초간단 베이컨 볶음밥 만들기!/치킨 스테이크와 크림스프/Fried rice with bacon/Chicken Steak/Cream soup

Hello Let’s start with chicken steak! Only chicken legs can be used. The rest should be eaten in a different way. I bought a raw chicken. Separate chicken thighs and bones. Bake chicken breasts. [Salt, Pepper] Store the trimmed chicken for a while. Boil the soup in advance. [Butter] [wheat flour] Add milk in moderation. [Little Fire] [Vietnamese pepper or pepperoncino] Season with salt and pepper – End – I used the remaining chives and mushrooms. [Onion] [Bacon] I wish pork belly was ready. But fried rice is good because you can use ingredients at home. First, stir-fry bacon. There is less oil than I thought. oil chives with chives ! Now stir-fry the remaining ingredients together. Burn the sauce in an empty space. You’d better put in some cold rice. A little salt, a little bit of sesame oil, instead of oster sauce. Stir-fried Rice Completed. Bake the chicken skin first. Add the butter and garlic. to the smell of butter Put cheddar cheese in soup and boil again. Personally, I like fried rice and half-cooked eggs. It has a savory taste. There was not much smell of smoke But it is simple and delicious. I’m a little disappointed that chicken hide is not crispy. But the flesh is ripe with moisture.

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