load this Resant
3 kilowatts in it is just what we need it is necessary and the temperature
see on and the number of revolutions of the video from this motor is not so weak
start the tripod and proceed so we turn on 220 V. Let’s check the help of current
Probes in our wires 12 amperes 12 amperes let’s
look at the voltmeter two and a half kilowatts we see 2 and 8 amp shows that is, we have now connected two with
half a kilowatt and at the same time gamers did not work voltage did not
changed and we already see the temperature at our place 83 degrees even more than a hundred degrees in this mode for a long time does not seem dimmer
It does not work, that is, in such a stock we bought and if we connect
two and a half kilowatts, and then we have everything everything literally overheats, let’s
then try to put on one and half kilowatts can we have a given dimmer
to use as a half kilowatt now it will cool a little standard radiator standard dimmer
it means two and a half kilowatts power it does not stretch overheats, so with the help of cold
I cool the radiator. let’s try one and a half kilowatts
turn on 1300 watts of consumption The radiator has a 50 degree temperature
this is not critical in general, a half kilowatt and up to two kilowatts for him it is not
The problem is he pulls and even let’s try to adjust By dimmer we lower the voltage in general Dimmer stopped working! so let’s turn on the soldering ones And he does not regulate the soldering iron either so let’s turn it on without a wattmeter but that’s how it still means could not stand it
dimmer tests I wanted him to hang more radiator with inspiration
to chase it at its height even more tests were planned
but we will dwell on this in one and a half kilowatts and I started
regulare dimmer and he immediately went out arrange to burn out but draw conclusions yourself in
Generally I can not go on a hike here anything While summarizing this information to you
if you have gathered or bought a dimmer like this he behaves when
loads from one and a half kilowatts to 3 kilowatts, but
me on the test he just burned dumbly me wires that are now melted and
interlocked in general test is not ended everything turned out to be put in place and again
we start to test again not so I replaced the wires as if my cant immediately
did not think that the most powerful here insert wires
Well, let’s see, we turn on load of one and a half kilowatts to start take for a better touch a little bit
a little here a drop of thermal paste kpt-8
and we clearly see part of the thermal paste. degrees yah well let’s lower the voltage
twice we see the fan barely rotates so a little wait but see
the temperature does not rise does not fall stably holds 58 degrees that is
it does not depend on this one and a half amperes conclude that the dimmer
copes with a bang for him it’s like in normal 60 degrees, the other is certainly not
holds and the radiator is small but let’s Let’s see what the temperature jump will be
if we turn on 3 amps oh if we are in google about what 3 kilowatt
means the load included a little bit the voltage sagged
here we see 12 amperes now the current is coming While nothing is rotating this pen
hence we see a temperature rise see already up to eighty degrees
level pillar to melt by the way the table is this board yacht lacquer
covered quite a good lacquer, is recommended. in general, what is there to do about it?
say this aluminum radiator of course very little very little well
see 100 degrees and still probably on will creep up and up to two kilowatts we can
use quietly without upgrading any but more than two and whether
he can withstand a total of 4 kilowatts but this is questionable but the very first
easy that it begs to replace it this radiator so if you also change the radiator
and wires here these use thicker
all the same the current is solid now it shows a 13 ampere dimmer well
and look at the time means in time it does not heat up so quickly
use men at the maximum means loads can already be longer
period but still without active cooling any disc is heated with
It is only a matter of time, that is, this is Balvanka aluminum it heats up in
5 seconds here it is already a little longer but all the same it heats down our seven-year-olds here but gives him to overheat until 50 degrees apply a droplet of fri-8
and also put on deliverance we see
60 degrees well, it will be interesting whether growth or still copes with this
radiator Surprising and interesting the wires themselves were slightly warmed up
degrees to 30 but not critical with decreasing stress
respectively, we and the ampere’s amperage is changing, now it shows eight and a half ampere voltage drops current falls on wires less current flows less than here it is heated in terms of adjustment
here there is no overheating if we absolutely unscrew the time here it is now in the maximum through these wires pass visible 12 amperes almost 13 is the maximum load
to a dimer in at 3 kilowatts and here is a today a short review was received
my test test. dimmer running well, the only drawback is that he has this undeveloped aluminum radiator for 3 and 4 kilowatt
he simply can not cope heat and therefore a transistor means it is necessary
evaporate it to tighten the more developed ones such as here on my test for example
radiator and we already see what will happen cope up to 3 kilowatts we see
copes 70 degrees means on radiator without active cooling
if we take still active cooling, then naturally understandable and 4 kilowatts he
pull the gamer very smoothly adjust in the range probably from 20
Well, let’s see in what range so let’s turn it on and see
for soldering included that already the heater is hot
turn on and watch as much as possible, he smoothly lowers
voltage and is visible somewhere 10 deg 10 volts from 10 volts to 220 volts
it regulates and fairly smoothly in general for all
indicators wins 4 kilowatts I I recommend it strongly as
it says link under the video and if you need my review and
like subscribing to a channel

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