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I’m Jefferson Graham I’m a lifelong
photographer writer and video maker. I am your guide on today’s Photowalk the
whole goal of the channel is to take you to some pretty awesome places ahem and
show you where to get the best shots how when and where to take them as well
Today’s Photowalk is actually a road trip to the other side of Oahu because
you all know about Honolulu the big resorts and you probably know about
Northshore and those gigantic waves there’s actually a lot more here if
you’re willing to get in the car and check it out it’s I think it’s worth it
I hope you do too particularly if you’re willing to wake
up early because that’s where you’re gonna get your best photos I mean like
really early like set your alarm for 4:30 early ready let’s start with a
morning sunrise because Honolulu is more of just city
urban on you know just regular anywhere else you’re on an island so you should
try and explore you know try new things live a little hour drive around the
island will take us through the east up to the north and back down through the
West as always check our blog for more detailed mapping information I recommend
you start the journey in the small town of Kailua a great home base for cheaper
accommodations than Waikiki before heading up the road to the North Shore
Kailua is a small city with nearly 40,000 people some change stores and
restaurants but don’t let that stop you some of the best beaches we found were
in the area highlights include Kailua Beach sandy beach in the Makah blue
trail Kailua Beach is a short hop from town and what a difference you’ve got
classic Hawaii here with sandy white beaches turquoise water and it just
makes a wonderful setting for your morning sunrise shots parking is free
and plentiful especially when you’re early as we head up the road sandy beach
is a totally different animal it’s like two beaches in one on one side you’ve
got lava rocks which make it the top photo spot on the island in my humble
opinion the waves crash against the rocks making for a really dramatic shot continue up the way and there’s a
tourist spot called the blowhole where if you’re there at the right time you
can see smoke and water while we out of the rocks directly to the right is the
maca pool lighthouse and speaking of the lighthouse now this is fun it’s one of
the best hikes on the island of Oahu about a mile and a half up the road with
a camera or without to see the historic lighthouse that’s beaming over the
island of Oahu come on let’s get going your first glimpse of the lighthouse
is a side view it’s the better shot if you have a camera with zoom lens and
you’re willing to lean over a bit as I did notice that the key word was lean
over you want to lean over the rail and eliminate a lot of this guardrail if you
keep on walking up the hill you got a good overhead shot that will be okay on
your smartphone they’re kind of small again if you have a camera with the zoom
lens like this you can get a pretty good overhead shot particularly at sunrise but selfie alert this is a great spot
for a selfie stick hold it up high and you’ll get to capture yourself and
friends with the lighthouse in the background or have really long arms if
you have any questions about the stuff we’re discussing today please hit me up
in the comments below or look for me on Twitter or Instagram
where I’m at Jefferson Graham okay one more fun spot in the East emaki research
pier which is really popular with local swimmers and fishing enthusiasts from
the east we are now ready to head north home to the North Shore home to some of
the biggest surfing waves in the world in the winter we’re here in August let’s
go find out how big some of those waves are and see some of the small towns in
the North Shore come on this is the seven-mile miracle surf
capital of the world and that’s right here Sunset Beach pipeline and holla Eva
we’re talking 30 to 40 foot oh it goes across the road in about three or four
different areas I’ve rescued tourists drowning in their rental car that I’ve
got knocked off the road at rock piles by the skatepark and they couldn’t even
download what was happening because they’re like this wasn’t in the brochure
he died him yeah November December January February
Smackdown in the winter is when we get all this energy and summer is flat as a
lake as you make your way north remember this
is rural Hawaii you will pass through some really cute small towns
you’ll also need to plan accordingly and expect a traffic jam this is North Shore
a really popular destination on a two-lane road but hey relax you’re in
Hawaii right now once the cars start to move again get ready for the famous
shrimp shacks and trucks on the side of the road serving fresh garlicky shrimp in between the small towns there’s a big
resort on this side of the island the swanky Hilton Turtle Bay a classic
open-air Hawaiian property with an ocean view and a huge pool overnights days can
be very pricey anywhere from $250 a night to 550 I roughed it up by skipping
the bed and just lunching by the pool for under $20 yes they have turtles in
Turtle Bay but they’re down the road a bit you’ll have to travel to find them
also down the way is shark’s Cove said to have the best snorkeling on the
island heat attracts a lot of tourists so right across the street are tons of
shops devoted to selling you t-shirts trinkets and the like another highlight
of a North Shore visit is the historic small town of Hawaii bah
this is a fun old Hawaiian town we’re stopping for before heading back to
catch our sunset shots where else but Sunset Beach remember kids on Oahu the
Sun rises in the east and sets in the north best spots on Oahu for sunset I
would recommend like Sunset Beach sunrise I’d recommend going to Makkah
pool hike because that is where the sunset does rise much at a time it’s
like the point of Eastside for a while submit photo tips before we move on to
sunrise and sunset best photographers stress the importance
of getting out early for the best photos beyond the joy of watching the Sun pop
out from under the water which we don’t usually get the see back home you get
this array of colors before and after sunrise that are just hard to be so what
do you need a tripod will go a long way to help you shoot the pre sunrise at a
slow exposure for that cool dreamy flowing water effect and of course it’s
mandatory for getting a time-lapse because there’s no way to keep your
hands steady for that long period of time and even if you don’t want a
time-lapse it you can just shoot straight video and speed it up in video
editing later steadiness will be your best friend there as well now if all you
have is a smartphone that’s fine especially if you have an iPhone and you
can use the iOS software trick in live photos called
long exposure just snap your shot in life photos mode by making sure the live
icon is clicked then after you’ve taken it flip the shot upward and you’ll see
four options live loop bounce and long exposure you want the last one obviously
what you see is what you get if you don’t like the results keep snapping
until you do I’ve got a photo tip for you waves like you’re seeing right here
look absolutely amazing in slow motion and it’s really easy to do check out
this clip that I shot on the iPhone 8 plus in slow motion the great thing
about shooting slow motion is you don’t even have to worry about a tripod
because it’s going so slow it will be steady do know that I had to get this
shot about 20 times in a row until I got it just right the key is waiting for
that big wave to form and getting ready to pounce once it starts so we opened up
this episode with sunrise what better way to end it than where the sunset at
the appropriately named sunset beach let’s check it out as with many settings of the Sun the
actual sunset wasn’t that much it pays to stick around look what happened just
five minutes later hey I hate to break it to you but it’s
now time to go back to the real world we’re saying goodbye from the island of
Oahu in Hawaii pretty awesome place kind of fun to leave downtown Honolulu and
see the rest of the island I hope you got some great picture ideas if you have
any questions leave them in the comments below hit me up on Twitter or Instagram
where I’m at Jefferson Graham please do me a favor before you leave please
subscribe and hit the bell for the latest Florida walk updates stay tuned
for more videos we have over 40 of them I’m sure you’ll find something that you
like at least I hope so and I will catch you on the next photo op thanks for
watching everyone

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